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I finally play MKDS online
Posted on February 19, 2007 at 08:49

Getting the Wi-Fi USB connector:
Today I was suppose to buy a new DS game. Well there wasn't anything interesting to buy though. And if there was, it wouldn't be here in Australia by then. So I purchased a Wi-Fi USB Connector for the Nintendo DS.

Funny though, this one I bought was $49.95AU second hand. Usually I think they cost that much as well. Well I couldn't be stuff searching anyway, so it had to do. As long it had stuff to make wi-fi possible I'm happy.

Mario Kart DS Wi-Fi fun:
I decided to play it wifi for the first time and it was ok because I got to play better players. I live in Australia so my Region game mode would of being Australia of course lol. But I didn't get much fun out of it.

The people I played were funny... They all can't snake. I wanted a challange on that. So I easily beated some people (I include the ones that disconnect). Either they were lazy but I never got to see a 3 star player from Australia. Some were nice and manage to race me even if I was winning by a lot. And some disconnect on me. I don't blame them though, I made it not fun...

I decided to verse world wide too. I had 3 VERY good players that are 2 times better then me. For some reason they can control their snaking better then me and keep at it. Out of that I came tie with 4th place (3rd/4th place for me) out of 4 people. It was pretty fun although I bet I got laughed at :P.

Hahaha I should practice blue shell dodging on 100cc... I couldn't do it. I only did it once to one player. That player saw it I think because he/she was very near at the time.

Oh I was one ok player (same as me maybe) that was not so bad. He could do the snaking pretty well and beated me on some races. Finally, the Rival Match was kind of bad. It gives me like an easy player. Maybe he wasn't trying...

Should I stop snaking and drift and mini turbo little or go nuts?

You probably want my friend code too. I'll be happy if any of you have one so I can play against :):
The - is just the next 6 or whatever it is formated.

Want to give me the friend code, I'll appreciate it. Thanks.

- Yay college tommorow...
- If you got a suggestion of a wi-fi ds game, suggest some.
- Sorry ChIkEn but your is blocked on my college computers lol. Funny... no poll to read lol.
- Hmm MMO in Extending Forums (GMC)...

- Toon-Master

Another Toon's Blog
Posted on February 10, 2007 at 02:05

Time for a blog!

Game Maker Related:
I haven't done much on it. But I intended to improve pixel art. I really can't do it, so I need to spend more time on it as it's good to learn stuff.

I have though updated the Downloader Example.
It's got fixed code that was useless at the time and works only for the new 39dll.

I haven't worked on any projects lately (not that I really do). I'm sort of the lazy programmer. I tried to make something though, but it's just random. Here's a screenshot (don't kill me, I really am bad at graphics lol):

With college in the way, I probably don't have much time.

College Adventures:
Yeah it was back to college like last week.

Now my class has gotten worse then my last. I missed that type of class where there's only 11 people (usually 8 everyday). Now it's 25 people :(. 25 is bad because we have lack of computers per class. But really my course has probably less and really the 25 people was because of a class merge between IT courses.

I don't like it one bit. I hate the people there as well <_<, one of them is a jerk that cannot stop saying this, "Shut up asian and go to the corner", "Your using a skate chain, how noob". Guess which one was at me? the first quote. The other quote was directed at someone else. Besides all that, he practically calls everyone a nerd. Heh whatever then... Also there is this other guy that annoyed me. but not so bad. And with a lot more people (mostly 17s) there is no quiet in my classroom.

The good news is, it's possible to get rid of some people. Quite a few people already moved to Website Design, strangely girls want to do that hmm... And now there is a Networking course available. Well I already know currently there is 8 people, but I'm sure I know 3 people are going to move. My lecturer Stephen Moore was sort of begging me to do it lol ("I'll give you $200 dollars!"). The thing is I don't know anything about networking. Sure I know how to use 39dll for broadcasting and made a DLL to get the Network Interface information, but that's not even related. But really I don't want to change. And Stephen can't say that when all we did first was binary and hex (HAHAHAHA again). Funny, one lecturer asked what is the decimal of this binary number. The binary was 1011 I said 11. But he said 1011 because he didn't put that 2 there. But it's not my fault he said, "binary number".

I should note I have classes on, Monday (9am-12pm), Tuesday (9am-4pm) and Wednesday (9am-4pm) only.

So should I do networking?

- Yay I got 22 friends.

Have a good one!
- Toon-Master

Dodgy stuff
Posted on December 31, 2006 at 11:31

I haven't got my blog on, but now I do. I think the title is suitiable.

A glitch?
I was playing Zelda:WW yesterday and found this interesting trick. It's probably mentioned (if it is link it to me so I can get mad). What you do is go to Outset Island and get that pig to dig up some "cool" treasure. The black dirt I'm talking about is around Granny's house. Dig it up and look what you found... Those annoying things that attach onto you and slow you down!.

After you get a few of those stuff, you can go on the boat (King of red lions whatever it is) with a hook shot and you should be on the boat with them. Here's some stuff:

- Try moving the boat by sail or cruise, the things (yes them) start to seperate from you because it's slow... But if you knidly wait, they'll come to you again.
- You can still hold them when getting out of the boat with the hook shot to a tree or something like that (Rito mail box is good too). If you manage to speed away from those things, you'll still slow down without iron boots lol and eventually they'll come from nowhere and return to you.
- Best part, you can travel by boat (no ballad of gales of course and song of passing removes them) island to island, except windfall. It just goes white like if song of passing was played, hmm. You can desert them images somewhere and maybe the'll come from Outset to Forest haven (didn't test it).
- Goto an island and come back to outset for more of them muhahahahaha.

I got theroy stuff too, can it pass the wind in Gale island without iron boots?

To get rid of them, just do what you normally do to get rid of them (go into a water or maybe roll). You won't notice it, but you'll move faster.

I dodge blue shells
I just relised you can do this <_<. I did it anyway, yay! And some dodgy Mario Kart DS times:
Figure 8 Circuit - 1:24:326
Ah forget it, not worth talking it.

Nah anyone can beat me, I give up. Even 3 stars don't make you pro...

I should get WIFI stuff so I can play online. And lose/win.

Damn my brother, played my game with friends and lost so much. I'm getting a bad name now. And worse I used multiple names, Yong, TM-Yong, and random.

New 39dll yay!
Glad to see a new one come out. Although some people had troubles with it. I think 39ster figured it out though. It was something to do with the run-time. I only knew it had something to do with the compiling stuff, I pmed him about it, it look like he knew the stuff.

The source is pretty neat too, I learnt so much more stuff on C++.

That's all. Enjoy the new year (no comments about it).

Memory Match Online - Another Example...
Posted on November 14, 2006 at 09:08

Greetings all,

Again I did another Card Engine Experiment called Memory Match. Yes the game where you find the pair and it's yours. However it uses a new Card Engine this time with Multiple deck support. And best of all you can play it ONLINE with your friends.

And you can get this in Closing Words (it's source of course).

Heres a screenshot:

What did I do:
Well before I go there, I just had to say making a Memory Game was even more easier then Blackjack. Yeah I should of done that first <_< but oh well it's done.

Card Scripts:
For the card scripts I just change the names of the scripts like deck_drawcard to card_drawcard. And I added deck_create which just creates a deck with choice of back design or just use the default one. There is two objects one your already from my previous one called __Cards_ID and now the new one __Deck_ID. The Deck ID is just for carrying the deck information around.

Single Player Memory
For the memory card game I had to change 1 rule with the card engine. I had to change the __Deck_ID object with Persistent on because this deck is going to be created in a menu room and going to be around every room I go.

For a single player game it was the easiest part. Three scripts was needed. One to setup the deck and tell how much shots you made and pairs you got. The second was drawing all cards and placing it in 4 rows (13 cards each row). And the third was to check if the two cards are paired and does it's routine if so/not.

When the Player flips 2 cards it disables the clicking and waits 15 steps to give you the time to read what you picked up and if it is paired it destroys the instance else it is flipped face down. After that you can click again.

In the 3rd script I mentioned does the routines if all card instances are gone so it just shows message with the scores.

Online Parts:
That was the hard part. I added 6 scripts, 3 are the same like while the others are not. One script receives the message to receive the server's deck so it follows the server rules. Also that script gives the turn the player starts. It is random (choose(0,1)) pick. Another is the win routine, to see if you lose or not. And lastly, another script that receives the message of player's choice.

I dunno but I assumed the instance ID was going to be different from both sides so I added a array system that stored the card id. So when the other player clicks a card it gets the Number and writes a byte instead of a unsigned short to the buffer.

Connecting or hosting is in the Left Release Mouse event on those buttons. If hosting you accept players in obj_ControlOnline. Simple 39dll stuff using TCP.

Rest is played by assumption through the picks and right deck and is treated like normal play.

Closing Words:
Download Link: Memory Match Online Example

Ports you may need to forward if hosting: 13420 TCP

Simple Rules for Multiplayer:
Get a match and you get another shot. I think that's all you need to know.

Looking for a friend to play? Use IM and get someone.

There might be some bugs, so keep and eye if you want or play a game?

Other News:
Tommorow I got college and have to do a write up on his computer removing parts and see how well Pheonix_L3S works on it. (From last blog too)

If you read the other blog with "yak". Well I don't have to do work as long as I help her so everytime she does something I pass a task (40 tasks I done 50% for helping other people :P).

Games in college? I'll play some more Game Maker Games that I could never play on this junk in college.

I'll probably put Card_engine in Examples later maybe.

- Toon-Master

EDIT: Shoot, I forgot the Tie Win part. Oh well...

More getting my GM on
Posted on November 11, 2006 at 11:22

Get my Game Maker On - Card Engine
Hey, I had this crazy card game idea using plain cards. I wanted to see if I could actually make a card engine so I did an example of a Blackjack game (because it seemed easy to make).

Here's a screenshot:

As you can see, I was just using the sprites from the GM resources and simple graphics. And I won lol.

What did I do?
To be honest I got lucky because I had no plan on it. I made a object that just hold the value of the card and used a bunch of variables to make this card unique. It'll probably slow down if I had all the card instances in a room, but then again whos going to use 52 cards at once? Maybe a 52 pick up lol.

And then I chucked in some global variables like how many cards were left or a array deck and such.

Yep that was the card engine. Of course I throw down some scripts too. This was such as flip card, shuffle, restore deck, draw card and move card.

And that was the easy part I thought. The programming the rules is the tough part. I programmed a blackjack one. Simple rules get 21, ace can be 1 or 11, etc etc. I even added a money system with betting which was just optional lol. And added a External Music changer, if you hated the Sonic Advance - Casino Paradise Act 1 music lol or better yet, no music. All these information were stored in a text file using 39dll's utility functions. I could of used GML, but I used 39dll incase I was going to do online?

To actually programmed the rules I had to add bunch of variables to tell this etc. And scripts that just used my card scripts.

Thanks to my friend Elite Pirate for the BG and card back design.

Anyway you can get all that in the Close Words in this blog.

College Adventures
I want a new computer! I can't play many GM6 games with it or feel the need to try so many awsome stuff.

Friday my lecturer build a very good computer. He added too much powerful stuff so he could run a Game and a Movie at the same time (crazy).

I wanted to test it. The lecturer asked me for a Demo game that uses a lot of resources. Download speed was too slow ATM, so I just downloaded a Game Maker game I never got to try. So I just picked Hover Tank 3D and messed it around (suck at it) and had a movie up too (2 monitors connected together like a extended screen). Then he added another monitor to make three. I didn't know what to put there so I wanted to try the Pheonix_L3S (Create an EXE from home) on it. And I did :P it ran slow though because HT3D was there. But without it it was at 380 (Average) FPS. I also wanted to test it on another computer and it ran at 60 FPS (average). Big difference and then the lecturer called it a "Diagnostic Tool" (WTF). I said no but he said it still is, and he embarass me by testing the Pheonix_L3S on ever computer <_<. And then he invited the other classes to see me playing on the "super computer". And also invited the lecturers, and they took a picture of me playing HT3D with Pheonix_L3S and some Movie playing... They were talking about a new course where the project is to build a computer and I think I'm in some sort of advertisement on playing a computer...

If you think the test is over, I got to do a write up on some computers (some RAM slots out and in etc) using Pheonix_L3S lol. I think it's going to be funny, but at least you get to know if the computers handle surfaces and the GM speed I guess.

Oh yeah, some kids said Hovertank was bad (they never heard but didn't like it). I said, meh because it looked excellent for first play. And if I get myself in some TAFE college ad of this new course, at least you get to see Pheonix_L3S and Hovertank in it I guess (if you live in WA Perth Australia).

Closing words:
Download: Card Engine Example - BJ

Short blog? Bugs, probably <_< I already took the ones I know and they are fixed heeheehee.

- Toon-Master

EDIT: It seems SodaHertz wants my Blackjack game to be online and work with SodaHertz for points. I accept the challange :)

Heh, another bug... Well I intercepted it and fixed it. It's reuploaded :). The bug was when you start with 2 aces you get 22. I forgot to put a checker for the first two cards <_<.

Please check some bugs too ;)

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