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Daddy's Home
Posted on July 01, 2015 at 02:07

This is my second consecutive "I'm back!" post so I don't really know the best way to go about writing this so I'll just tell you guys about what I've been doing for the past 5 years.

1. My brother and I made an EP which you can listen to here. It's R&B by the way lol

2. I've been coding a lot and haven't touched GameMaker in years although I do miss it sometimes. Of course I do not have a single finished product I can show you guys because my pull-out game is simply too strong. You can check out my Github though. My personal favorite project is Tapfest, which was my way of learning Socket.io and Node.js

3. I'm going to be a senior at Rutgers University this coming Fall studying Computer Science. I was on the Pre-med path up until the end of this past semester, when I finally made the switch. I had been considering it since Freshman year but I simply didn't trust that I could possibly make money by programming. It sounded too good to be true but now I'm realizing that life can indeed be nice sometimes. I'm looking forward to my career!

If you don't remember me by the way, I used to go by the name "amerup".
If you still don't remember me then I don't blame you, I never posted anything impressive on here.

I missed you kids, I'm glad to be back :)

Hey, I remember this place!
Posted on August 17, 2010 at 20:34

1. I used to be amerup (Amer is my last name)
2. Basil is my twin, so that's sorta why he just came back too

A couple days ago, I just remembered about this site. I used to love it, but then school came along and so did music. Since then, I totally erased 64digits from my life and focused on other stuff. Then I realized life was getting boring. So... here I am... again. :)

I won't be as active as I used to, but I will be sure to check this site daily, as I don't have many better things to do. No promises for when school starts though, so enjoy this month you have with me.

Glad to be backk fellass

Posted on August 16, 2008 at 20:13

Ey fellas.
After about 4 years of playing around with Game Maker, I finally released my first game.


I also have a new banner. Sexy as hell.

Remember Elicti?
Well, I'm the new spriter.

I'll show you sprites later.

Teslaur is going good so far.
We are working on an online game.
Just a platform shooter with a retro feeling.
You can also build blocks. =)

School starts in like 2 weeks. D=

If you're happy and you know it SHOOP DA WHOOP
If you're happy and you know it SHOOP DA WHOOP
If you're happy and you know it and you really want to show it
If you're happy and you know it SHOOP DA WHOOP

Progress + Life
Posted on July 25, 2008 at 00:49

-Game Maker-
Yeah, I started getting back into it.
I just want to make small games for now.
Any ideas or example requests?

I made a small terrain generator. Very simple.

-Avatar Badge-
I got one. =D
Meet Sodaface!
(Inspired by Borat somehow..)

I don't care about the amount.
Just how sexy it looks. =D

Username change.
It'll be up sooner or later..

-Pixel Art-
Meh, still taking a break.

Eh, I can never finish writing a song.
Should I start with poems first?

-Discussion Section-
For now on, my blogs will have a discussion section.
Basically, I just ask a question, maybe a poll, or other stuff.

Do any of you have any good songwriting tips?

Posted on July 19, 2008 at 14:40



This is my pet noob. His name is mariosonicpwn4920xz. We surf through the GMC looting forum topics and getting hateful comments. We have 1337 hateful comments. Soon we will rule the worst websites in history(UploadPoints) and I will be like Warptweet and the king of noobism and mariosonicpwn4920xz will be the admin of our sites.

Then you will be banned as well.

I can see you shaking in your marrocas.

Posted on July 06, 2008 at 19:37

It's been a while..
So I decided to blog. :D

After running out of space for my collection of over 9000 game engines, I decided that Game Maker is for starters.. NOT for people who have been programming for like 5 years doing useless stuff. :P

Finally, I'm a freshman. I'll be doing Geometry and Biology first year, so I don't really know what to expect.. Somewhat excited.

I started making some instrumentals with FL, not really finishing anything. I try writing too. I plan on doing some R&B and maybe start an Alt. band if R&B fails.

-Rock Band-
I got it for the Wii. I'm the drummer usually, and I'm somewhat good at hard mode. The guitar sucks.. Guitar Hero is SO much better.

-Guitar Hero-
Yeah my friend got the Aerosmith one two days ago and the DS one today. Lucky man. Aerosmith is rather difficult, and On Tour is EASY. I love them both though. <3

-NoLimits Coaster-
Cool program/game. Google it.

Thanks for reading, IF you read. =)


Amer - Thanks
Posted on March 28, 2008 at 11:28

Hey guys, thanks for the kind comments on my previous blog. =)

If you haven't read it, it was about me starting pixel art.

My latest WIP:

It's my new avatar, because I'm Egyptian too. =P

Any advice on how to make the head thing shine?


That was my reference.

If anybody wants any sprite, not animated, just ask me, and I'll kindly help. Either comment or PM me. :D

Once again, thanks!

Pixel Art, meet amerup.
Posted on March 27, 2008 at 12:23

Yeah, if you've read BlackDragon's blog, you already know that we are making two games together.

He's the spriter, and I'm the programmer.
Basil is also another programmer. :P

If you haven't already read it, go to:

If anybody wants to join Teslaur, our group, we need someone other than a programmer or spriter. :P

Also, I've been studying pixel art, and I've gotten much better.

Both Obelisk and BlackDragon have helped me out.

What would probably be my best pixel so far, is my avatar. It is a pharaoh, but it's still a WIP.


Mah pixels. :D

Posted on February 16, 2008 at 16:25

Has anybody here heard of "beta-carotene"?

It's an organic compound.

It's molecular structure's formula is C40H56.

Why am I saying this?

Well, I have a research project about it due on Tuesday, after my three-day weekend. -.-

I'd highly appreciate if you guys would help, because I am completely stuck.

First of all, is it a protein or fatty acid?

I know it's a cartenoid, but that doesn't help me that much. There is not one page I found on the internet with good information, this whole week.

I have never been this stressed out. I have two more days to finish it, and you could basically say I haven't started.

I also have to make a 3d model out of two different materials, showing how it works in a human body.

Why was I assigned "beta-carotene"!?

A person in my class got adrenaline, making me jealous as HELL.

Thanks, if you help. =)

Alright, on the brighter site, go to www.twisterghost.com/waleed.

Also, check out the forums I made, completely from scratch! Sure, it has some problems, but hey, a forums system is a forums system.

Lol, yeah, so just check it out.

PS: ustream.tv seems to be a new trend here...

It's a good site, really.

Posted on December 29, 2007 at 22:00

Yep, amerup's back, with a new blog!

I was never gone, but I barely ever blog. =/

Anyways, I've done a lot since my previous blog.

Have any of you heard of the canvas tag? If you read Basil's blog, you probably did. Well, it's a new HTML tag that's not usable with IE, which sucks. It works for Safari, Opera, and all Gecko browsers. It basically lets you draw stuff with a simple coding language, similar to GM's drawing functions.

Click <a href='http://twisterghost.com/tnet/canvasDrawing/index.tn'>here</a>; to see something I made. It basically lets you use canvas, and see what it is. I even typed a nice tutorial for you guys. :D

I personally love the canvas tag, and I wish it worked for IE. =/

Uh, if you didn't already, read Basil's blog. It covers most of what I was gonna say about canvas. Read it if you want to be able to make Wii games. :P (Not flash.)

Game Maker... I don't use it anymore. I only open Game_Maker.exe for the image editor. I want it standalone. >:(

Uh, I made a nice AJAX page loader, and it's easy to use. That can be found <a href='http://twisterghost.com/kyll'>here</a>;. Kyll is a game I started, but I gave up. It was gonna be a fighting game, but meh.

<a href='http://ogplanet.com'>Click here and get Rumble Fighter.</a>
Rumble Fighter is the best game.


Other than Rock Band, at least. I played it at my friend's house, and the drums own. The bass pedal thing is really hard. I own at that game though. We made a band, I'm the guitarist, Basil's the drummer, and my friend Dave is the singer. XD Our name is "Rabbits of the Dark". No, we weren't serious when making the name. :P

I love the song, Say It Ain't So, thanks to Rock Band. It's by Weezer I think. Listen to it. It's good.

I'm getting the PS2 version of Rock Band, 'cause I don't own an Xbox360, or a PS3. :/

Posted on December 18, 2007 at 14:47

Hey guys, I think it's time I post another blog.
One reason, is that it's my birthday.
I just turned 14 today.
Yes, I know, I'm young. :P

Anyways, Basil and I have $400 total so far. I want to save up for a new laptop, but I'd only start with $200. That means I gotta wait 'till I'm like 15, next year. Well, nothing very exciting happened today, so I'm waiting for something to happen...

Yeah, well, if you read my previous blog, you'd know that I started with 3d. I have also recently learned Ajax. To see an example, <a href='http://twisterghost.com/rabidus/ajax'>click here.</a>

It's nothing yet, but I was really only testing. In the near future, you will probably be able to find Ajax in every website I make. It's a bitch to code, but to me, it's really not that hard. If anybody wants the source, just ask me. I got a zip file ready.

I just noticed how much 64digits's layout annoys me. Staff, can you make a "V2.5" where the only difference is the layout? Please? :P

Is this long enough?

Amerup + 3D = ?
Posted on December 09, 2007 at 15:45

Sex would be the answer. Sex.

Yeah, well I started with 3D. What have I done? Stuff. What stuff? 3D stuff. >_> Okay, I'll tell you all about it. :D

Well, one day, I just had the idea to start a new programming group. I was looking for a name, then I said, "I'll use some random Latin word!" I got a translator, and tried some words. No nice results came up. I then entered "crazy", and got "Rabidus". That sounded like a nice name to me. Now, the first thing I do when I start a project or something like that, is make a website. Apparently, NOBODY liked Red Rain, but this layout is pretty nice, in my opinion.

<a href='http://www.twisterghost.com/rabidus'>Rabidus's Official Website</a>

Like it?
Yes? Good.
No? Okay.

Anyways, I went around, looking for experienced coders, and found Basil, Abacus, Marbs, and Rasmus(Raz). I talked to Abacus about a game idea, then he said he was modeling weapons and a character for a third person stealth game (Splinter Cell style). He told me everything he had planned, and I was satisfied. That was right before I found Rasmus. He signed on, so I asked if he wanted to join. He did, so now he's in. That's where I start 3D. Rasmus kindly agreed to teach me D3D!

Every day, he would send me a little commented example, and he sended me a little tutorial on how to make a simple FPS. I even learned cel shading!

Now, the only problem I am having, is multiple-z jumping. I coded my own, but I found some bugs that really lower the quality of my FPS's engine. >_>

My next project will definitely be 3D.

Thanks for reading!

PS: For those who aren't able to add Fred's Cel Shading engine into their games, should I make an example for less experienced coders?
I can make it fully commented with a text file to clarify even more. :P

It's about time!
Posted on November 21, 2007 at 20:36

Okay, remember my last blog, where I announced my newest project, a community website? Anyways, at that time, I had no logging in. With a lot of help from Firefly, I now have perfect logging in. So far, what I have is profiles, avatars, registering, logging in, and a sweet tooltip that views the user's info when their name is rolled over. You might be thinking, "Give me a freaking link, so I can register!", or "Haha. Noobs can't make good websites. Where's the Home button? Oh yeah. *clicks Home button*". :P

Before you go to my website without reading the rest of the blog, I must say one thing.

I want to eat some turkey.

Okay, here you go. =D

Please at least look at the website. You might like it.

Well, I do hope you like it. Bye!

[Edit:]Not sure if this is long enough. Just don't tag it, I'm gonna add more in a minute.

[Edit2:]I might go and get Mario Galaxy today, or sometime over my four day weekend. That game came out MUCH earlier than I expected. Anyways, I'm also gonna go ahead and pre-order BattleToads 2. :P

[Edit3:]Haha, these really aren't edits, but I'll keep them on.

Okay, NOW I'm done.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, that's the real question...

PS: Staff, my file manager still uploads to my old username's directory, www.64digits.com/users/midas. That means I can't set an avatar or banner. Also, that obviously prevents me from uploading files at all. >_>
I asked a staff member, but he couldn't/didn't help me.

Thanks for reading.

Red Rain.
Posted on October 30, 2007 at 15:05

Red Rain
Yeah, well, if you didn't already know, I am making a community site, similar to the one you are on right now. It is called the Red Rain Community. What is it so far? Basically, a website in its alpha stage, where you can register, and view the users already registered. :P Yeah, there really is nothing to it yet. If you want to be a mod, just pm me, after you register. The website can be found at http://redrain.freehostia.com . Please register, and give me suggestions. Also, if somebody could help me with logging in, they can be an administrator if they want. I plan on getting many users, and to add a blogging system, as well as an active users list, which I already have covered. :P

New MSN Address
I got a new windows live account. If you do not see me on, that means that you have my old one, [email protected] I changed it, but I'm keeping it private for various reasons. Just pm me with yours if you want to talk to me via MSN. Kay. :D

iPod Stuffs
About two weeks ago, I bought the new iPod Nano with video compatibility. It was only $150, and definitely worth more. It only holds 4gb, but I really don't need that many songs on it. Anyways, Basil might get the iPod touch by next week. Freaking jealousy... >_>

Zack & Wiki
Even though I'm basically done with console video games, I've decided that I'm going to buy Zack & Wiki as one of my last games. It looks sweet. Point and click, but whatever, it's on the Wii.

I'm really not sure if this is long enough, or not. I'm assuming it is, since this font is tiny.
(Now that I added content, it has to be enough. :P)


Edit: I'm changing the font size right now. Don't worry.

Edit2: I'm working on the broken link. Keep trying. >_>

Edit3: Okay, now I'm positive that the link works. :P

Isometric Stuff
Posted on August 14, 2007 at 04:38

Well, I decided that I would like to start working on an isometric game. I wanted it to be unique in a way. All I succeeded in making was a buggy platform engine. All you can do is jump. =P There's also a bug where you keep falling without landing. It's starting to really piss me off. >_>
If anybody could help me, pm me, comment, or msn me for variable info. I also made another isometric engine w/o jumping and you are snapped to a grid. <br><img src='http://www.twisterghost.com/tnet/upload/amerup_isoss1.PNG'>This one is the one without jumping.<br><img src='http://www.twisterghost.com/tnet/upload/amerup_isoplatss1.PNG'>This is the platformer.<br>
Questions (Plus one statement. =P)
1. Which one do you think would be better?
2. Do you want a tech demo?
3. Whoever helps me becomes a beta tester for the full game.

PHP Game Ideas
Posted on July 29, 2007 at 22:30

Last night, I was thinking about a php game I should make. Me and Basil came up with a couple of ideas.

1.Who's right? - In "Who's Right?", you have to choose a "side". Every match, there are two different sides. For example, it can be "Red vs Blue". When you register, you start with 5 points. There is also a leaderboard, ordered by points, obviously. Whenever you want you can switch your side. However, when the match is over, if you chose the wrong side, you lose a point. If you were right, you win a point. Also, there will be hidden riddles and hints about the right side.

2.Most Wanted - Somebody is "most wanted". That's all I thought of. =P

3.theEpidemic - I don't know, go away.

So which one do you choose? =P

New Project: The Interwebs
Posted on June 11, 2007 at 18:58

Yeah, that's right. Basil and I making "The Interwebs". It is basically our <s>p</s><b>o</b>wn internet browser. It's not a browser you would find anywhere. This browser connects to <i>our</i> internet called the Interwebs. Domain names are simply "domain.web". Basil, who is coding most of the site, and I are going to make a community website where you can earn "intercash" to buy domains and such. The website will be accessible with real browsers and the Interwebs. If you want to help out with our project, send me or Basil a simple PM asking for a certain position you would like.

Do any of you know about the Spongebob Dance? If so, I learned it. =P

Yeah, well if this is too short, I'll add more.
We'll accept constructive criticism about the Interwebs.

Happy Caturday!


<i>Edit: I wrote this with the Safari public beta for Windows that can be found <a href="http://www.apple.com/safari/download/">here</a>.</i>;

Posted on April 01, 2007 at 17:32

Why am I banned? Tag this if you want. >_>

<i>Chigger Edit: I'm not gonna tag this cuz i can't actually... cuz of a little april fool's prank. The index page is restyled to look like you've been banned. Chillax. I was surprised myself.</i>


Goose Attack
Posted on March 31, 2007 at 17:48

Yesterday, I got attacked by a goose...

Everyday, Baz, my friend, and I go to the woods for a couple of hours and "live there". We made a fire pit in an open space inside the woods where you can see the sky if you look up. The pit is a pile of wood surrounded by a cirlce of big rocks. Basically, throw a match, and, there you have it! Fire! Anyway, we once cooked a goose egg on the head of a shovel(on top of the fire) and one of my friends ate it.(Gross, I know) So, yesterday, we were looking for goose eggs on a narrow strip of land surrounded by a lake. While everyone gave up, I continued to look, which was a <b>terrible</b> idea! The mother goose was guarding its eggs! I did not give up, although I should have. =P It flew after me, making loud noises! I wacked it on its beack with a stick, then its belly. I ran as fast as I could, and slipped! I was about to fall into the water, so I jumped, and "BOOM!" I smashed into a tree!

Well, my site is up! <a href="http://www.twisterghost.com/gp/dazelite">DazeLiTE</a>; Try my new game. It's called Weak for no reason whatsoever!

EDIT: Comment on the damn game!

V3 is not a myth!!
Posted on March 21, 2007 at 20:35

Haha, just kidding! Everybody knows it is a myth...

Everytime I go to a new page here, on 64digits, it logs me out. What the hell is wrong with it? It was working fine an hour ago! Anyway, whatever it is, can somebody tell me how to fix this problem?

Game Maker:
I'm still looking for useful extensions... Also, I started many new games. One of them is going to be a unique platform shooter. Will I actually finish it? I highly doubt it... Another is a 3d RPG, and the other two are secrets.

Never got a chance to watch it...

Starting tomorrow, I am making a website called DazeLITE. It will have a nice layout, and it will just be a website for me to test my site-building skills. =P


Game Maker 7 Pro
Posted on March 10, 2007 at 17:56

<center><div style=background-color=red>Game Maker 7 Pro</div></center>
I finally got it! I don't know what you YoYoGames haters were thinking when you said that Gm7 sucks. There is one addition which proves you wrong...
<center><div style=background-color=red>Extensions</div></center>
They basically allow you to add gml functions! You can also import .dll files, gml files, and libraries! If any of you make extensions or have good websites with downloadable extensions, please comment!
<center><div style=background-color=red>Computer</div></center>
My computer runs much faster than before, because its memory went up from 30gb to 130gb! My monitor is so goddamn sexy!
<center><div style=background-color=red>Filler</div></center>
Sugar bun honey pie!
Sugar bun
I know that you love me
You can help yourself
You love me and somebody else.

Pretty ugly
(Might update)

Shameless Advertising...
Posted on February 28, 2007 at 21:03

Even though you probably don't care(=P), Gigapixel has changed its name to Angelic Chaos. Baziiboi made a website for us. <a href="http://www.twisterghost.com/gp">Click Here</a>. Please register, for we are desperate. Also <a href="http://www.twisterghost.com/tnet">Twisternet</a>; is awesome! Please check out my page. Well, I gotta go right now, but this blog is too short. >.<
Filler: GM7 is absolutely dissapointing. Meh, I hate you YoYoGames! My freakin' serial code won't work. My grades also suck. It's funny how you don't care. =P Oh yeah, want a Gm7 crack? <a href="noplace" onMouseover="alert('Haha, loser!')"> Click Here!</a>

Posted on February 27, 2007 at 09:02

I am making a new website with the new, iGaming CMS. To be honest, I have no idea how to do it. The "website" is located <a href=http://www.gmparadise.byethost18.com>here</a>;. If you want to help me, I'll give you FTP access, and you can be an admin at the GMP. Please help me. :)

Yeah, I'm not going to school today. I am sick. =P

I just got a sexy monitor. =0 It is Samsung, and wide screen. Its resolution is 1280x1024. It makes me horny. 0.o

Gm7 is going to be released tomorrow, February 28, 2007. I really can't wait. To celebrate its release, I will make, and finish a game with Gm7. Wewtzorz!




Linux/Windows Vista
Posted on February 18, 2007 at 18:49


Well, today, I just had the idea of installing Linux, but I have many questions about it. Here are some of them:
-Is it free?
-Which Linux Distro should I get?
-Can I have Windows XP and Linux at the same time?
-Is Linux better than Windows XP?
-If I get Linux, will I be able to change back to Windows?
-Should I get it?
-What exactly is it?
Please help me. =)
Windows Vista

I was extremely close to getting Windows Vista. I was at Comp USA to get me a sexy monitor, when I saw at least five computers running Windows Vista! I tried it for fifteen minutes or so, and was simply amazed. Then, right next to me was the Windows Vista Installation CD, which was only $99! I called my dad to ask if I could buy it, and he said,"No"! Meh, life isn't that easy. =P
Microsoft Office 2007

Get it.

Nub Caekz
Posted on February 15, 2007 at 07:03

I started a webcomic, simply because everybody else is. =D I think it is pretty funny, but I want to know what you think. It is about a n00b asking for help in an MMORPG. For your information, I did not use anybody's username in it, but if you want to be in the next one, just tell me. I hope you enjoy it! Please give it a rating from 0-10. In other news, I had a snow day today. =) Baziiboi and I found a goose whose lower body was stuck in a frozen pond. It was hilarious! xD Because of the File Manager not working, I used ImageShack. >.< I know it sucks, but, otherwise, the comic wouldn't be in this blog. 0.o My friend let me borrow Tony Hawks Downhill Jam. It is awesome. I love it. It rocks. I want to play it right now. I think I am going to click the submit button, and start playing. Mmk? kthbai. I submitted two games, but they're #20 and #21 in the queue.

~This sentence is false~

Edit: http://www.twisterghost.com/gp/nubcaek/ That is the website I made for it.

Posted on February 09, 2007 at 17:31

<center>My Avatar</center>
<div style="text-align: center; background-color: #cccccc; color: #990000; border: 2px solid #bababa;"><center><img src="http://64digits.com/users/amerup/avtr.gif"; width="48" height="48" /></center></div>
Yeah, I got a new avatar. I made it in the GM image editor. I got my report card two days ago, and these were my grades:

Algebra: 96%
History: 78%
Careers: 89%
Earth Science: 89%
Gym: 99%
Language Arts: 83%

Yeah, usually, I would get grounded for that C, but I guess my mom forgot to ground me. =D I know my avatar really isn't that great, but it's better than my old one. =P This is probably too short. Oh well, mods, do your job!

<div style="text-align: center; background-color: #cccccc; color: #990000; border: 2px solid #bababa;">
That's my new project. =D As you can see, it's a platformer and you have a sword. =0 That's so unique! Well, the main character's name is Cody and people call him code, because he is a hacker.

Posted on January 21, 2007 at 19:55

<div style="text-align: center; background-color: #f0f0f0; color: #be0000; border: 2px solid #bababa;">Haha. Today rocks! It started out as a normal sunday: Wake up, download shit on LimeWire, and put it on my mp3 player. Then I got the brilliant idea of asking my mom if I could check GameStop for a Wii! So we went to GameStop, asked if they had any Wiis, they said no. I had the genious idea of checking another GameStop that was five minutes away. They had it! We bought the Wii, and LOZ: TP! So right now, here I am playing Zelda on my Wii. I just got a sword, and a slingshot(In the game =P). Meh, the game is really hard, and it hurts my brain. >.< No matter what, if it's on the Wii, it pwns! In the Mii channel, we(me and Baziiboi) made Dora, Dora Senior, my sister, me, him, Justin Timberlake, and Michael Jackson. The Photo Channel kicks ass! The only problem is that the internet connection won't work. =(

Sansa e260 4GB MP3
Posted on January 18, 2007 at 15:18

<div style="text-align: center; background-color: #f0f0f0; color: #be0000; border: 2px solid #bababa;">Heh, I finally got myself a new, sexy mp3 player! It's called the Sansa e260. It's 4GB and I got it for $130 instead of its actual price, $171. I'm putting Good Burger on it. =) I really, really love that movie. The Sansa has many great features:
-FM Radio
-Voice Recording
-Sexy interface

Yep, all that for just $130! If you want to get one, you must install Rhapsody before connecting it to your computer. Oh, one last thing, Baziiboi, my brother, got a new computer, so he will now be more active. =)

Meh, my school's second marking period is over next week. My grades pretty much suck, according to my parents. I always do my projects on the day before they're due. I have a whole poster due tomorrow, but I don't even have a poster board yet. >_> I'm screwed. =(


PS: Please untag this blog. I added more.

Posted on January 15, 2007 at 18:50

-V3 is almost here!
-I blogged again!
-Platformed should be out today!
-It's 2007!
-I should be getting a Wii sometime soon
-I'm getting an MP3 Player!
-My internet works!
-I changed my username back to amerup
-I'm finished with this list!

Enough of that... I am working on a new game and the only thing I can tell you is that it is a fast-paced platformer. I will probably finish it and maybe even post demos here at 64Digits. What a miracle! I really don't want to go back to school tomorrow =(. Work melee-master, work! V3 was supposed to be out on the 10th of January! 5 days ago! WORK! Well, I got homework to do. Bye for now!


My Birthday
Posted on December 18, 2006 at 20:41

Today is my birthday! I got a ton of money. I'm talking about 620 bucks! I will be spending most of it on a Wii, some games, an extra wiimote, and an extra nunchuk attachment. I am also pissed at GameStop for not having enough Wiis. Yesterday, my older sisters went to GameStop at 6:00 in the morning, and GameStop only had 7 Wiis. My sisters were 8th in line! Meh, life's unfair... I know this is not long enough... Yeah... Well, the day's over... Kinda... Almost... If you haven't already, look at my previous blog. Well, you can't really call it a blog, because it's so damn short! =P Anyway, if you're too lazy to look at it, It says that I played Call of Duty 3 and Wii Sports on my friend's Wii. Call of Duty 3 for the Wii kicks any game's ass...

...No really.

P.S. Can somebody please remove this tag, because I'm sure it's long enough...

Posted on December 10, 2006 at 16:59

I played Call of Duty 3 and Wii Sports on my friend's Wii. ^_^


Nintendo Wii: Next-Gen Starts NOW.
Posted on November 19, 2006 at 18:13

Did you get your hands on a shmexy Nintendo Wii? I didn't. I checked SIX stores. When I checked Toys R Us, they had them in stock, but wouldn't let me get one, because I hadn't pre-ordered one. >.< I am pissed. More than pissed. Even more than that. I NEED a Wii. Until I get one, I will be a life-less teen-aged boy on the computer 24/7 while awaiting a Wii. Why? Why does it have to be this way? I could have been kicking japanese ass in Red Steel, but no. I couldn't get a goddamn Wii!

AmerPoll: Did you purchase a shmexy Wii?

1.Yes. w00t!
2.No >.<
3.What's a Wii?

I'll start by saying 2 for the poll.

My Username
Posted on November 18, 2006 at 10:26

In Mast3rmind's blog, he said that I have matured, but he hates my name. What do you think? Should I keep arisen, or go back to being amerup?

AriPoll / AmerPoll
Should I go back to being Amerup?
1. Yes
2. No

Also, the recent submissions thing on the front page is much better, thanks to JakeX. It would be better, however, if it was a horizontal flash powered scrolling menu with 100x100 preview pictures. If you bribe me with Mod powers, just maybe I'll make one in flash. *hint*


Posted on November 09, 2006 at 09:54

If you did not know yet, I changed my username from 'amerup' to 'arisen'. What do you think? I am pretty satisfied with my logo. I also got a new email. [email protected] The game idea with the most votes was(check previous blog): nanoVIRUS! I will edit this blog and add a really small demo. Do not expect the demo to be anything more than an engine. K? K.

I finally learned HTML!! ^_^ I can make a website completely in HTML! That doesn't mean the websites are good, though. >_> My first website that I made by myself is: www.elicti.com/amerup

I got the flu shot yesterday. It be teh hertz. In other words, it hurts!

Game Maker
Other than nanoVIRUS, I have a secret project! =0. I will reveal this project as well as a little demo in my other blog. It is a unique project. =D


Game Ideas
Posted on November 08, 2006 at 11:49

Okay, I have many game ideas, and I need help. I will list all of my ideas, write a little description of each one, and I want you to write your top three favorites. After this blog is off the front page, I will add up the votes and work on and, as I promised, finish it.

1. Cannon Head: A platformer where you have a cannon replacing your head.
2. Lucky Charms: Yep, you got it! A platformer featuring Lucky, the mascot of the cereal, Lucky Charms
3.Un-Named game: A simple platform shooter.
4. nanoVIRUS: You control a tiny, deadly robot named FFFRCOPAS which stands for a Fully Functional Flying Robot Capable of Punching And Shooting.


I'm sorry/Name Changed
Posted on November 07, 2006 at 12:35

Fellow 64dians, I wrote this blog to say I'm sorry. If you think I am a n00b, let me tell you one thing... From now on, you shall recognize me, arisen, as a new person! Not entirely, but I will change into a more mature user here on 64Digits.

Things That Will Change
1. I will be more mature.
2. I won't say anymore retarted jokes
3. I will actually make and finish a game
4. I won't flame people who are superior to me.

Things That Won't Change
1. I will remain in Gigapixel

I also wanted to say that I'm sorry for abusing the usertag. Even though it shouldn't have been made in the first place, I'm sorry.

PS: If you flame me in your comments, I will be very sad. Also, if you dislike something else about me that is changable, tell me. Then, I will try to avoid doing whatever that characteristic is.If you haven't noticed, I changed my name to arisen

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