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July 16, 2007

what happened with ST?
Posted on August 11, 2007 at 19:00

yeah, i try to login and it keeps saying 'failed' is it something wrong on my part, or is it down, or what?

yeah, this is gonna get tagged, but please tell me. i want to know.

and whoever tags this, please don't give me warn.

Posted on July 26, 2007 at 11:28

I wrote this blog, because I want to know how people would accept a GM Guitar Hero game. I guess it would be similar to Frets On Fire, which has a strong fanbase, and I'm pretty sure at least one person on this site likes it or has played it.

If you all would like a GM Guitar Hero game, I would make the fret buttons and pick button(s) fully customizable. Want all the frets to be home-keys? Fine, I don't care, you can do it.

Everything would be customizable.

You could make songs of your own, and if I had help from someone else, maybe create another GM thing so you can make them/load actual songs into it.

So I guess, I'll put this blog up so people can say if that's cool/ stupid, and if the majority says it's cool, I'll put up another blog with other stuff, maybe.

And when it's to a certain point, I'll ask people what songs they want in it/poll it maybe.

Currently I'm working with Zeda_92(I think that's his 64digits name) on a half topdown shooter/ half sniper mode game, called-


It isn't an acronym for anything, yet. It just looks cooler, I think. There's a small WIP with half a level in it, I think that'll be part of a tutorial, maybe. Please check it out, rate it, comment, etc.
It's in .gmk, sorry that I'm not stuck in 2005, GM6 users.

$$Please Read$$
Posted on June 07, 2007 at 17:01

Yeah, Thanx To Chiken, I am into this site that gives you money just for taking surveys and stuff. There's free offers where you don't have to pay anything and you get anywhere from 25cents to like $4. It's not a lot, but they only take like 5 minutes to do, so if every 5 minutes you earn 25cents(it's usually more), you earn like $3 an hour. There's other offers where you pay like $3 with your credit card, and you get like $20 back, so it's worth it, but you don't have to have a credit card for most of the offers, because most are FREE!!!! Yeah, in 2 days, I earned like $20 for taking like 30 surveys, It's really easy. So If you want extra money, click here--><a href=""><img src=""; alt="Get paid to complete offers at The Cash Grab!" style="border:0;"></a>


$Please Read$
Posted on June 06, 2007 at 13:53

I read a blog a WHILE ago about this internet thing that makes you a lot of money. I forgot what it was and I was wondering if someone could please tell me the name of that site or whatever. PLEASE!!!.!.

Or do you all have any REAL, NON-FRAUD, ways of making money on the internet. I was looking for something like typing, but didn't find anything. Please help me.

Also, does anyone know about Morgellon's Disease, Agoraphobia, and RLS, I think I have those.

Also, lately I have been Cubing, A.K.A., doing Rubik's Cubes. I have been able to solve all Rubik's Cubes that my family has tried to screw up way beyond
solve-ation(is that a pun? or something?) Now, I need to work on speed. It takes me about 2 minutes to do a cube, so yeah.

Posted on May 26, 2007 at 12:19

Well, I started a new project about bacteria, virus, etc. I don't know if it's been done before. You are a virus, and as a virus, your goal in life is to infect bacteria, cells, people. I think I'll have a thing where you could be good or bad, or neutral. Like choose which path you wanna go down like KOTOR or something like that. So, I am kinda noobish, so if anyone would like to join, please do.


Posted on May 14, 2007 at 03:45

Yeah, GMG has been down for quite a while. I like GMG a lot, but I have grown accustomed to 64 lately cuz GMG isn't there. I used to visit 64 and GMG the same amount but now I am devoted to 64. I don't think I'll give as much attention to GMG as I did before. I don't think it's the moderator's and administrator's fault, apparently the server crashed. The recent post said that it would be up by the 15(Tuesday,Tomorrow), but now, my browser won't even brink up GMG's page. I think it is the end of GMG. The updates on the page were like faint pulses on an EKG but now, GMG has flatlined. The sad, sad, cruel world of servers, data, programming, hackers, etc., has come to and end for GMG, I think. What do you think?

Lately, I have been devoting my time to guitar playing, 64, God of War 2, Pokemon Pearl, and Spider-Man 3 (for the Wii(Rhyme)). Oh, and I haven't messed with it since Friday, but I started a new website. It's gonna be/is a HTML-Adventure game. Info comes up and then it gives you some choices of what you wanna do next. For instance, the info might say, "There is a raccoon staring at you." Then the choices would be, "1. Throw a rock, 2.Pet it, 3.Run," and you would choose one of them and get info about that and so on, and so forth. It's gonna take a while for me to finish it all, if there is a "finish" point. I might turn it into something like KoL, but in a cheapier, crappier form. I started it as something to show off to my friends, and it still remains that, but I wanna do more with it. If any of you are willing to help me code it and stuff. It's all HTML. I barely know a little bit of JavaScript so I can't do anything with that, but again, if you are willing to help, yeah. <a href=""; target="blank">BGE</a> is the name. Reference: <a href=""; target="blank">KoL</a>

Oh, and I think I am the only Game Maker user in South Texas, Everywhere I have been down here, I have asked people if they use Game Maker. Their usual response is, "What is that, and why are you naked?". So yeah, comment it up!!!!


Posted on May 09, 2007 at 18:29

If you actually looked at this blog, thanx.

Recently, after playing KoL for 3 hours, I decided on a whim to create a game like it. But, not with GM(sorry). I have a few things done. There's some text that tells info, and you choose what you wanna do. Idk if I'm gonna put character login, inventory, etc. But I might have where you put in a code to get to a certain point. Like if the game gets so long that it takes more than a bit to beat, and I still haven't put in saves and stuff, then I'll give each page a code and on the front page, you type in the code and it takes you directly to the page with that code. So yeah, I've only showed it to 1 person, but I think 3 have seen it. The 1 guy is the only 1 to comment me on it. So, here it is:

<a href=""; target="blank">BGE</a>'


First, recently, I've been hacking Google a lot. I found out a lot of secret information such as credit card info, soc.sec., and all that, but instead of using that to buy porn(lol), I sent e-mails to the websites to update their security and stuff. Also, I've been hacking into the network security cams. there's a tutorial on youtube, i think, (there should be). It's real fun cuz you get to move the camera and stuff and sometimes people will notice the camera moving and put it back in position just to walk away and turn around and see it moving again. real fun. Also, I recently mustered up enough courage to tell my friend that I really liked her. I didn't ask her out, I just told her. And guess what, it turned out well. We're still good friends and we both took the info very well. I'm happy. But before that, about a month ago, another girl and I decided to get to know each other for a month and see how it went. Well, I completely forgot, and told this girl that I liked her, 2 days before me and the one girl were supposed to talk about how we felt during the month. So I was super paranoid that if she liked me too, that I would break the one girls heart because we had been giving it a month and I broke it before the month. Well, the girl that we givin it a month with, is going to be in Mexico the day that the month is up, so IDk, if we gonna talk or not. We live really close to Mexico(So.Texas) so she won't be gone for long, but IDK.

Well, did I tell you about this HTML-Adventure game I am working;sdjf;lasjdf;lkasjdf;lkasjd;flkjsadl;fksjad;fksadflks
<a href=""; target="blank">BGE</a>

random stuff or not really.
Posted on April 09, 2007 at 11:53

1. Well, if you saw my last blog(i think it was the last one) i posted that i was starting a project called Scare Thy Neighbor. Well, it's not going to get finished. i had found out everything like code 'n stuff with objects but not my sprites. i was going to start working on the sprites like yesterday. but, i first decided to try to put music into it, like mp3s n stuff. well the music that i wanted to put in it were on my sd card cuz i used it for my wii to play music. anyways. i put the editable onto a cd and went to use my grandpas computer cuz it has an sd card slot. well, in the process of putting the music on the desktop, the editible got deleted, or maybe corrupt somehow. anyways yeah. that sucks. if any of you actually liked the idea of the game, sorry. even though not many people actually read my blogs, and most got tagged.

2. Well, after that upset...well me and my family moved into a new house. we used to live in a trailer/mobile home. well, looking through the junk that showed up while moving, i found my game boy pocket which i have been looking for for like 3 years. anyways it still had pokemon tcg in it and i love it so i started playing. that's when i get the *pop* idea to make a card game like pokemon, yugioh(i hate yugioh), and magic the gathering or wateva it's called. yeah, the problem is, i'm not registered with gm cuz i don't have paypal cuz me parents won't even spend $20 even when i'm giving them the money. yeah. so, i think in order to make the game and keep track of cards in the deck or wateva, i have to be registered. i think. if i don't have to be, please tell me and even possibly help me out with the coding. or, maybe form a team cuz i suck at sprites and yeah, i need help with coding and keeping ev3erything together.

3. Well, i looked at the gmg frappr map, 'n it seems like i'm the only 1 in my area(south texas) that uses gm or gmg or wateva. that kinda feels good in a way but not really. also, i tried to recruit new gm users but 1 of them didn't like it and the other 5 said that it was good but too hard. IT'S D&D!!!! wtf is so hard. anyways, i lost 6 friends.

4. Well,(that's 4 in a row) do any of you know any LEGAL free mp3 sites so that i can put them into an sd card so i can play it on my wii.

5. Well,(5!!!1!) also, do any of you know the band <a href=""; target="blank">The Horrors</a>? well, i do 'n i love 'em. they're from the uk. well, they were in the us recently and they came to austin, which is in my homestate TX but my parents wouldn't let me go so i'm still angry over that. also, my friends band, that i was in for like 3 weeks, had a show on saturday and me parents wouldn't let me go to that even though it was in my city. bastards. yeah, i like them. check 'em out= <a href=""; target="blank">Capitol Conspiracy</a>

My new project and... stuff
Posted on March 22, 2007 at 20:23

I started a new project called: "Scare Thy Neighbor." If you couldn't tell by the title, the game is all about scaring your neighbor. The ultimate goal is to scare him out of the neighborhood. Pull pranks, set traps, etc. to get him out of the neighborhood. I got the idea from a similar game on the consoles. Hopefully this is better than my other projects. I've made 5 games now and all have been denied. But don't let that make you think that this new game is gonna be bad. It might be but I don't think so. I'm gonna work really hard on it. Maybe someone can contribute some graphics because I suck bad at them. Please tell me if you interested about the game and/or being the graphics guy.

Well, what do you all think about global warming? Is it real or not? Definitely the world is getting hotter, but is it because of human activity? I don't think so. I mean, the earth seems to go through random changes and different climates and stuff through history, or at least that's what scientists have concluded through research and stuff. Please tell me about your theories, thoughts, etc.

Has anyone heard about Pastafarianism? Please tell me what you think about it if you have.

Has anyone heard of The Horrors? Please tell me what you think about them if you have.

Good Evening.
Posted on March 19, 2007 at 19:39

Hey, this might be my first blog not to get tagged. Well, anyways. A bunch of topics are swirling about in my mind. Do you think they'll extend the deadline for the GMG contest or do you think GMG will be up by tomorrow? That is one of them. Also, have any of you encountered any problems with changing an instance with GM7? Everything else works fine but for some reason I can't seem to get it to work. Ooh! Maybe we should start a MySpace for GameMaker. We could like post games there and all of us(64digits users) MySpace profiles would be on the list so if anybody looks at the page they can see who is behind the great games at 64 digits. Well, hope this doesn't get tagged.


P.S.-Do any of you know of The Horrors? If so, please PM me.

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