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I figure I should say something.
Posted on February 03, 2011 at 18:33

I'm still alive. Never did stop living. But yeah, I still exist. Ain't that cool? NOW THEN, nice shiny V3. Never thought it would ever show up, but here it is. That's pretty nice. Uhh, christ, what else to say. Finishing up community college this year, lots of C++ and Oracle coding. And time. Way too much time. Yeah. I'm still lazy on the side of making things to a certain extent, I guess.

Oh, and I guess Cyrus is a pretty important guy now. Pretty cool, I guess. Christ, I'm waiting to start going on some tangent, rambling on about BACK IN MY DAY WE HAD AWESOME LITTLE RANKINGS AND RPGS AND SHIT and have people riot for those days back. Or not. I'm not legitimately certain whose still active or popular in the community. Not that it really matters, BUT REGARDLESS.

Oh yeah, creepy pasta is good stuff. Marble Hornets, Haunted MM, the whole shebang. Makes me want to try and make my own sometime. But the lack of a camera or cash or anything like that seems like it would be fairly difficult to do. Oh well. Who wants a spare programmer that isn't really all that amazing compared to some others but can code a bit?

Oh, and uh. YEAH. Still doing my grind.

Posted on October 26, 2010 at 02:18

If you're reading this then you've found the secret message.
This is the last one i can send out.
I am not dead.
its sitting right in front of you.
You are meant to survive this, you can't give him what he wants.
I don't know how to tell you this, but there is no more link now, he was the last thing that stood between you and IT as some kind of conduit. that conduit is severed now.
there is notConsider this the REALhing that is separating you from him, he will try to get to you, It will try to break you, but you have to remain strong, you cannot it.
It is sadistic.
It will try and give you guys a fighting chance like it's given everyone else.
it wants you to try and resist to try and be fooled into thinking that you have any semblence of free will.
do not buy it.
do not believe it.
It is always watching, and it will lead you iTruth.txtnto oblivion if you let it.
do not be fooled, if something is too good to be true - be wary.
you must use this overconfidence and systematic prediction against it.
I do not know.
that is something that i could not figure out before the end.
even now, its allowing me to reach you, through this message.
Your first instinct may be to assume that this message has been tampered with, but then you may not really understand who It really is.
It wants to play, it wants a challenge.
It has led you thWhat are you talking about?is far for a reason, but now you will be given the means to fight back.
I say let Its arrogance be its undoing.
There are strength in numbers.
you no doubt have others who will help collaborate with you.
there are those who have left behind clues subtle enough for It to not realize their significance.
they may help you if you can find them.
combine your brains together, starting with the recent "glitch", compile every bit of evidence you have and share it amongst yourselves, and you may gain the upperhand yet.
Do not ever let It use you.
It thinks It is in control, yet despite all the omnipotence in the world, there is nothing more dangerous than the illusion of compliance.

- Ifrit,



Posted on June 24, 2010 at 11:12

So yeah. Blogging. FREAKIN' AWESOME! Cool.

So how's everyone doing? Here's my blog. Not much has been going on. No girlfriend, and after most of the drama I've had to endure over the past 3 months, I couldn't give less of a damn for a woman. Warm place for my dick, not much else benefit. Still doing college, got a job now as a bagger at the local HEB. So go me, I have an income. Not much else to say, to be honest.

Actually, there's quite a bit to say. I could bore you all with the sheer volumes the drama I've been handling right about now, but I'll TL;DR it - People are fucking morons, and will cling to whatever stupid amounts of bliss they can get a hold of. I fucked over whatever chance I had with my previous ex (even longer story behind that), but I showed her the fact that she fucked up, and she has to understand. Yeah, it's pretty boring to be honest.

Classes are going... Well. Sort of. It's not terrible, but it's not too good either. I need to learn how to study.

I'm considering picking up gamemaker again for this interesting project I dreamt up the other night, I'm just waiting for a certain someone to get his engine finished, so I can pick it up and go from that, rather than constructing my own engine and spend forever and a half getting it just right, before I even start the game. Should be an interesting project though.

That's all I really have to say for now. Digging the new layout quite a bit. Good to see the place is still alive.


EDIT : I figure since I still have a metric ton of old projects with quite a bit of work in all of them, I'm thinking I should release some engines of some sort. Maybe 64quest. Definately the engine to my rpg. Along with that remake of my first game ever, as well. I got a lot of stuff I could release for ya'll, maybe help some folks. Would that be cool?

Picking up a legacy.
Posted on February 18, 2010 at 04:54

Well, from the good number of people that seem to be picking GM back up, I've done the same. Will I ever finish? Time will tell, but however, I actually have a direction and reference to work with this time around.

Anyone ever play Quest 64? Actually, a better question would be who HASN'T? Or rather, who played it and enjoyed it?

Quest 64 was a pretty innovative game for the time, considering that it was the first 3D RPG that hit the market ever, and it was hyped. Oh yes, it was very hyped. Nintendo power, posters, plushies, you name it, they had it for quest 64.

However, it took a huge nosedive when people actually began playing it. It was beautiful for it's time (1998, and the graphics were pretty good, only to be beaten down by OOT shortly after), but it had very many flaws. So many flaws, that most people outright sold it after buying it. Many people refuse to touch it, but those who played through (I) the game itself, you have a sort of connection to that game.

Quest 64 brought a kind of system that really was new and innovative, considering that it was the first 3D RPG to ever hit the market. That being said, it was a very large gamble in a sense. Nobody else had done it, and there were no references or ways of telling early on how to do it well. Thus, there were a large amount of flaws. But even then, it was still a gem that could've been salvaged, but it never was. Being overhyped, it got released very quickly, without going a little deeper into the game.

It was an awesome game, yeah, but where was its flaws? Well, all over the place. The story was utter crap, that being where your starting motive is to save your father, and *SPOILER ALERT* you DO find your father, but even after beating the game, you never see the father or son reunited, and you don't even know if his father survives. That's just being lazy right there. Anyone that knows a good RPG is Bioware, and a shit-ton of the quality is right in the story. That's flaw number 1.

Number 2 being it's linear-ness. It was Linear. Like, no finer line could've been made. It's almost as if you could dump the story and say "Get from point A to point B" and you wouldn't tell the difference with or without the story. You run around. You fight monsters. Whoopie.

Number 3 is items and character enhancement. Currency? Doesn't exist. Thus making it terribly difficult when you end up in a hard fight, only to find that when you die, you can't get the items you used up back, as they're generally found in treasure chests everywhere, but also given away by certain NPC's. But they won't give you that item if you already have one of it, so it makes items precious and valuable. Equipment doesn't exist either. There's no form of buying some better defense or getting an edge by buying a certain staff, nope, none of that.

Number 4 is the battle system and spells. Now the battle system is nothing new, but the spells are pretty nifty. They grow in power as you increase that element, and that's awesome, but there's a point in the game where you pretty much can't beat the game without investing in the earth element alot. Once again with the linear-ness. Seeing as earth gets a buff at lvl 36 that you can cast Magic Barrier, and quite literally, ALL ATTACKS CAN'T TOUCH YOU. I mean, christ. That's awesome, but there needs to be balance, not a god spell.

That's what I can get off the top of my head, but this also has it's pros, and these pros were revolutionary at the time.

Number 1 being the size of it. Quest 64 is huge. And I mean HUGE. You'd be lucky to speed-run the game and get it in under 15 hours, and by N64 standards, that's a pretty long game. The cities and landscapes are amazing (Considering 1998 folks,) not to mention the various areas you end up in, not to mention the final area! That place simply looks amazing and to be honest, pretty scary given how good it looked for its time.

Number 2 being the concept. the concept of a magic casting based game where you can specialize in one or two elements, or go all around is pretty amazing. The spells are nice, though they could've helped to be a little more impressive on the graphical side. Even some of the spells cast by enemies can be dodged as well, even though this is a turn based game. The battle system was pretty nifty, in my opinion.

Number 3 is the music. Oh god, the music is simply amazing. The early on areas have pretty decent music, but once you begin to reach further in to the game, the music progresses to be better and better, and once you reach Brannoch, it's almost orgasmic how brilliant the music is. Once again, opinion driven. For some, it was like their ears were bleeding, but they probably had NO taste in music. However, hearing that same battle theme becomes very irritating, but they were kind enough to include sliders for music and sound effects though.

Number 4, and I wish this didn't have to be pointed out, but the potential. The potential for this game is in unbelievably high supply, and you would understand this if you played through the whole game. It's just a total shame that they never went through with actually polishing the game and running it through a few times.

All things being said, Quest 64 was decent, at best, but the insane amount of potential it possessed is almost overpowering to think about. That being said, Quest 64 was the first of it's kind, and to put it in a way, FF7 and all the other future RPGs probably have Quest 64 to thank. I know alot of people would disagree, but think about it.

Quest 64 revolutionized the RPG, and Final Fantasy perfected it (Almost).

And this, is the legacy I feel like picking up. I know my references, what I'm aiming for and what I'm plotting, and all I need to do now is execute it, in my own fashion.


Or my name isn't...
Posted on January 20, 2010 at 03:58

DR. IVIL RRRRROBOTNIK! I have returned! And you nincombots had better not screw up this time!

Silliness aside, I'm now playing the waiting game. Allow me to explain.

So the day after I posted my previous blog, I was cleared to go to MEPS and do a physical and get sworn in and all that jazz, along with the contract, right? My sergeant gave me a wonderful warning, noting that it would be "One of the longest days of your life.". He was right. VERY right. Woke up at 2:30 AM to get myself prepared and cleaned up (We had room mates at the hotel, so I had to assure that we all got the right amount of time to prepare.) and got onto a shuttle into fort Jackson at 5 AM.

Basically, for those of you that have gone to get your drivers license, you know how government operated facilities work - slowly and as boring as possible, right? This was like the pinnacle of testing your patience. I remember beginning at 5 AM in the morning, and then leaving the MEPS center at 4 PM. HOLY. ROBOTNIK'ING. SHIT. I spend quite literally the equivalent of a full day in there - and I wasn't done.

It turns out that the doctor that gave me the final physical report was a complete and utter quack, and decided to make me metaphorically jump through some more hoops while playing a little tune on a music box. In more realistic terms, he learned about my metal bar in chest surgery (See blog god-knows-how-far-back, old members might remember), and decided that apparently because it was "For cosmetic purposes" (F*@&ing quack.) he would have me come back two days later to get scanned in all ways and forms. So I had to go back.

2 days later, come back, go through like 3 different scanning procedures, and it was much like the physical procedure, but thankfully I had a book this time around - Salem's Lot, a good 651 pages of bad-ass vampire book, not that sissy twilight junk - it's stephen king, so you know it's good. I'm rambling though. so I now have all that taken care of, turn it in, and now they told me that I have to wait for the Sergeant General to approve it. that time has already gone by, and luckily, I got the OK, HOWEVER, now it has to be viewed by yet another doctor. This time, the wait is a good ETA of at the least, a week.

So I'm playing the waiting game right now.

I'm joining the army.
Posted on January 18, 2010 at 15:20

Now onto the actual blog!

I'm joining the Army. Yeah, I probably should've updated you guys on that, but I suppose I was too lazy to do so. Oh well! I'm going in as an IT Specialist, odds are, I'll do pretty well in there, so other than that, not much else. Oh right, there's other things I should say.

I'm feeling the long term repercussions of a "long-lost love", seeing as I can't stop thinking about the girl. I hate it, but like it at the same time. I dunno, it's strange. It's like Kingdom hearts 1 in a sense. I kill myself to free the girl's heart, only problem is, I haven't found mine yet. Unfortunate? Probably, long story short is that I can't really seem to love the way I used to anymore.

Hmm, what else. Oh yeah, everything seems like Final Fantasy 1 now. It's kind of irritating to be able to see the solutions and problems in everything, and how they just keep on repeating until someone decides to come in and destroy the chaos that keeps it going.

Oh well. ADORE ME!!!... Please? :D


I pull 'em left and right.
Posted on January 05, 2010 at 06:08

Yeah. 3 women from the college want me ATM, girl that I knew from high school coming back from california wants me in the sack, I think this will be a rather fun year. Just gotta focus on studies and not how to screw the next girl that comes my way.

So asides from that, I now have a legitimate sword collection that took up enough room to where I had to buy a new dresser so I can put all of it on top of it. It's coming along nicely. As for college, I'm going to be doing another semester, but I'm questioning whether or not going into a programming field is really where I want to belong... I mean, let's face it - We've all faced a situation where we just have NO motivation to work on a project, no matter what kind of feedback and anticipation that it has built up (See - 64quest), and pretty much dies out. Then I started thinking... What if this were to happen at my JOB? Not only would I dislike my job, but I would be bored with it! Thus, I'm looking into the air force possibly this summer for other opportunities and to see where I belong, or if programming flies along smoothly, I'll stick with what I've been doing.

But I'm still gonna keep pullin' b!tches.

God I love the college life, where commitment generally turns into a joke.

A year in review.
Posted on December 24, 2009 at 14:14

It's me again folks, and I hope you're interested in another wall of text involving good times and bad times.

This year has moved very quickly, and nearly left me behind a few times, but I've found some wild way to keep up with everything else in my own unique way. But that's asides the point, lemme throw the highlights of my year out there, in chronological order.

1. Met Linda
This was probably the only girl I ever legitimately loved and cared for, even though it seemed to be a star-crossed relationship, considering the vast age gap between the two of us. She showed me alot of things... Wait, no, I lied. she only really showed me that women are very easy to get into the sack if you know the correct method. Otherwise, it was a relationship that entailed alot of happiness, but it degenerated to stress and worry, mostly over the legal system, but that comes later on.

2. The time spent with my "Brothers"
The two friends I cared for most, the whole trio is still together. We're practically inseparable, because of all the experiences we've all gone through together, and I'm hoping it lasts for a long time.

3. Graduation
The day I could finally call myself an adult and not be lying, I finally graduated out of that hellhole called high school, and grew out to be someone far superior to the morons that populated that place. It felt like a huge burden slipped right off my shoulders, and I no longer had any more problems relative to that.

4. College
I finally belonged. I was finally in a place where the roles literally did a 180, and I was now the popular guy that women were interested in. Nothing was capable of pulling me down, I won tournaments, was in alot of groups, and (From what I believed) did well in classes. And then this happened.

5. Break up with Linda
Yeah, I don't think I mentioned it yet, but I decided that it was safest for the both of us, because, lets be honest here, even if she's underage, would that stop any man from doing what couples really want? So I decided that it was the best decision to break it up, and not associate with her anymore. It worked, and strangely enough, I think it was a trial granted to me. A long and arduous trial, testing my beliefs and desires, and I finally came out of the tunnel, finding that at the very end of the tunnel, was myself. I had finally found who I truly am, but at the cost of the one person I truly loved...

6. Leo comes back into town
This was just last week, one of the trio finally came back from basic training and service for christmas, and basically, we got ourselves drunk off of our ass, seeing as we can die for our country, we can damn well drink to it. A little bit of drama here and there though, but we've finally sorted things out, and everyone is happy.

This year has pretty much been the most significant and changing to me. I've found who I really am, and found a place where I belong. I'm set for whatever the future has to throw at me, and nothing's gonna stop me now.


Memento Mori
Posted on November 07, 2009 at 18:25

I blame Requiem for this. D:

Posted on November 02, 2009 at 14:49

Extremely fun game. Like no shit, go buy it now. I finally beat it after I think... 35 hours registered in play time? A long ass time. But the game is amazing, throwing RPG elements into a badass shoot'emup game. The entire time I've been playing, there's been something to do the entire time, and I personally love it. The graphics are beautiful and diverse as the enviroment changes, but the night/day system really messes me up (I'm a hunter, so it's hard to hit the target at night).

Words don't really do it justice, it's just awesome. Some of the guns, if used by the right classes, are just WTF powerful. I think I have one of the strongest weapons in the game, out of sheer luck, for a hunter, but I shouldn't ramble on. I think you get my point.

In terms of other things, like Sapphire Tears, I'm getting better. Much better. If ya got any hope of catching up to me, or keeping me down, start playin' again.

Yeah, not much else to report. I get to register for spring classes tomorrow.


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