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Ugh, still looking for spriter
Posted on June 12, 2007 at 18:37

As you know from my last blog (please refer to it) our project is around 70 percent complete with gameplay functionality still being installed. We installed a cool menu and new interface background with my photoshop skillz. But we still can't find a good quality, reliable artist/spriter/whatever to do us some units.

We need isometric sprites for these units:
A rifleman
M1A2 Abrams
B2 Bomber
Stealth fighter
RPG infantry
MG infantry

That's about it, and we also need these in 4 colors:

Dark blue

Must be about the same size as the sprite example below, and it must obviously be able to face in 8 directions.

That's for the color themed factions. Now i'm sure you need an example so I'm going to post what look we're going for (perspective, mainly):

That image will give you an idea of the perspective and isometric viewpoint.
We don't want futuristic weapons, however, but modern weapons. We want them kinda like the starcraft units in respect to the war torn look of SC.

Please help us. We won't give up looking until we find someone willing to contribute and get their names on a project that will be hosted and expanded upon for quite a long time.

Pathless Destiny
Posted on June 10, 2007 at 18:46

Hey guys, I'd like to start off my first blog entry by saying hi: hi!

Anyways, I've been searching all over the internet for a spriter. My friend and I have gotten our mmo engine together, and we've got a unique concept for it. We're making a game where you join 1 of 4 factions and fight to gain territory on a global scale. You start off in your capital and use skill points to purchase new battle field roles (such as being a tank on the battlefield, or being air support). You control one character, but you work with other players' characters to control a map. The engine is almost complete with chat fully functional, a login and registration, and the map loader that reads map data off the server with encryption. We've also got the capitals of 2 factions ready and 1 battle territory done for testing. (all territories are different maps in which you get sent to depending on what territory you click on the campaign screen)

You get the picture, but my main point is that we need a artist. Right now we're using blocks and basically rectangles to represent units and tiles on the maps.
We need someone who can create top-down graphics in which we want to create an arsenal of weapons (tanks, artillary MCS, and RPG/Rifle infantry.) Each faction will have the same sprites basically, with minor changes, but will have different colorization. We also need interface graphics and we want a high quality look to our game - so if you're crap, I'm sorry.

If anyone can help, please PM me, I'll be on for a while customizing my profile here :)

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