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Posted on February 02, 2017 at 20:31

10:21 (Departure) (IC 125 to Aalborg st.) (duration 1:44)
10:51 (Departure) (ICL 29 to Frederikshavn st.) (duration 1:30)

(15 minutes walk to Kong Christians Alle 50)
(through Gammel Kærvej, then by Vesterbro)

3 hours for lunch and visiting the art exhibition (open 10-17, DKR 95,-), take a walk and revisit the town. (latest hour for start moving to the evening appointment at 16:00)

(31 minutes walk to Prinsessegade)
(by skulpturparken/kirkegården, across vesterbro(en) (huge road) and then right after the weird crossing roads by Engvej)

1 to 2 hours talk, 27 minutes back to the station (rounded to 3 hours).

Back over the bridge, further and down Prinsessegade/John F. Kennedys Plads, arrival by the station.
Trains back go once an hour, 20:01, 21:01, 22:05
Earliest/latest return time: 21:35/23:43

Friday no appointments.

That is... my day *might* have looked like that if I hadn't overslept. I had set an alarm for what? 7:30? then accidentally switched it off. I think it might have been like 11:xx? when I actually did get up. I hadn't really prepared much or picked clothes to wear so I wore the same as the day before (didn't feel I had time to shower either). I looked up the times for the next trains, put on some music, decided to put some notes on Dropbox for the coach talk I had booked for the evening. As I was going through some notes, trying to remember what I found there yesterday evening from 2011, I suddenly got a bit worried I might not make it to the exhibition (Maria Lassnig). Dammit. I just sat there for way too long really, got kinda absorbed in old notes that might or might not be relevant at all. Relevant to structure/daily routine, the theme I wanted the coach/acupuncturist/psychologist/goth to help me with. Eventually I just pulled the plug and walked out the door.

First guy I pass on the streets smile to me with a slight "hi". I just looked back as if the guy was a complete moron. It felt like he was smiling more to my coat, but thinking about it he might actually have been living above me..

"Yeah hi. I just fished this phone out a trash basket to call you. I might be delayed 30 min or so."

I had seen the train at the station. It was a bit late, like myself. I didn't have a ticket so I asked a personel if I could use my app to buy one inside the train doors. "If you enter without a valid ticket the bill fee is DKR 750.", replied the nice lady, "also the train to Aalborg is further down."
I ran. As I ran I was typing 'Aalborg st' in the app. The app didn't respond to my touch, probably frooze, or my fingers did.. what do I know.. I raised my voice in frustration to another personal, telling him the app didn't work. He just sighed indifferently "well your phone must be broken".
My phone *wasn't* broken. It's a nice fucking phone. But after I threw it into the trash, the guy had entered the train completely ignoring me, and I had flipped the finger a few times, of course I found the first scratch in the glass panel.

I took a short detour, resisting to start kicking and punching my surroundings, now that I had *also* resisted simply slamming my phone in the ground. I jumped over a fence to cross a trafficated road, almost getting hit by a bicycle. It was shorter...
Entered a book store to buy a notebook and a pen. Wanted to write some stuff in the train.. but I couldn't find anything. There was only these expensive as f... calendars. DKR 200! It's the second day of the month and as I wake up I owe the bank 7000! And that was before I withdrew 2500 in cash for today, in case the goth coach decides to offer me another hour.
I take a calendar, manage to find pens somewhere, pick up a handful randomly. I throw 500 across the guy behind the desk and walk out silently. Shortly after he comes chasing with 2-300 whatever in change. I ignore him at first, and the tell him to bugger off.
The ticket office. I take a number. Same circus. At my turn I throw the woman behind the glass my wallet, "Aalborg". She gives me back my wallet. "Are your tickets free?", I ask. I also want a seat ticket, and show her my early retirement card, for the discount. It's not really that expensive to begin with... Spiteful I throw another 500 bill at her, upon receiving the tickets.
She and a collegue chase me down to the track. "Sir, your change?". I tell her to handle her own paper trash and points at the waste bin. "But... it's money?"
It's a bit difficult to get rid of them, but I keep telling them to not bother me, and just go away. Eventually they do.
I start feeling a bit paranoid. There's a lot of personel everywhere all of a sudden. I doubt if I'm on the right track. I go back up the stairs. Down another track. But returns to the first one. I find the right train, I think. I jump on anyway... later it turns out to be the right one. I enter the silent zone even though that wasn't my seat ticket. Sit next to some woman.

The train conductor walks through the train car. She also returns me my wallet asking to see my ticket.
I start wondering if the office phoned her and warned about some weirdo going on this train.
She passes by a few times.
Announces on the speaker that snack baskets can be bought for DKR 30. I remember I haven't had breakfast or anything but doesn't act on it.
I changed my sim card today. New company. Half my way there I check my phone to look at the clock or something. Black screen. This is of course when I remember the new pin is lying home on the desk. The phone can be turned on, apparently I didn't mistreat it that bad. I just don't have the pin. No phone calls. No notes from Dropbox. Etc. I feel strangely relieved.

Rushing out the station I find the first taxi out on the street. I give an address.
DKR 100 something later I arrive at the acupuncture shop. Only I can't find her name on the door phone. Fuck. Did I memorize the wrong address? It's actually 17:00 now, the time of the initial appointment. I walk around for a bit and recognize her name way further down the street (after ringing on another door).

Nice talk. I spend two hours. No extra charge. (I plan to make+send her a digital art piece as thanks later)

I start walking back. Crossing a bridge, near the weird crossing roads from the map, I stop to admire the view, and how the water reflects the evening lights. I notice a few people smiling at me, my face. I suddenly feel very hungry...

The program I had planned for today didn't hold, and it hadn't been a break from my daily stress lately, but now I was here I might as well just walk around for a while. I like this town. It's a strange one that's for sure. All the stickers on the streets are for events in other towns. There are more tattoo shops than pizza restaurants. They have a street with only 1 hotel, 1 strip club - and everything else is bars and night clubs.
I see a stopped police car blinking at someone, I get lost a few times, I freeze...
I start worrying if I will miss the last train. Make it almost all the way back to the bridge, then takes the safe path to the station. 30 minutes. I enjoyed feeling Aalborg. Just still had a longing for the local dialect. So I get a coffee and a donut with the ticket. Two donuts, it's on sale...
I find a seat in a waiting room. A woman speaks to me. A homeless guy interrups across the room. People leave. When it's just me and the guy, I offer him a donut and we talk a little.
But this time I make sure to make the train.
A guy offers me to sit next to him. I notice he has many scratches on his phone. We talk all the way home. The conductor's bill on DKR 750 doesn't even seem to bother him. As he sits there, doing a line of coke from his broken smartphone in the shaking train car, I feel there are even stranger people than me in this world.
I get one more expensive drink and a bite on my way home, cause what the heck, right? And welcome the idea of relaxing on my madress, cancelling a few of tomorrows tasks.
And that was it really.


Posted by Crazy Star February 05, 2017 13:52 - 7.8 months ago
| [#1]

Screw this shit! Gagh I got beer in my eyes! FUCK
couldn't find my god damn clothes after I got thrown off stage! whos concert was that anyway=


Also who are these numbers on my phone?! girls I hope



Posted by Crazy Star February 07, 2017 18:46 - 7.7 months ago
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Broke my hip. Tranquilizers 3 times a day or I can't sit, stand or sleep still. Physiotherapist for at least a month (when I can get to one).

Guess I shouldn't have made that scissor side kick 13 days ago.
Followed by this:
Or these:
Or intensive workout with splits and whatnot three times a week.

In other news I didn't see friends or family on my birthday, just worked like the old man I am, *and* Wizards from '77 is a trippy movie.

Edit: Oh, and those weren't girl in case you wondered.
Posted by Crazy Star February 17, 2017 5:16 - 7.4 months ago
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Weekend of carnival. People on the other blog started telling me to seek help. Didn't make it. U know the feeling of freezing/fatigue during nighttime but everything including you is covered by a thick layer of wet paint, gelatin/nails/plastic, old coffee and generally filth... oh and blood obviously cuz you cut yourself getting loose so you could move/breathe.. ? ..well it isn't for everyone.

In the evening of whatever day this was I walked to the park head wrapped in plastic film, tin foil, toilet paper, gaffer taped bags and whatever I could find. Didn't want to dye my hair inside. The intern in the grocery store gave me some looks on my way home after that. I find myself loosing interest in things far more important than... people.

Friday was fun. More blood/nudity and fire in a small room.

Edit: the drain was utterly stuck neath chokolate water should you wonder about it.
Posted by Crazy Star February 27, 2017 4:02 - 7 months ago
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Posted by Jani_Nykanen  This comment was marked as irrelevant by Jani_Nykanen. Show
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"Art" ...
Posted by Crazy Star March 07, 2017 11:39 - 6.8 months ago
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