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NDAIM and Platform Tutorials
Posted on October 29, 2007 at 08:46

Hey 64D,

Since it is now Halloween, I know have time to update NDAIM, to make it more user friendly, for example, it now doesn't show an error if you are unable to connect to a server, which was sending people nuts! Also, their is a private chat room for other people working on NDAIM, which obviously includes me. So, I need more ideas, as this is what I have :

Use of GMSQL to connect to a private 'Master Server' that handles all of the other servers, and shows available servers on start-up. Some better GIU, showing a link to a flash animation, since I cannot embed Flash... yet. Anyway, servers fixed.. again, since some tutor (who shall remain nameless) went in and tried to shut all conversations which were happening in her class, and switched it off completely, apart from the private server, since it runs off a server that one of the programming staff or myself must start. Well, onto the other part of the title.

Some of you may know that I am now doing tutorials via youtube, showing how to do simple, but effective platform movement. If you wish to look at my page to see them, here is a link to the page itself :

I am currently on video number 7. They are apparently popular among new starts, and experienced users, such as Jackaroo and TechnoSuperguy. So if you have any ideas of which I could add to the tutorials, feel free to mention them.

Bye 64D,


Posted on October 25, 2007 at 10:22

This is a matter of grave importance!!

On MSN Messenger, if you get prompted to receive a file called image11, do not accept it!! I mean it, it is a virus, and the 'sender' is not aware that they are sending it, it does it automatically, as I was prompted with a message allegedly from Jackaroo, which I believe said : "Hey man, accept my pic, I edited it to look wicked cool!" So I thought, what's harm can it do, I trust Jackaroo. When transfer was finished, I looked inside the file, the there was an imag11.exe, so I figured, "Oh, he has probably made a slide show in Game Maker or something, so I double clicked it and my computer froze, the conversation between me and Jackaroo kept flickering, and disappearing, and I wasn't in control of my mouse, so I had to do Ctrl+Alt+Del and somehow, I was back in control, even though the task manager wasn't brought up. So, after that, I yelled at Jackaroo, but he didn't know about it, though he said his cousin had the same thing happen to them, so I deleted the and I thought the crisis was over. About 30 minutes later, I was talking to Ice Mage (GMC) and my MSN froze,and logged me out, I thought nothing of it, it does that sometimes, so when I logged back in, I got a message from Ice Mage saying, "I hate you! You sent me a virus" So then I explained that it happened to me also, so I am trying to get rid of this file from my computer all together, but I cannot find it. But the main reason I did this blog is to warn you!!

Thanks 64D


My Idiot of a friend
Posted on October 20, 2007 at 06:03

Hey 64D,

As you can tell from the blog title, I am going to be saying about a friend of mine that is a complete and utter idiot! My motor bike (which was in bad condition already) was driven by this 'idiot', straight into the side of a lorry! Good thing it wasn't out on the main road. (In colleges' car park) So, damage done to my friend straight after the accident, a grazed knee, damage done to him an hour after the accident, Many times getting my boot up his ass!!! The bike still works, for now, but the key snapped in the ignition, so when I got it out, I had to wait 5 days to get the new key delivered, so from then on, I had to hot wire the bike to make it work! And I needed that bike for everything, work, college, and of course, rushing to college hearing that the servers crashed in NDAI Messenger! AGAIN!

Well, on a lighter note, NDAI Messenger is up and running (again) with the servers fixed. (the problem was a simple problem with the computer network) and I have been offered to be moved up a year, not sure whether I will accept as the hours I am in college at the moment work pretty well around my work hours, as I am usually out of college at 2 and start work at 3:30, so it's all good.

My game has hit a wall, literally, that's the bug, but I nearly have it fixed, it's a problem with the movement script I wrote for slopes, it did work, but now it doesn't for some reason! O.o

Well, goodbye 64D


Posted on October 01, 2007 at 04:46

Hey 64D!

I haven't written a blog in a while, so I guess I will do it now. Now, before I get to the topics actual title, I will bring you up to date on the NDAI Messenger.

- Better GUI
- More stable servers
- Private servers (for teachers, etc)
- Better login system
- No more asking for IP, shows avaliable servers

More updates coming soon, but now down to the actual topic, Work!

I have now started work, at an hourly rate of £6.50 (not sure what it is in dollars) and 20 hours a week, but the purpose of the job is to phone people wanting them to take out a loan, or consolidate existaing loans, so you can expect the abuse I get! But its all worth it, since now I have my motor bike (yay!!!!!!)..... which exploded this morning, well, the exhaust! But its getting fixed, so I'm happy. Also, my new game is going pretty well, just fixing some bugs, but its all looking good. More info and possibly a download, in the next blog. :)

Bye 64D!


N.D.A.I Messenger up and running!
Posted on September 17, 2007 at 16:30

Well, this is the day of release (not to public, to my college) for the N.D.A.I Messenger! Incase you are wondering, N.D.A.I stands for North Down and Ards Institute. Well, as of 1:30 pm the servers were started and as of 2pm everyone who applied for an account on it, got one, so as you may expect, by 2:10 pm, everyone was talking, and the funny thing is, I was sitting on the server talking away to people, including my girlfriend in private chat mode! :P Well, since I did it for college, I get to skip essential skills this year . . . . . as of next week! I knew there would be a catch! But hey, its just 3 more days, as I get fridays off :P. Well, more good news on the way, for me anyway, the main tutor for computer programming in the college saw what I was able to do (with help of 39dll.dll) and he is considering moving me up a year! woohoo!, go me! And as of tomorrow, I will be doing more to the Messenger, more add-on's etc. Already added to editable are private chat between tutors and students, and 'sneek' to see private messages. (only if you are the server) But the message may be scrambled a little, all info sent and recieved is encrypted then de-crypted. But still readable, just random capital letters, etc.

Well, thats my blog ^

Hired by my college!
Posted on September 14, 2007 at 15:16

I know, it sounds weird, well, yea, it's true, I have been hired by somewhere I go to learn. I guess I better explain how it started;

Well, first I heard my tutor going on about the fact that they have no Internal Instant Messenger for the college, that just made me laugh, but then I realised, 'Hey, if I make one, I'll be able to talk to my friends who are in other classes, and 'snoop' on teachers if I really wanted to'. So I went up and said, 'Why don't you just download 'MSN' or 'YIM'?' And she said that their system blocks installers unless verified by some company that pay for the computers. So I said that I could probably make an instant messenger that doesn't need an installer, and she, said, 'Yea right.' So I mentioned that it is possible in Game Maker, and she said, 'Well, if you do this, you don't have to do essential skills this year' (Maths and English) So I am now currently working on an Instant Messenger with 'mplay'. And so far, it's going pretty well.

But unfortunately I am not getting payed for making this, but I do get to skip Essential Skills!!! And that makes me happy!

^And that's my blog ;)^


Back at last!
Posted on September 11, 2007 at 06:18

Summary of what is to be said :

Holiday to spain
Tech (college)
blah blah ....

O and CCA !

Well, spain was crap, apart from the fact i stayed at Jackaroo's house and worked a little on CCA, which is absolutely awsome !! But il gt to tht soon. Spain, all it is, is a pool, lots of food, and mosquito bite ! God they hurt !

Im sitting in tech as i write this blog, and its alright so far, cant wait for the coding side of it !!

Anyway, CCA (Crystal Chaos Arcade) is absolutely out of this world ! Shift is amazing, and i got to the Robo shift area, how cool am I !! lol. Sniper is still hard as it ever was, but Jackaroo even suprised himself and got a score of 15000 ! While i sat there and cried at my pitifull score of 1700 :( !

Jackaroo is so cool, stayed at his house and did loads of things, played DBZBT2 (Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2) Kicked his ass with hercule, but thn he killed me countless times. :( Got his Wii online for him (your welcome) and downloaded VC games. All in all, it was a good time.

Spain (7/10)
Staying at Jacks (11/10)
Playing CCA (priceless) lol



Posted on August 24, 2007 at 10:41

Well, im going to spain for my holidays on the 27th of August ! And the weirdest thing is, il probably end up meeting Jackaroo over there ! Well, apparently he lives near where i am staying, so, yea, why not !

Wont be returning til September 10th, and will probably be back online on 11th of September !

Anyway, im currently in creation of a Platform Engine, which still has bugs. The bugs are going to be gotten rid of before it has an official release ! The engine is very simple, but has a lot of useful platform essentials !

So, when i return, expect pics of sunny spain, and probably me abseiling somewhere ! Cant wait !

Goodbye !


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