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Android App Released
Posted on July 09, 2014 at 10:24

I released my game on the app store (and it's mostly untouched)

I'd like some feedback on it though so if any of you have some spare time feel free to check it out. Be blunt, but mostly on what can be improved.

After I get feedback I'll be able to dedicate some time into adding more things that should make it diverge from the similar versions of this app.

Here is the link: Flappy Anivia

Besides that I'm trying to think of what other project to work on in my spare time.


Hmm... well besides that I'm at an internship right now.
Nothing much is going on besides preparing for convention artist alley tables with my girlfriend.

Here is a list of confirmed alleys that I'll be at:

2014> SS Kaizokucon, Muskegon MI, Aug[16-17]
2014> Youmacon, Detroit MI, Nov[30-2]
2015> Shutocon, Lansing MI, Mar[20-22]

I'll probably post again when I attend some of those (maybe)

cyah all later!

Android Testing
Posted on September 15, 2013 at 13:16

Hey I'm trying to develop for Android.

I have a free application currently published which is in alpha.

If any of you fit all of the requirements below please send me a message.

1. Own and android

2. Have 0 dollars

3. Have a Google+ or gmail account

4. Don’t mind getting lots of updates randomly

5. Are good at giving feedback

This app won't be the one that will be distributed as the game but is more for testing android functionality and compatibility

I can't make this one the actual app since the google dev console won't let me change a free game into a paid one. (I will just ask again after all this testing is done and whoever is willing to pay 1 dollar for alpha/beta access later can join in)

We've got a lot of testing to do. (but not really)

MomoCon 2013
Posted on March 04, 2013 at 08:32

So I made a fundraiser to get to a convention.

So I slashed all the prices by 60%
link to project

I have accommodations I really just need $40 for the ticket (the minimum for a project is 500 which is why it's that high) the rest will go into probably me having food for the rest of the year I guess. ( I do have a planned 12 dollars for the 64D shirt set aside but I just need to figure out how to pay it properly which I've almost gotten sorted out)

You will get something in return which would be art. My art is not bad in my opinion so at least it'll be worth it.

If you could help spread this around or contribute maybe just a dollar that would be great.

link to project

I plan on actually making either a kickstarter or indiegogo fundraiser for my game project once I get my demo finished. indiegogo however lets you campaign for anything.

Update on life: college is hard. Combinatorics math is hard because I haven't focused on it enough oops. Midterms soon I':

About my other project:
It's going to be a top down view game in rpgmaker style but not made in rpgmaker of course. and basically it'll be story and atmosphere driven.
more details on that later. I think I'll post more stuff about it as it progresses each month on here. I will set a date - the 27th of each month will be when I post about it.

Valentines day Gift
Posted on February 16, 2013 at 04:17

Hi so I had a nice valentines day, sure my girlfriend is back in Michigan and I only saw her for a week about a month ago but I did manage to make her a Short Visual Novel game for her.

Using SFML with C++ which I started learning about a week ago I started a project on the 13th and finish at around 10:30 on the 14th which was when I gave it to her

If you want to give it a try you can download it here:

known bugs:
-on the second multiple options menu after the music plays; music will restart playing each time you change the selection (I know how to fix this but haven't rezipped/uploaded that.
-on some computers the text sometimes turns into blocks and I have no idea why (this happened to a friend of mine and i'm not sure why)
-sometimes keys may seem to not be registered but that's because I put a timer on them each time you go to another state (since I wasn't able to easily figure out how to implement a is key tapped code just yet)

this was programmed and content was created in about 12 hours. music goes to their respective owners and was used for entertainment purposes only and not for commercial use.

anyway tell me what you think c: I haven't had this much fun with a language since I first used gamemaker 5. I have GM:S but it's just a big dissapointment to me :'c

IDE: codeblocks
Language: C++
Library: SFML 2.0
Compiler: MinGW
Graphics: Paint Tool SAI (traced screenshots from a show called chuunibyou to save time)
Music: from Gurren Lagann and Madoka Magica animes

if you don't feel like downloading 17 MB then look at this post on my tumblr that has some screenshots

Update + Present
Posted on November 20, 2012 at 17:16

Hey guys, I haven't posted a Blog on this place in forever have I?

I mostly just lurk around and comment every now and then.

Anyway Like you'd love to know obviously, I'm in college getting a degree in computer science at, uh I guess I don't care to say, Georgia Tech in Atlanta Georgia. (in case anyone is around there)

I still look back on my early posts and laugh at how stupid I seemed and I'm sure Ill do the same in 5 more years. Good times.

Anyway you guys want a Present right? Free presents. and in this case it's a free game that I made for a project in my class.

We are working on C in gba so I was told to make a game and had the option of making an asteroids type game.

Here it is: Download
also if you need the vba emulator: vba 1.8.0 beta 3
Controls (default)
Start Button = Enter Key; proceed/pause
Select Button = Backspace; reset at anytime
A Button = Z Key; Fires bullet
B Button = X Key; Does jack shit
L/R Buttons = A/S Keys; rotate ship counter/clockwise
D-Pad = Arrow Keys; move and wrap around screen

I hope I'll have more to show some other time but I just wanted to share that with you.
Please tell me what you thought of it; I worked on it for about 12 hours straight c:

My artz omg lololz
Posted on January 16, 2011 at 01:08

yoko from gurren lagann

I guess I'm getting better or something

cookies for you if you find this blawg

sorry for being so inactive lolol

I wonder if short blogs are allowed on the activity feed :O

oh yeah lets make this longer

I remembered I took a pic of my room

Posted on September 04, 2010 at 20:31

Been drawing a lot as my DA account hit 1000 page views today. I'm really proud. I also got 350 views for this current day which is a record :o

I've been working on a comic as well but that's taking a while as school work is gettin' in the way :O I'll probably post some links once I get a chapter or two complete.

Also as for game dev. Haven't deved anything in a while except a japanese tester which helps me learn Japanese. I've been thinking of trying to combine my tablet and game dev to see how that effects the art in my games and will surely showcase that here some time.

so yeah

EDITED it to make the mouth more distinguishable

Also today is my last day with SAI's 31 day trial :p gotta pay 67 dollars to keep it @[email protected] oh well gonna dish it out.

If you guys want I can draw you guys stuff. I'm currently taking commissions.
for a dollar I'll draw you line art of your choice. for 2 dollars I'll shade and color a drawing of your choice.

Commission link

Anyway thanks and I hope to blog some more!

Tablet fun
Posted on August 08, 2010 at 01:13

Mind my atrocious handwriting :D

Screw the iPad
Posted on January 28, 2010 at 22:16

I'm waiting for this sonova

I've heard of this but never actually looked into it but all I can say is that I will be picking this up for college if it's as good as it seems in that video and the price is decent (although almost any price may seem worth it for how awesome this actually is unlike some other device that recently came out and did not live up to any hype at all >__>)

so yeah I like the idea of multiple journals and being able to cut pieces of a webpage into the journal or taking pictures and writing on the back of them :D

I also like the design since it resembles a journal/book :D
I hope that it has integrated internet (which it seems to have from that map) that would be great.

also to finish off here is a youtuve video about the iPad
I know it's a meme

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