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OCD updates, thats it.
Posted on March 20, 2013 at 21:25

And I'm also wondering if I could get a grayer old bean icon...but that's just a funny thought.

Here's a video I posted before demonstrating vandalism.

I've recently done another demonstrating basic purchasing at a store, a new-simple-convenient feature.

This is done simple by pressing space, or whatever is the 'activate' button. Getting close to the item will display its name and cost. This happens once until you try and buy it, if you fail it'll show the price to you again.

Of course if you do have the money to buy it, you can, it your credits are deducted, item received. Pretty simple. Besides the code in the item itself, you set the item's value with its HiTag, 0 of course means its free.

So far the first two health items and the scuba tank are coded. I still need to make a unique model for the tank, replacing it with a Rebreather device, and armor, boots, ect.

Lotags set to 1 on normal decor objects make them owned and you get a vandalism penalty for damaging. Additionally charged a full fine for the value of said object. Of course not all objects are owned, and the warning gives you enough time to rethink shooting a pile of boxes, or maybe someone's hover forklift, despite how fun they are to explode.

Of course abandon objects are a different story and will be useful in dangerous situations...unless of course your mission is to secure and protect an area of course.

I'm old now, strippers, and old-school gaming.
Posted on March 17, 2013 at 22:01

So I'm 32 now, guess I must update my profile age to show I'm now half the age of the value of this site.

And when I say strippers, I really mean my Strip2vox program.

It now creates an not-really optimized, usable, but sloppy voxel model in OBJ format. It needs work to reduce the excess faces and vertexes, but it does store the color information and creates a material map.

Since voxel engines are limited, as in there's only a few actual real ones and the rest are just polygon engines with fancy drawing formulas like Minecraft. Which I've enjoyed playing with, along with its many clones. Interesting how some of them are evolving beyond the boxy look. Currently watch Planet Explorers and Realm Explorers, plus there was a third fantasy inspired one that's freeware that looks pretty interesting.

So yeah, not many actual voxel engines out there.

But now with OBJ output, you could make voxel-like models! Hopefully I'll finish it off soon, still need to have it generates real normals as well as reduce excess faces.

Besides minding my kids, occasionally working on O.C.D., I've found myself playing some old school games.

Recently I've been playing SC3000, mostly out of spite for the new one. Also to see how it compares and if I've gotten any better at playing it. I like how its more like SC2k, where as SC4 kind of lost that feel in favor of a very tempting region map feature.

And since I like to rant about how companys have fucked their products, let me just simply look at SC3k vs the New one.

First off, Traffic. New SC claims to have this advance AI, but can only handle 10% population. Says its Sims and Cars should be watchable. Well, from what I've seen and read on Kotaku's SC deathwatch, both use the lamest AI of all, nearest X object.

Nearest house to nearest job to nearest commerce. Kind of sad when SC3000 I'm able to watch common cars, leave a specific house and go to a specific job. Buses and trains have no problem navigating and following basic traffic laws. People cross streets, cars wait for them. People don't wait for trains(idiots, but realistic) and trains wait for car traffic. In some ways I like this traffic better than SC4 despite the interactivity it had.

Also subways. Thats all I have to write. All Sim City games that I've played had subways. I didn't really play SCS, but thats more of a spinoff, like Snapcity.

And lastly, SC3k's play style retains the classic's time based tech reward, plus SC4's compulsive reward system. The best of both worlds. The only downside to SC3 is the limited land modding ability despite an external editor. But SC4's unlocking system is kind of annoying and broken, so it keeps me playing the older one.

Oh, and revisiting some old NES games that I viewed as nearly impossible.

I've finally beat Deadly Towers, after spending years failing to beat it as a child, and with shameful aid of save-states, I've finally beat it. If only it had a save system, it would have been a less frustrating game...and less horribly broken bosses. Some you can be cheap with and hide in a corner, but not the centipede, a nearly godlike enemy that is harder than the final boss. Still worth beating it, almost tempted to play again because of all the secret shit I still didn't collect....

Also another tragicly difficult yet innovative game of the past, Dungeon Magic, a unique JRPG First person dungeon crawler, complete with exteriors, multiple towns and dungeons. Also a notoriously hard and unforgiving game. Although I've used save states, I found this one can be better mastered than DT, do to its RPG grinding. Also not using INNs can be crucial. I found that after 12 uses all enemys get +1 to all stats.

Also enemies everywhere respawn if you sleep at an INN, but otherwise stay dead forever. The game also features a pretty advanced magic system for a NES game, using a 3 level, 5 element system, aside from staple curing status, protection, and damage(no healing, life is your magic) you have some unique spells like teleport to a realm, part water(kind of cool), auto-opening doors and map display.

You can also camp in the game, restore 10 points per set of food and water, nice in that camping isn't like sleeping at the INN.

Townfolk are actually useful, telling you what strange items you found are, and what to do with them. Except for when they told me I should go to Bell, instead of the starter town, with a magic sword I found.

I think its difficulty made this game an overlooked gem, kind of wish I had an NES and the Cart now.

I also found a shrine(website shrine to the game via google) with most of the info, all of the maps, and the secret exp tables, since you never know how much you need in-game. Navigating without a map is very difficult do to the organic nature of the world map's design. Also make sure you get the compass from the first old man you meet!

Still haven't beat this one though, still as you get further its actually fun. And if you start with water magic its actually playable ;) the protection spells are a boon at getting a good head start in the game, then getting Earth magic next is the next best, allowing you to part water and get to certain special areas and temples.

I highly recommend it actually. The toughest part is collecting the money to get your armor and weaponry upgraded, but pretty detailed in that you have helm, gloves, pants, shield, boots and chestplate armors to collect.

And the blinking NPCs are a nice touch for a NES game. Kind of wish there were more attempts at this style.

I know of two SNES games like this, but they are turnbased. One is kind of lame with its 'card' monsters and overused card theme, but that's just me. Then there's also Sega's Shining in the Darkness, but while graphicly fancy, not nearly as deep gameplay wise as Dungeon Magic turned out to be.

So Happy St. P-Day, get "legally" drunk and play some video games ;)

Posted on March 15, 2013 at 01:47

Certain objects in the game can be destroyed, also they can belong to someone and you'll be penalized for damaging/destroying it!

Luckily you'll get a warning of a single credit.

Haven't figured out what I'll be doing about murdering NPCs, maybe something special.

Of course different objects have different values, like a van is worth more than a crate or computer console.

Well, that was a long while...what have I been doing?
Posted on March 14, 2013 at 13:36

So I've still be steadily working on OCD, now properly named Orbital Contract Defense.

I've made a facebook page, MoDDB and gamejolt profile. I'm sticking with it being free to play when its out, due to licensing hassles and also just making side change from ads linked to youtube and gamejolt gives a little bonus as the game gets more interest.

The link above usually has the latest info on whats being done. I try and make videos for when features are accomplished. I still need to work out including a Inventory system I found on the eduke32 forums, as well as needing to make a text based conversation system.

Currently I'm just using free music I find on the webs, since I'm not selling the game, I'm being a bit more loose on what resources I use audio wise.

Also a character selection will be added later in development. Thankfully I have a ton of reference material from other Duke3d mods and code to work with. EDuke32 expanded greatly on the original CON script, allowing you to do some fancy fun stuff.

So thats about it for now. Nothing to report on the weird side of stuff I look into, but I think the news and global events at large has been weird, so yeah. Maybe its some kind of crazy voodoo afoot.

Well enough of that, what have you all been doing? Whats out and done?

Personally I've been playing NES lately, Deadly Towers(finally beat it), Zelda II, Bionic Commando, all the NES TMNT games and Dungeon Magic(currently been playing)

That and some SimCity 3000 to boycott the new one, and laugh out how lame it is vs even SC3000. I have 4, but SC3k has the whole year selection and tech advancement I always liked.

Also all of the ones I have, have subways!

Also, by observing SC3k, I realized the walking people and cars have a more advance AI when leaving and going to places then the new one. Now I'm tempted to play SC4 just to watch the traffic AI. ;)

This is a sad day for Maxis really, like when Game Maker became shit, now its over a $100 to buy? DRM too?

Its a good thing Will Wright got out of the game when he did, although I'm sure he's sad to see what has become of his brain child. It's like EA gave Maxis some smack in guise of candy, from inside their EA rape van. Just saying.

OCD, all I'm working on.
Posted on October 29, 2012 at 01:26

Well its been awhile since I lasted blogged, mostly because I didn't have internet for awhile, and haven't really felt like posting anything either...

Well last time I was ranting about backtracking audio and all that crazy shit. I still do it occasionally, like last thing I did was Noc the whale attempting human speech. I reversed it and reduced the pitch about 30% because its a whale and squeaky, but it was kind of creepy, plus the whales been dead for 5 years or so. But I'm not getting into that stuff right now, cuz I want to get it a little more organized and I have a shit ton of audio recordings to work with....and yeah.

So anyway I have been working on my OCD project, a duke3d conversion going the route of old-school anime-ish chibi-people art and voxel decor game. It's a sci-fi adventure that takes you to various planets and space stations on different missions.

Currently I have about 5 large areas I'm working on, a moon, two planets and two space stations have been started.

Here's some videos at the link above.

Its kind of a work as I go project, I invent ideas and concepts as I go. It'll use some code I did for the Black Shadow conversion, which is abandoned and completely free to download at game jolt

The premise of the game is that you're a free-lance mercenary hired by planetary governments to handles hostile situations.

A secret organization is planning to completely gut planets of their resources using large core drilling machines capable of pulverizing planets.

Monsters and NPCs will be done in 2d sprite fashion similar to old-school console rpgs, while objects and other scene decor will use wonderful voxels.

I'm not sure how long or how big this project will become, but using this simple art style I can create a lot of neat stuff. Also try and turn Duke3d into a sci-fi RPG game.

My goal is to eventually turn the project into a standalone game so you won't need duke3d to play it, much like a project that Deeper Thought(who had provided me with code for the Black Shadow 3d game) did with another Duke3d total conversion which name escape me.

Good fun.
Posted on April 28, 2012 at 02:03

So I know my sanity is in question lately with the shit I've been dealing with.'

Ancient spirits, false gods, and other weirdness.

To be honest I'm pretty -lit- right now, so either truth or nonsense will follow. Fuck, its the weekend, who cares? Or at least in 3 hours from now where I am it is.

Anyway, with a combination of meditation, listening to voices and other weird bullshit, perhaps I've gone insane.

However, there seems to be something going on, and I've scratched the surface at least.

I offer the ability to do some exploring for yourself. Its rather simple, Audacity(free), and simply reversing it and using your ears and brain.

Now I know I'm leading you into semi-dangerous territory, however, whatever you do, don't look too deep into the lizard people thing.

Now its time for a little story, since it happened almost a year ago.

Last year, around this time, me and my wife stumbled upon some weirdness involving lizard people. This was kind of what kicked off a shit-load of weirdness in my life.

After the day we started look at lizard people, and various other paranormal stuff things started to get very weird. I mean -weird- a fucking shit.

First I started noticing people acting weird around me, and not like I just started noticing, but as if their behaviors changed. Following that, people at my place of work at the time also started acting differently. The weird thing is that I was on good terms and even friends with most of the staff. However after that one day they all started acting different, and I hadn't said a word about what I've been doing.

Cars were stopping in the street near me for no reason, I was getting weird looks, I even heard someone say 'krishna' as I was walking down the street.

So I decided to start reading about some things, which kept branching further. Reading about Krishna, god, satan, various other religious things. I started to notice that you can compress all the different religious beliefs together.

When you think about it, or know some things about religions, you'll notice that certain gods, demons, angels and the like tend to mesh up. Christians seemed to have turned old Roman/Greek religions into something else. Apparently Zeus gets an upgrade in status thanks to Christianity. I can't prove it, but I believe that their god is actually Zeus.

Zeus isn't the god of gods, maybe king of the lesser, father of the human race. Now if you look beyond your species, you know that human isn't the superior race of the planet. We are on par, we just have big fucking egos :P Well not everyone, but you get the point.

So if you think about it, theirs something beyond Zeus, the 'creator' as it were which spans almost all religions. Of course opposite to that is the destroyer.

Now I personally made the mistake of trying to tell my own father about these things I've learned. About life and death, about how humans are more than they seem. But as consequence I ended up being committed as being suicidal, which I tell you is not cool at all....

However, being at a mental place for about a week, I met some interesting people. People who knew they were more than who they actually were. I met 9, a girl who I forget whose real name is, an interesting old lady and even someone who said they knew who I was.

The latter was some crazy shit, it happened the day I was going to be set free. I had to talk to a 'judge' to get out of that fucking place.

But this new guy who came in on the day I left was all like "I know who you are."

And I asked him to tell me, but he refused, so I asked him to lie, he said "Your the son of Lucifer".

Now I know that's not true, mostly because I asked him to lie to tell me what he knew.

Also, 'there is truth behind every lie.' This is a very useful method of thinking. People can lie without knowing. Mostly because its how they are educated, or raised. Religion and Science are at fault for this. Science has declared that God doesn't exist, but hasn't proved it. Religion says god does exist, but also can't prove it. This creates a double negative.

How can Science, which is routed in truth and proof, can say god doesn't exist.

Now what is god? Christians seem to worship Zeus. Look at the imagery they create. Personally I've had visions which show Jesus and Zeus. Zeus looks like an old-ish man with white hair, beard and such. Much like an image of Zeus looks like, which is also how the Christian god is portrayed. However there is great conflict between those who believe in the Christian God, and those who believe in Allah, who is also supposed to be the God.

Now when you think about it, this is kind of contradicting. How can two different religions who believe in a single major God, be opposed? Think of the crusades. Who started them? Now am I saying one side is right? No.

The problem is that there is a god for humans. But then their is also a god for everything, and equally for nothing. For what can't exist is Zero, for what should is One, for what shouldn't is Negative One.

This breaks down to God and Devil, but whose this third party? Math plays a important part in life, we know this....

Now I've read some interesting things, like look up 'evil demon' theory, in which an evil all knowing creature can manipulate your life. However the alternate is truth. 1+1=2. We know this as truth. Two points equals two. You know this is true based on the basic principles of math.

Math seems to be a good way to find out truth, but its also tricky to apply this to real life.

Does someone like you or hate you? Its hard to say. You don't know if someone is fucking with you. This creates a problem.

Now consider this, we are living creatures. If your alive, then you should want to live, right? Now when you have things, yourself or others trying to get you to die, theirs something wrong with that. Life is about striving to continue living. Death is the end of life.

Now death should only come when its your time. You're old, your dying from sickness. That makes sense, you're destined to die at those points. Now when you want to die, but otherwise your fine, whats going on?

This brings in the 'evil demon' theory, someone wants you to give up and fail. If it can't do that, it'll try and fuck you. However, its not like this is unavoidable. At the base of nature, you want to live. No one is born to want to die. Its not logical.

Consider this, nothing is absolute, you are supposed to live until you die from anything but your own choosing.

Things in life may want you to kill yourself. This is not the answer. Suicide carries real consequences whether you want to believe it or not.

If you kill yourself, I assure you will regret it. Doomed to wander the Earth without form. Sadly this applies to people killed. They are stuck in the middle. Ghosts as it were.

So lets take suicide as a negative, bad choice. There are other options, you can run away, become a vagrant, anything. Living is better than killing yourself. You get fucked if you kill yourself, because you judge yourself to death.

No matter how bad things get, have faith in yourself. Now if you're a shitty ass-hole person, that's a different story. Are you damned for being so? Not really. You still have a chance. this is all a game until you die.

Now its kind of depressing for some to think of life as a game. There are real consequences in life. The game of life is serious as fuck. However, like any game, its best played with a cool head. Think of it. If you're pissed, could you beat a game? Maybe, but your chances are better if you're in a good state of mind.

So in conclusion for today's rant, live your life. Don't kill yourself. Never think things are hopeless or you lose.

If you think of life as a game that's trying to defeat you with depression, know that looking to the positive side, no matter how small, is the best method.

Posted on April 25, 2012 at 12:05

So for the unknown-th time I've started working on The Crawl, 3d rpg much like the classic AD&D based ones.

Some features in map making from the GM version have to be dropped, and I've also greatly cut down the map size and world map count. Maps can still have sub maps.

Currently I haven't really set any kind of limits in the means of object and event placement. I may not have to cap anything with the way I've been coding, of course some limits may be imposed.

Much like I had planned with the GM version, the game will be fully alterable, and a main game is planned. Textures are now broken into sets, however do to limits of GLBasic I need to break models with different textures into multiple pieces.

Otherwise the coding of the editor is going nicely, I'll be working out the height map feature soon.

Currently the packed version of the editor is about 15mb with its resources so I'm going to wait until the editor is more complete before I put out a demo. I'm also trying to figure out if the editor could be used on a handheld.

You right click tiles to erase, which you can't really do on a touch screen, unless I can figure out how to have pinch gestures, which would be like popping unwanted tiles.


Project WTF

Finding out that we live in a big lie of a system is a pretty gradual thing, I suppose. We all have our opinions that their is something wrong with how human society is operating, down from governments to religions and even science.

Not to mention all the doom saying in religious texts that land around these times.

Personally I kind of felt it all started going down hill in 2000, kind of like some predictions said involving the son of a king and all. Of course Bush and Bush Jr. fit the category.

Then consider all the world's natural and unnatural disasters that have happened between now and then. The big year seemed to be 2011 which saw mass die offs, earthquakes and other crazy shit.

Now I'm not saying the world itself is coming to an end, but everything seems to point to the end of an era.

How this effects the countries is kind of hard to figure out. People are pissed and lashing out in various ways against each other.

It seems that there is invisible players in this game of life, old spirits that have been around.

I've started a collection of recordings as well as studying music and even TV clips for messages. Also looking up things I hear about on wiki and other sources.

Noticed some very strange events, like people behaving oddly like I was in 'They Live', strange visions and dreams, seeing strong auras and witnessing the collection of ectoplasm.

That last thing was rather interesting, but I could only get it to occur most visibly once, other times its just been faint mists and little orbs.

When I was sitting around in a hospital with a paper cup with a little water in the bottom, I started moving my finger around the lip of the cup for awhile and began collecting a thick mist substance in the cup. It was kind of fun, but couldn't get anyone to take notice. Oh well.

A dream months later involved seeing a sky full of orbs, and actually being able to hold and feel them. Generally I don't feel things in dreams, so this was kind of a trip. Comparable to a cool ball of jello, but light as air.

So thats some craziness, more next time.

Hello again
Posted on April 19, 2012 at 13:33

Well after a nearly year long mental journey, I've come back to say a few things...

But first, here's what game stuff I've started doing.

First I dropped the Black Shadow 3d project do to various limits and blocks in its developement.

So instead I've decided to use the Build engine to make something else, currently called Project OCD. I have a few videos of it on youtube. Mixes voxel models and sprites to create an 8-bit RPG sci-fi look. Currently only a few maps and not too much in story and characters yet.

I also started making a MOO clone in GLBasic targeted to handhelds, but thats on hold...

However I've decided to work on The Crawl in GLBasic, having the editor for PC/Macs and the game itself playable on a handheld. Moving more to classical movement like Eye of the Beholder, but smooth transitions since its 3d. The map editor is getting closer to completion and I've added the feature for having height maps, so it combines The Crawl game with the COW RPG I had slapped together in gamemaker awhile ago.

But anyways, I had a bit of a discovery, which sort of put me in an insane state of mind and began researching and studying things...weird things.

A lot has to do with reading on ancient religions, cults and paranormal stuff.

The largest amount of info though has been found using Audcatity and good old back-tracking. Which is where you reverse the audio and listen for words. Surprisingly I found a lot and attached a zip below that has a bunch of text files. Most are from musics, most are incomplete and not totally accurate. I can probably tell you the source of the conversation if you can't figure it out.

Some of the txts have both forward and backward translated conversation or statements.

Most is only the semi-translated reversed words.

Here's a few things...

Say = Yes

Illuminati = Eat Animal

Obama's 'yes we can' comes out as 'hail satan'

In some of Obama's reversed speeches he talks about a moon god.

Not to say that republicans are any better...I haven't done any Bush speeches.

One of Justin Beiber's most known song mentions he wants to rape the world, also he calls out Yahwah.

Christian rock has been know to contain the name Lucifer in the lyrics.

Try some yourself, or even just record yourself and hear what you're really saying. ;)

I'm not totally sure what is going on yet, but its some kind of game between One, which I guess is god, but then it turns out Christians and related religions are actually using Zeus as god.

Also I've heard of a god/demon by the name of Azule. There is spirit called Zero.

Lucifer apparently is also called Luci, Sarah and apparently is also Lilith.

Eve has been branded the sinner, and is actually Adam's second wife, which was previously Lilith.

Lilith is connected with Zero, Satan is actually connected with God, or One. Devil is actually -1.

The universe and earth are shaped like eggs. Earth has it's own soul, as do other planets.

Apparently there's connections with gods between different relgions and may be the same ones, and thus there are fewer.

Fun times.

Black Shadow 3d, free to manipulate.
Posted on November 05, 2011 at 16:52

http://blackshadowgame.blogspo­ Now contains all the resources for the Duke3d version as well as the Evaldraw version. The duke3d version, a 100+mb file contains the complete development folder and all raw and completed resources. The Evaldraw version just contains some basic resources, enemies have higher voxel counts in this version since it wasn't as limited.

Watch the news :)
Posted on June 29, 2011 at 10:54

Watch as the world starts to reshape, I think we all have experienced enough bullshit in our lives.

Biggest mistake? Being a sheep.

Second? Worshipping God or Lord instead of just respecting Earth. Well thats not really your fault so much as the forefather who spread the lies.

Like when they said the World was flat! What else did they lie about? Well here's how you find out if someones lying.

If a person looks to their left, they're trying to think of something true, up at the mind, to the right for a lie and down to the heart.

People who are hiding something or lying blink a lot. If you are awake you may find that you don't need to blink often. If the Sun doesn't hurt your eyes or even if you can see well in the night, thats a good thing ;) You're allowed to be with both, but not none.

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