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Posted on July 30, 2008 at 00:47
^ good site ^

Yep, title says it all. Its the top row of your non-European standard keyboard. You've probably realized that the sole purpose of this blog is to attract attention to the site mentioned above. I am just freely soliciting because I hate being in cool communities with no active members.

And now to the fun stuff (the stuff I have to include in this blog to keep it from being just an advertisement blog):

I wish I really had screenshots, but unfortunately the projects I am working on at the moment are still in design and programming stages.

Claradeth (Clearness) and I are working on a project temporarily named MasterMind. Just because I don't want to give away too much storyline or gameplay, I will tell you just a couple things. The entire plot of the game is focused around choices you make: whether or not you decide to go with the flow, whether you screw things up, or whether you take the right path by chance. It is partly surreal, but at the same time it keeps a steady amount of logical basis. Gameplay so far is just platformer. No real engine or anything special finished yet. It will include some action and mostly adventure.

Then I am working on another project with Stadt-Magie (a gmclans project, now transferred over to Robosquid). Stadt-Magie means "City Magic" in German. That probably gives away too much of the storyline as it is. Just imagine a steam punk world, but without the inferior not-so-advanced protagonists. It is a futuristic game with magic. Quite overdone, no? (stadt-magie has about 15 members, though only a portion are active)

Twenty one more words left before I hit 300. Now just twelve. I have exactly 300 words, la la la fool.

Exploration Game Jah
Posted on April 14, 2008 at 01:27

I started a new game. Seriously need to stick with this one, unlike the rest. Its a really simplistic style, so I shouldn't have to give up part way through.

My concept is a game without words at all. Just plot and exploration. Plot will most likely be user interpretted, and surreal at the least. Though I am thinking about making multiple endings, just for fun and replay value.

Heres some screenies for you.

So far, there is only two areas. First is grassy area with corny pan flute music. Next area is underground, with really cool dungeon type music, but with more rock organ involved. My midi songs need more percussion. And my environments need more pizzaz to spice things up.

I feel bad though, because this game lacks any inspiration at all (besides greggtheegg, which gave me the idea of an explorer), though it seems vaguely familiar to seiklus. And it lacks a character sprite.

Belated/Repeated Warning: Character Sprites Lacking

My Life: It is great. Best friend is also my crush, which makes my life all the better.

Reading: Nothing. Last thing I read was The Adventures of Remi.

Composing: Depressing song for an English Music Video Project. Not at all worthy of the description "composing" though.

Mental Life: Going through that stage of life that all teens go through. I feel rejected, depressed, but overall happy that my crush is my best friend. And I rebel parents alot more than normal. Nothing strange for a teenager.

Games: See far above.

Your attention span: Pretty long, I suppose.

Flying fish for comical relief.

A poem? D:
Posted on March 10, 2008 at 19:00

Belief Poem

What is belief?
Just a stem on a leaf?

A less regarded pattern of life,
Killing of those against tradition-
Ripping of tongues – O’ the strife!

Or could it be a guided wind,
Self aware of mankind’s sin?

Like a rose petal in the light-
Saved from the ever nearing
And despised winter night.

Lean on me, o’ clever faith,
Save me from the ghastly wraith.

Shed on me the clever truth-
For I yearn the grace
And the righteous ruth-
And let the night fall in its place.

My english teacher is crazy. She says I write in the style of a 16th century poet. But from my perspective, I write perfectly modern (except for the "o" and "ghastly wraith").

I need a program that makes mp3s. Fl studio didn't work for me, I dont get a thing of it. Maybe I should try harder, or take a tutorial. But I still think I need a better mp3 program. Midi is crap.

Those of you who took the quiz thingy in my last blog will not be surprised to know that I am the one in the grey jacket. I also gave the answer in one of my comments, so nevermind this. Why is it that my love interest is the furthest left? I think she is interested in me too. All of my friends tell me she is, but she hasn't really shown any particular interest in me. Whatever. I'm just some hormone hungry teen D:

And for you music freaks out there:
C major G# major (inverted) D major

This is the easiest chord progression to get from one chord to another two half steps up. And it works. D: D: D: D:

Posted on January 04, 2008 at 17:56

Blog entries do work while 64d is down. I can also check blog posts individually, but not the blog as a whole. This is getting weird D:

Posted on November 22, 2007 at 17:42

Yeah. I sorta forgot about my 64d blog for a while. So to get things going again, I'll post screenshots from every single project I have been working on since the last time I blogged here.

First off, a lazy ripoff of thernody:

A project that Nobody and I have been working on:

My most recent project, Probe:

And a gmclans battle I was working on:

And in order to keep myself on the front page, I'll post a short story I wrote up during midnight when i should have been doing homework (ripped off of thernody's style, of course).

Once upon a time Jesus was the ruler of a great widespanning land by the name of Transylvania, a horrific plain scattered city state. Each day Jesus took his own personal belongings of traveling sorts, strolling down the flower laced path. The daisies reminded Jesus of his pansyish yet not so queer sister, Queen Elizabeth. If not for his odd attraction to the magnitude of flowers, Jesus would have not tripped over the pebble strewn in his path. But scorched luck burnt his grace, and plumeting he fell into the crude moist dirt below. A nice fellow stooping over him caught him by mere fortune, lifting him back up into glory.

"What are you doing 'round these parts? I usually don't climb these lush hills without the safety of a cane of the sorts."

"Rather the contrary. One can find more friends when out of luck, for was it not you who saved my reputation?"

"No one can save the reputation of Jesus, my dear Lord."

"Silence mortal, the fiend does not tend the briar; only the meek can care for the dangerous."

"I spit on your shoe, gentleman of the east."

"And what be your name to hold such honors prestigious above the rest?"

"My name is Joseph of the Laffettes, the crusaders of a time long ago."

"Crusaders do not deserve the fullfilling desires of life. Out with your soul, in with the dead!"

Joseph found himself in a brawl with Jesus, son of God. Fists left impressions in nearby trees as the fight raged onwards. Blood covered the ground in a thick coat of scarlet. Feeling cornered and defeated, Joseph unsheathed his boomerang sword of the seven winds and slew Jesus on the ground, dead and merciless. Realizing the sin Joseph had just commited, Joseph repent, weeping with the sorrow of ten thousand crows. Jesus, with his last breath, revealed that he was truly VLAD DRACULA, THE IMPALER!!!!

So it ends up Joseph did not comit such a horrible crime, at least not an unforgivable one. Joseph lived on to become a baker in the town square, low on money and in debt. Dracula reincarnated into a frog and ate the crude bugs of the earth for the rest of eternity. Without a savior, the world would perish, until of course the true Jesus arrived and died on the cross, for the sins of you, me, and Vlad. The End.

Questions you should answer if you value your imaginary girlfriend Kruti:
1. Do you remember the title of my last blog, which I deleted?
2. Whats your name?
3. How often do you rip off of thernody when you are bored?
4. How sexy is my new banner?

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