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Hey 64D! It's been a while >_>
Posted on July 17, 2008 at 12:02

So yeah. Hi guys. I haven't downloaded, uploaded, commented or blogged here in... *checks last blog*

4 months 11 days!

Mostly due to not doing anything GM related whatsoever =/

So, how is everyone? Any major 64D-events happened in the last 4 months? I can already see V3 hasn't been released, unless it looks identical to V2.

Anyway, to the point of this blog.

Seriously. We need you guys, and it only takes 5-10 minutes each day to keep your nation growing, maybe 15-20 if we're in a war. We have plenty of tutorials on the alliance forums to keep your nation running smoothly, and you get 3 million monies (you can set the type of money your nation uses) just for joining our alliance! (3 million is the maximum amount that can be sent at one time)

Anyway, if you do decide to sign up, here's the guide to joining the 64D alliance (CP'd from HeroofTime55, with some explanations from me)

Register at www.cybernations.net
Important things to do:
-Team Color must be set to white (We're a white alliance)
-Government should be Monarchy (don't worry what your people want, always have it set to Monarchy) (it's because it gives good bonuses and cancels out the happiness loss from not having the one they want)
-Set your tax rate to the maximum 28% (the money gain from doing this cancels out the happiness loss from a high tax rate)
-Set your war preference to allow war (The alliance serves as a means of protection) (also you earn less in taxes when set to peacefull)
-Set your alliance affiliation to "64Digits" (or 64Digits Applicant while you haven't had a reply to your application, see below)
-Add the phrase "TPF Protectorate" to your nation bio (We have a treaty with them, they're essentially our overlords - they help us, we help them)

All of these things may be changed after registration by clicking on "Edit My Nation" on the left.

Also, register at our forums and post an application (this is necessary): http://cybernations.64digits.com/

We also have an IRC channel:
/server irc.coldfront.net
/join #cn64
We get people from other alliances hanging around in there, so there's usually someone to talk to.

Anyway, join up. It's fun and we give you stuff.

Uni FTW!
Posted on October 23, 2007 at 23:59


So, yeah. I'm at Uni now. Well, I've been here about a month now, but whatever. I'm doing Computer Science with Games Development at The University of Hull.

Lectures are currently really boring, they're going from basics (LULZ WHAT DOES AN IF STATEMENT DO?). This does mean I can sleep/design portal levels/play games in them though :D

Also, no homework/coursework is being set yet, so I have epic amounts of free time to waste. Mostly I spend them on playing games, portal mapping, and random programming based things of win.

As Hull is a 4-5 hour drive from where I was before, I live in a Hall of Residence now. Actually, here's some pictures of my room from like, 5-10 minutes before this blog is posted:

My room overall

My PC of win

My Bed, lulz

Sink and me in the mirror :O Zelda T-Shirt FTW

Mmm, cookies and muffins. Need to buy more though =(

Posters of win. Possibly

"I has a box, and it's Orange :O"

OH SHIT ITS ME (Like my Zelda wristband?)

Does mean I have to cook/wash up/remember to sleep/do the laundry/buy food/get up in the morning myself now though... that last one I'm finding hard, repetitive alarms don't wake me.

Also, the second largest game shop in Europe opened in Hull over the weekend (why Hull? XD). So obviously everyone on the Games Dev course had to go on a pilgrimage to retrieve holy artifacts from the hands of the shop-keepers. It was awesome, they had XBox360's for £100, Phantom Hourglass for £10 (I'd already ordered it though), and DS's with two games for about £50. They also had large amounts of games-related merchandise, like my wristband :D. GameStation are nuts XD

Portal Mapping

I keep mentioning that I'm mapping for portal, so here's what I'm up to:

And here's the design for it I drew in a lecture about variable types (LULZ WHERE SHOULD YOU USE AN INT?):

Also, I need testers for the map - talk to me on MSN if you have Portal =P


Games I've been playing recently:

[li]Portal =P
[li]Half-Life 2: Episode 2
[li]Unreal Tournament 2004 (We'll be mapping for it as coursework!)
[li]Frets on Fire (check this out, free Guitar Hero for PC basically)
[li]Pokémon Diamond
[li]Phantom Hourglass (soon, was supposed to arrive today =/)

Portal rocks so hard, gotta love GLaDOS too XD
The ending song is fantastic, I extracted it from the GCF and play it all the time now.


I've been working on some more Space-Art in random moments of boredom-with-programming-mapping-or-playing-games.

Here's what I'm working on so far:

Supernova (possibly not the final name)

Going to add 2 more planets, one big one in the foreground, and another behind the one already there. Also meteors and debris and stuff.

Oh, and that's 20% of the size I'm working at :D


...has been neglected. I'm learning C# now anyways, and I've been busy doing other awesome stuff too. I hope to finish the last game I was working on though, as I want to submit at least one complete game here =P

Anyway, the last thing I was working on is Nucleus, for those of you who I've told about it.

Here's some screenies:

Menu screen



A blog from me that has more than a screenfull of content? :O WHERE DID THE REAL ME GO?!

Now feel free to write random comments that mostly ignore what I've written =P

Bai guyz

-- Tyranic-Moron

DS Friend Codes
Posted on July 27, 2007 at 18:51

I finally got my Nintendo USB adapter working again! Online gaming, here I come!

Anyway, here're my various friend codes:

42 All Time Classics: 1504 3014 2202
Mario Kart DS: 4252 7791 6635
Tony Hawk's American Sk8land: 0344 3589 6672
Animal Crossing: Wild World: 5068 8232 7110
Metroid Prime: Hunters: 3995 0814 5540

Hope to see play against some of you guys! If you have me on MSN, feel free to ask for a match or whatever.

In other news, not much has occurred. Been busy on OGame and the rest of the games mentioned in the previous blog. Done some more random Gamemaker stuff, mostly 3D practice. Oh yeah, also earned a load of badges and cards and stuff on Kongregate.

Aaaand, that's it.

New bloggage, anyone?
Posted on July 18, 2007 at 23:57

So yeah, long time no blog. I mean, really really long time no blog. Not like you pretenders with your 3-4 weeks =P.

So, where to begin?

I'll be off to Hull Uni in September to study Computer Science with Games Development. So that should be completely awesome.

I've also been hunting for a job. NEED MOAR MONEYS. No luck so far, although Staples seems to have a lot of vacancies right now, so I'll pester them a bit.

Been doing various online games. OGame is probably the one I'm most busy with right now, but Dark Throne, Kingdom of Loathing, NationStates, and... Neopets (yeah, I know. I also don't care =P) have also been devouring large amounts of my free time.
I'm in Uni 12 and 30 on OGame, if there's anyone in 12 who wants metal or deut, I'm your guy. I have over 400,000 of each =P

I've never seen Kongregate.com mentioned on here by anyone before. Why not? Awesome site, make sure you check it out. I COMMAND THEE! Anyway, it's a site full of flash games, but it's much better than the average flash site.

Oh, I've also discovered the wonderful world of torrents XD. Someone should have introduced me sooner, but thanks Firebird =P. Mmmm, Flash CS3.

Gamemaker-wise, I've been learning d3d. It's definitely not as hard as most people seem to think, I wish I'd started on it sooner. More on what I'm actually making with it in some later blog.

Some of my recent StubleUpon finds:
Awesome video. - Don't click this if you don't like anything messing with your browser window size.

Anything else? Naaa, I think that's it.

A little Cyanide and Happiness to finish off:

edits FTW!

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