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Warlin trys his hand at Comedy
Posted on November 10, 2007 at 22:11

Well about a week ago I was really, really bored. So what would quench my boredom? Easily enough, find something simple and work at that. So for the past week I've been making nothing but Comic Strips. Boredom is a bitch. Here you go~

In any case I should probably start talking about other things. So today I went up to Science Day in Salt Lake. Fun day. I learned that magnets are boring as FUCK and NanoScience is pretty bad ass and applicable to alot of things. I had a pretty good time there and I learned alot of things that I probably would have never learned in school. On the return trip home, my teacher discussed a couple of his theories on regression and how we're the only race to cause its own regression. This is because of the recent medical advances that help the sick and weak. While it seems cruel the truth is the human race is regressing because of all of the sicknesses weaker people have in their genetics. I also learned that MIT professors like to think the same way I do.

See, I had this idea for a protein based computer that can count to 10 instead of an electric binary computer. With proteins and amino acids, there are alot more combinations. Its borderline insanity I know, but still. Think of the posibilities. Then, my teacher told me that MIT had already started work on just such a computer. Damnit. They beat me to it. In any case, I really don't have a whole lot to talk about today but meh, I tried.

Concerts and Foul Language!
Posted on September 09, 2007 at 04:32

Yeah I know I already said I went to ZZ-Top this year. So how the hell would I get to go to a second one?! Awesome story.
<b>The Awesome Story.</b>
Right. So lately I've been pissed the fuck OFF at the school system. Mainly because I plan to make a living off of game programming and to tell you the truth I don't see any reason, in my personal life, why I should be learning advanced biology. On top of that the homework load is idiodic. I'm in the fucking honors class and these douchebags decide to treat me like a retard and insult my intelligence by giving me MORE homework than I would get in the regular class. So what? You don't think I heard you the first time when you gave your damn lecture?! Jesus christ I'm not an idiot I don't need this much homework because I'm smart. How the fuck do you think I even got in this goddamn class?! Most of those kids in that class need to wear a helmet because they're retarded and it SHOWS. Anyways in the short amount of time I've been in school its been wearing on me like a bad sunburn that wont go away. So I talked to my mother about dropping out and about how insulted I feel. Except you know it came out the wrong way and suicide popped up. I didn't know it'd work for my favor later on.*shrug* So ma calls grampa and grampa tells gramma. It just so happens that the next day they're going to go see a concert. Now grampa hates driving with gramma because gramma talks a hell load. A modest 6 hour drive later we had picked up my Aunt and Uncle(who are 18 and just got to college)and were at the concert. Def Leppard, Styx and Foreigner. Gnarly ass concert. Among a bunch of other tunes the three bands(in no particular order) played Hot Blooded, Mirror Mirror, Cold as Ice, Armageddon it, and Two Steps Behind you. But Styx didn't do the Mister Roboto Song. D:.

Since none of you care I'd like to say I started workin ' on meh games again. I started/finished the 5th level of OneDay 2 which has the weirdest ass(and buttfuckingly hard) boss yet. My left arm is sore as hell from doing another test run of the game. I still love it but I just found out that when I'm tired the game becomes a swearfest for me. Dropping F bombs everytime I screwup and insulting the screen(and shaking it every time I win).

Anyways Peace

ARMORED WTF?!(Warlin's Online Stories!)
Posted on August 22, 2007 at 19:10

<b>Armored Core 4</b>
K so, I was playing Armored Core 4 Right? I could NEVER beat Amazigh without his AC activating(I mean I can still beat him but still). So I go to a new new game and pick the AC Tellus. It looks pretty lame, I thought you know... it'd make the game a bit harder.(Lol.) Anyways I breeze past the first couple of missions and I get to Amazigh. Well I get to his fun car and his AC is still on it. So I shoot at it, expecting it to get up and attack! Well it activates alright, for about 0.3 seconds before I shoot it down. I was like, WTF?! So a couple of missions later I decide to go to the simulator and fight Amazigh again. Except this time he wouldn't be at a disadvantage. I pocketed 320,000 bucks after that fight >_>. So, like the smartass I am, I go back to the Amazigh mission and change it to hard mode. I go in as soon as I do I get a message, "Barbaroi is already activated!" I was like, "pfft. This isn't a hard mission". I plow through Amazigh like the wussy he is. I turn behind me and the AC that was helping me beat him on normal mode is trying to kill me!! So I'm down to 300 AP(which is like buttsecksed!). I say, "Oh fuck you!" and overboost to the side. Turning about 45 degrees, I catch him right in the chest and launch a volley of plasma and missles. He dashes at me and gets ready to laser blade me and finish me off. I drop my empty plasma guns and swap them out for my energy pistols and catch him right before he gets close enough to attack me! The end of the mission, Which I must have done fast, I get an A rank and 800,000 credits. Not to mention a free part...(Continued Below)

<b>Steam Redeems itself!</b>
Well see I'm missing my CD for Half-Life. Which sucks... badly. How am I supposed to play Sven-Coop? Well I log into my steam account and by god do they love me. They let me download HL for free. Not to mention I can download about 4 other games for free too! Including Team Fortress Classic. Now see, this would be completely awesome if blizzard had the balls to do this too. That way I'd stop having to buy WC3 and SC discs >.>.

<B>Rainbow 6:Vegas</B>
Yeah, every time I hear the words Rainbow 6 I cringe. Mainly because the gameplay always pulls me away from the game from being too difficult and having a steep learning curve. Rainbow 6:Vegas is no different. This time however, I persisted. Its an awesome game if you can push through it and have alot of patience. Anyways, I was playing online with some peeps. I picked the wrong weapons and I ended up having to use my pistol the whole time we played. I ran out and shot a terrorist five times in the face and died. The terrorist however, was fine >_>. Not too happy about that.(Realistic my ass) We played for a decent amount of time and I racked up a modest amount of points. In the end however. I have to say. WHY THE HELL DID YOU REGRESS SONY!? BAD SONY BAD!!!!!!!!! Ok look. Remember how nintendo did that gay shit for the DS that made it so you joined a random game. Well apparently Sony decided that was a GREAT idea. Smooth Sony... SMOOTH.

<b>Armored Core 4 Cont.</b>
After conquering the hardmode Amazigh I decided it was time. Thats right. It was time to face the people from Japan. On Sony's network you never know what you're getting into. I equipped the strongest plasma weapon I could and entered the fray, a 6 Man Battle Royale. At the beginning they had the upper hand. I wasn't about to give up though. After wasting one of the small fries I took on big guns. We tangoed for a great amount of time, I got him down to about 24,000. My health was almost equal to his. I was about to launch my missile hail of doom upon his piteous face when all of the sudden... DAMN YOU SONY! WTF?! They disconnected me from Playstation Network.... >_> Wow sony you're awesome.

<b>This concludes this Edition of Warlin's Online Stories</b>

Warlin's Awesome Idea
Posted on August 16, 2007 at 15:49

<b>Suddenly it hit me, like a fist</b>
Its not often I have an epiphany while playing one of my own games. Well its not often I have an epiphany at all. Well I was playing Pet Bunny because you know, its kick ass. Thats when I decided, "Hey, I can bend this game over the table and beat it until it cries." Which roughly translates to, "I have a much, much better idea than this." A sandbox game with so much potential its scary. Why? Because I've planned this out, I'm going to make a game based around a single object. This single object is going to have a hell load of variables that tell it what to do. You can modify every single one of them. Is the object enterable? Is it a person? Does it have a job? If so where? Does it have a home? If so where? Does it hate or like a certain faction? What is its personality? What are its skills? What is its graphic? Is it a custom graphic?
While this is an ungodly amount of work that requires so many scripts that I'm going to be crying by the end of the project I'm not going to back out now. This idea is too good. Numm, ideas.

Anyways, Onto other things.
<b>Armored Core 4</b>
Damn this game is sweet. At first my impression of it was that it was a shadow of the previous games in the series. I found it way too simple. The missions were too short. There wasn't enough money to keep me from getting my ass kicked. Well now that I've played the game for awhile and fought my first two 'Next Armored Cores'(Which if you don't know means godly Armored Core that will freaking rip your head off) I realized that this game is nowhere near simple. The amount of strategy you have to put into your thinking to get past all of the hail of missiles, bullets, plasma, shrapnel, and sometimes even nuclear submarines is intense. The customization of the Armored Cores goes beyond the beyond. They did however, take out fully custom emblems. I guess they were lazy. *shrugness* Or they figured that no one even drew their own emblems anyways. The graphics of this game are godlike and if you don't appreciate them then you should be slapped in the face. The detail on the shadows and lights goes so far as to effect your decals. The arenas blow the shit out of the arenas in AC3.(which is also a badass game) The musical soundtrack is way different than AC3's and in my opinion could use a little work and the sounds could have done better as well. So heres the scores for my review:
Gameplay 9/10 -
While I was first angered I later realized this game was complicated just like the other games in the series, just a bit too complicated for my tastes.

Graphics 10/10 -
The graphics of this game blew my ass away. Theres not much else to say besides <b>OH MY EFFING GOD!!!</b>

Music 7/10 -
The music is alright. It doesn't suck so I can't give it less than a seven.

Sound 7/10 -
The sound is ok. Its just a tad too staticy.

Overall 9/10 -
Where the sound and the music plays mediocre the gameplay and the graphics more than make up for it. This game is a true sequel to the AC series and I commend sega(Who just recently bought Agetec I think) for keeping the series alive. Nintendo says their games are more deep and require more thought? Screw them. Armored Core 4 puts Nintendo in its place as a company thats a former shadow of itself(BRING BACK THE N64-LIKE GAMES DAMN YOU!) and is nothing more than a peddler of cheap party games. No offense~

<b>Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion</b>
This game rocks. Need I say more?

<b>Other News</b>
Last night I went to a ZZTop concert. They also had The Pretenders and Stray Cats there. I wasn't impressed by the pretenders but the Stray Cats rock the house man. Kick ass. ZZTop did even better. However, they didn't give an encore. Oh well, they're old now I can understand~

Peace out

In other news...Pet Bunny gets colorful!
Posted on July 18, 2007 at 01:21

<b>Remember that one episode of Sponge Bob when he sells Pretty Patties?...</b>
Well I don't have those. That'd just be stupid! Bunnies don't eat beef patties. What bunnies do eat however is grass and carrots and feed and all of that fun stuff that bunnies eat that no one really cares about. That however, does not explain the title of this blog post thingamajigger. What makes Pet Bunny colorful? Hmm.. Well to start off, I added another room and made them persistent. Ok. No big deal. Thats not really colorful at all now is it? Wow me damnit! kay. But I'm not promising much. I added in a cheap ass change my bunnies color. Yeah, red, blue, green, white, and custom. Fun isn't it? Almost as fun as grenades. I love grenades :3. That and the good old wood chippers. Everyone loves those :D! What did I do with pet bunny?
Not much really I just cut down on the buttons in favor for right click menus. Which I mean is cool. Do you get screen shots? Hell no >=| I'm freakin' lazy.

<b>Games Games Games Ga-... Games Games...</b>
Wheee! Well lets see here, what do I have to say about games this week?
Oh right!

A Game Controller your computer should have-
The Saitek Rumble Force P2500. Why should you have this game controller? Because its durable it has plenty of buttons and it has the god of all gaming controller layouts. Because everyone knows the best and best looking controller out there was the PS2 controller. Icky GC controllers D:.

Odin Sphere -
I played this one awhile back. Gets repetitive but overall a gnarly game. A few miles away from normal this game has the most odd quirks in a playstation 2 RPG I've seen in awhile... A long while. It has an odd system where you gain exp from eating food instead of killing enemies. You plant seeds and kill monsters to make them grow. They give you fruit or in one case of mutton gone wrong a Barronete. Its also a side scroller. Which you don't see often. An odd game. You should try it if you like... you know... weird games.

<b>Other News</b>
Lesse here... Hmm. Well I lost all of my memory cards. Which sucks big nuts. Just warning all the people who don't know~

Alright... Not much else to say this week. I'm a lazy man. Don't forget it :3.

In Other news - I had a dream!
Posted on July 13, 2007 at 01:37

Well I saw the Sony Press Conference for E3 and by god was it a good one. Go dig up some info on it if you didn't see it. The future of Sony's new system is already looking bright.
<b>Warlin has a dream.</b>
Recently I downloaded and played my OneDay game... At first I remember the game as being absolute crap and an utter waste of time to make. Then I played it.... I was surprised! It wasn't half bad. I really thought it was a total bomb. I played it as far as I could, then I ran into an unavoidable error in the game so I had to take it off of 64Digits. I can't find another copy of the .gm6 file so I don't plan on fixing it. That game however... got me to thinking... I'm no good at making rpgs. Platformers. Cheesy platformers. That was what I was going to make next. But first I need an idea... a concept of some sort. After staying up until 3 in the morning, watching T.V. and playing RE4 I had a dream. Weather it was fully induced by RE4 or a mix of everything I came up with the idea for "Paranoia".

Picture this, just like it was in my dream. A dark and grungy future. The sun is almost never bright as smog clouds block the sky. For all you know you're alone and its starting to seep in. The world everything around you is dead and theres no one left except the giant machines which keep billowing out thick smoke clouds that block the sun. You have a gun and a knife and you know how to use them... Good thing you'll never use them right? You close your eyes and remember what happened to the world. Nuclear holocaust. Near all life on earth was wiped out. It was all those damn aliens faults. If they had never come here no one would have any issues. Suddenly you hear a noise. Its not you and its not the machines. You take out your knife and hope that its someone friendly.... you hope. A screaming deformed monster rushes towards you. Its skin is all missing and from what you can tell its nothing but bones that emit a green sickly pus that smells of rot... You remember what these are. Hybrids. You waste your whole clip on it and stab it several times before it dies. You sigh as you hear several more of the sounds. This isn't Paranoia. You're not alone.

Thats Paranoia. Thats the tale of one humans will to survive in a world devastated by interstellar war and inhabited by mutated deformed creatures that just happen to be hybrids of two alien races. Neither of which he likes. Its time to saddle up and get ready for a fight because its going to be one long winter and tons of shotgun shells laying on the floor.

The hunt for Armored Core 4-
Well everyone knows I love armored core only because of the robot fighting and explosions but thats not the point. I like robots! Anyways... Soon I'm going to walmart to see if they have it in or not. If they don't then I really... REALLY need to find a gamestop.

Metal Gear Solid 4 -
At the sony conference they showed a 7 minute long trailer of MGS4. Mmm... MGS... The trailer consisted of The colonel telling solid snake to assassinate liquid before he gains control of a massive army. Meryl decides to help snake. Her and her unit are ready to ambush Liquid at any time... to bad its not that easy. It never is. After all hell breaks loose it shows a fight between Vamp and Raiden. Gnarly fight too. Raiden is grabbed by Vamp and stabs through himself in order to get to Vamp. Afterwards he pulls the sword out and continues fighting like nothing happened. Wow.... That is gnarly.

Intercept -
A vertical scroller where the objective is to destroy the main battleship. I played it for awhile and the highest score I could get was 454,000. That doesn't seem like much but for a game that hard I personally thought it was. You have three weapons and you have to use all of them to overcome the battleships strategy. Its addicting for awhile but it can also make you swear like never before. Check it out at
If you like vertical scrollers you won't be sorry... Unless you know... you're bad at them ;D!

Well thats all I wanted to say today. Look for Paranoia soon if I can get it to work right.

Warlin Says Hur dur dur dur
Posted on July 11, 2007 at 04:49

Hmm... Oh my god do I have to tell you something... My Top... Topic... deal for this week is RE4:
<b>Resident Evil 4</b>
Lets see here, A short game indeed but damn was every hour freakin' sweet. That game blew my mind. Over at my uncles house I played RE4 all the way through. He had just barely got it and beat it himself and he forced me to beat it. I started playing it though again, so far I have 4 Weapons Maxed and Overloaded. Or whatever that was... anyways, I don't want to say much about the game except play it. PLAY IT NOW!

Well after I finished Pet Duck I decided, "Eh what the hell, lets make another game that slaughters innocent and cute animals." I started working on Pet Bunny... It just happens to be built off of Pet Duck because I'm incredibly freaking lazy. Don't worry though, I plan to add/change enough to it to make it a different game all together. Currently I'm working on minor improvements such as new items and redoing all of the graphics for the buttons and... well everything.

The game report, what do I have to say this week?
The gnarliest freeware Vertical Shooter EVER. It only has one background, but you'll be too busy getting your ass handed to you on a silver plate to notice. Definantly pick this one up and try it out if you have a like of Vertical Scrollers.

I don't have a Wii. That means no SSBB. Then again PS3 means this: ARMORED CORE 4! Ridiculed by alot of people who say the controls suck and the gameplay is below average, I have stayed loyal to the series and love every game that I've gotten my hands on. I like to explode things... Don't you? I'm getting 60 bucks soon and that means its time to buy it. The godly graphics and the power of the PS3 will make my life that much better. The Wii be damned as long as I get my AC4!... and RE5... and MGS4... And Virtua Fighter 5... and Tekken 6... and DOA 4... THE LIST GOES ON!

Don't get me wrong I don't hate Nintendo. I'm simply stating that I don't need a Nintendo Wii to be happy =D! Oh, and for those of you who argue that the PS3 games are shallow and lack deep gameplay... So does the Wii's games. I've seen them, they're not all that 'in depth'

<b>Other News!</b>
My new favorite phrase has become HUR DUR DUR DUR! Don't ask why... I think I'm losing my mental capacity.

I constantly slap my face as of lately too... OH SHIT!!!


Warlin Is Proud
Posted on June 24, 2007 at 21:26

<img src=http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/9271/greenandblueqi8.png>;
Yes I am proud, though I'm not sure if my html works...
In any case... Warlin is proud. Why?
Because this isn't my work. This is the work of the people playing my byond game called 'Building Blocks' Although its obviously not as detailed as my other game that focuses on making masterpieces LOZ style I still have to say, they did good. Oh and also <b>Most of the images in this picture I made except for the ladder, wood floor, and the fire emblem thinggy... one of the players.... and the waterfall</b>

Also... I've been brought out of my recent depression after realizing that my ps3 doesn't suck near as bad as I thought. Though I do need some money...

How to....
Posted on June 22, 2007 at 14:52

<b>How to get yourself widely known in the WRONG way</b>
Well lets face it, I'm not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to talking and convincing. So uh, take a hint from me. Never... EVER... try to explain why your current project is better than all of the others in the genre even though you know it is. Yeah trust me it isn't with gm coding, I got a while to go with that. In any case, after explaining how I improved on the formulas of all of the other games in that type all I got were boos and people who said they could do it better.
Now, just explain me this:

In any case. Enough of that.

<b>How to lose your ability to host and your mind</b>
After working on a special project for two and a half years, I've finally got it to the point where its almost completely perfect. My internet cut out for a week. During that week I coded like a mofo. Well, apparently, after the internet cuts back on, I lose my ability to host the said game for unknown reasons and now I'm pretty pissed off.

<b>Games I've played recently</b>
Super Paper Mario(wii) -
Although I don't own a wii, my uncle is nice enough to force me to beat all of Super Paper Mario in one night... and by that I mean I was up until 8 in the morning.

Capcom Classics Collection(PSP) -
Everyone loves the classics collection, although I've had this one for awhile its always nice to play it with a friend. A couple of days ago I beat Varth with my uncle. Let me tell you, its a hell of a lot easier when you don't get that continue screen that forces you to go back to certain points in the stage. Especially on the final boss. I am however, proud to say that I beat varth all on my lonesome and it was a 1 hour nut busting marathon.

DragonBallZ Budokai 3 (PS2) -
Reluctant to play this game recently, I got insanely bored one night and decided to play the old DBZ game. I have to say the series went down hill after the cell saga...yeah I kinda do have to say that. :D... In any case. In the past couple of days the only real accomplishments I have got is that I finally got someone to level 40 in the dragon arena thing and I finally found Freizas space ship.... and I am depressed at where it was and how I couldn't have seen it before. (64% of the capsules so far =o)

Tekken Dark Resurrection (PSP) -
Had this one for awhile too. Tekken is a fun game... as long as you don't ask too many questions or go to the wrong places. By that I mean, don't ever try to beat the game on anything above normal. The computer will make you their bitch... Unless you're one of those hardcore super gungho fighting game players from hell on crack who know how to execute every combo perfectly... Oh I remember why I hate the arcades...

<b>Current GameMaker Projects</b>

The Archander-
I'm not really working on this yet. You see, I don't have a sprite artist and I can speak for anyone who has seen my work when I say that it sucks. All I can say about it is that I plan to make it an overhead fighting rpg sort of deal...except with the whole north east south thing.

Currently I only have a concept for the story and a few of the characters but uh I'm to lazy to write it up... because every time I do something goes wrong and the internet window closes or something.

Not much else to talk about today so... Peace out and stuff


Posted on June 03, 2007 at 02:38

<b>Holy shit... its SUPER MOM!</b>
A couple of weeks ago my mother decided it was a GOOD idea to rip my computer out of the wall and punt it out the door. Thats right, rip my computer out of the wall and punt it out the door. In this process DESTROYING ALL OF THE DATA THAT I HAD NOT HAD THE BRAINS TO BACK-UP. Which was just enough to send me into a spiral of rage and be a complete asshole for a very long time. Of course the worst part of it all is: I'm not the reason it got thrown out. My brother and stepfather were idiotic enough to fight over said computer at FIVE IN THE MORNING! Yeah... I wasn't a happy camper.

<b>The stepfather redeems himself!</b>
About a week after that I get a random call into the living room from stepfather. Yeah see the odd thing is he's not one of those loving kind of people. Anyways, he says, "Here."
I say, "I don't know how to fix laptops."
He says back, "No, its yours."
So I shrug and take it and a charger. Well lets put it this way: The computer outright sucks
60 mbs of ram and 4.6 gigs of harddrive space. However, I'm not one to complain when someone gives me a gift. So I take it and use it to listen to OCRemix.org music among other things.

Ok so this has been due for a very long time... A VERY LONG TIME. Not that anyone cares or anything but here you go.
Games that I've beaten recently:
WarioLand 3(second time)
Rouge Galaxy
Powerstone Collection(that means both games)

Ok, so get this: I was playing Final Fantasy 3 for my DS and I started a new game just to fool around. Well knowing my idiocy and my luck guess what happens? I save over the file that I was at the boss of the whole game on. You have no idea how bad I want to shoot myself.

<b>Other happenings</b>
Well I've become more active in byond recently. If you don't know what that is just go to byond.com. Anyways, I started coding my byond game alot more. It's more of a suprise to me than it is to you.
Other than this not much has happened lately.

Thank you for your time or something.

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