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WhiteWing Media Mixer
Posted on January 09, 2008 at 21:56

XD Third GM Forum to be posted, so I'll copy this from the reflect forums.

Ok, I'm gonna start a project, mainly for the purpose of mixing some sounds me and my friends have on different instruments.

I'm thinking since I'm "ok" on d&d and beginner at gml, I should form a team, which is pretty much what i want to do. I will be the spriter, but I need some people to code. Here's some of what i wrote at gmc, since im to lazy to write it all again

WhiteWing Media Mixer!

Ok, I suck at explaining, if i had a picture of what i have in my mind, thatd be a whole lot easier, here goes.

Im trying to make a media mixer, since well me and my friends started a band, and my friend has most of the instruments at his house, hes going to record some drum parts. I on the other hand will record the guitar part, but I want to create my own little system to mix different files. The features should include importing more than one sound file, separate play buttons, stop, and pause buttons for each sound file, and one big play file at the bottom, that plays all the sounds at the same time, a typable box where you can set the delay time in sec, saving to an MP3 file or a WWMM File (the media file itself for future editing) and maybe some other stuff, that should cover the basics.

I myself will do some spriting, but mostly try to arrange everything, test some of it.etc

Jobs available are:
Main coder:

Please fill out this form when you pm me
Job wanted: (XD lol one of the coders obviously, difference though, main coder will do the more advanced stuff)
Desired Name:
Experience with GML :
Frequent on computer?: Yes or No
Age (optional):

If you are interested, PM me, Im going to start working on some of the sprites for the program, and i should have some screenies soon, (im pretty sure u can edit posts)

Thanks, and join Pl0x
Im working on the tabs at the moment, and I will begin working on the other stuff (stuff surrounding the tabs, and stuff, but for now, please decide on what i have done

Heres a more updated screeny (there was one i deleted on the gmc forums, its an older one, i decided to post some better screenies here
please dont use without my permission if u use for something else and

Again i repeat
i spent like over 3 hours now, editing and fixing and blending, and trying to get the same effect thats in windows media player

(Im testing around with the coding, and i dont quite understand this "sound_set_search_directory(dir) Sets the directory in which direct music files are to be found. The dir string should not incluce the final backslash.

Game on Queue Deleted??
Posted on December 26, 2007 at 20:35

I recently checked my queue because a game was taking exceedingly long to be posted, and i noticed... it's not there??

You can note i submitted it awhile ago, and since melee-master said the queue was slow, he told me to post a link, which i did (previous blogs)...

I just wanted to post that problem, and no im not taking any medications that may cause hallucinations for all you people, so save your breath... file not on this comp so ill re submit it later.

Posted on December 26, 2007 at 13:38

Well i'm pretty sucky when it comes to knowing things around 64digits, since i recently started becoming active, i dont kno alot of stuff. So what I'm asking here is, where can you edit your games? And also sometimes when i post blogs, they dont show up on the front when theyre not tagged and i put list in recent. That's pretty much it lol. And o yea


GM Labyrinth - Need Artist
Posted on December 25, 2007 at 18:29

Ok for the mini-game im making, I need someone to make a background that's really uh...distracting? but make it like cool on a black background. If you wanna see what i mean, you can download the GM Labyrinth files (on my previous blog) and look at the background. It consists of basic neon lines and dark dark circles. I need something similiar, but that looks like it took some work, unlike my crappy version i made in less than a min. If you can make it, post a link and I'll put ur name in the credits.


GM Labyrinth
Posted on December 24, 2007 at 23:06

GM Labyrinth is a mini-game im working on, it has a wierd background that's meant to distract you (for those of you who will complain) and fast movement enemies - point is simple, exit the level to proceed. I already made a player 2, but dont mess with him because i didnt create all the enemies on his screen.

Version 0.1 includes:
-Player 1 & 2
-Player 1's complete lvl 1 (short & sweet)
-different enemy paths
-distracting background

Version 0.1 Link

Version 0.2 includes:
-Player 1 & 2
-Player 1 & 2's complete lvl 1
-Same content as 0.1
Note: Not a big update, just finished the parallel part of player 2

Version 0.2 Link

Unnamed Multiplayer Racer
Posted on December 16, 2007 at 22:41

Ok, so I was stuck while my parents did random stuff for awhile, I mean i had nothing else to do, I had my laptop, and 2 friends. So I made the quickest game i could think of, its not well literally "racing" but, basically player one is a checkered red block, player 2 is blue, and player 3 is green, and yellow, is hard cpu. You can also play 1P, with 3 computers, blue as easy, green is medium, and yellow is, again hard, same for 2P. Z and X toggled are movement for player 1, N and M are Player 2's, and down and right are the controls for player 3. Its pretty crappy, but i thought i might post it, ill submit it and put a temp link here later, but my dad's doing some backup work right now, so ill post it soon/tomorrow/by the end of the week. O_o. Oh yea, it has four views, top left is player 1, top middle for player 2, top right for player 3, and the bottom section, is hard computers view, so you can see if your near him at all. I'll be on soon =P

Artist Needed
Posted on December 10, 2007 at 19:23

Well since I'm making PixelWorld Extended, (you'll see this idea presented if you read the previous blog entries) I need an artist to make an ending cutseen of like the character of Pixelworld stepping onto these steps onto a circular platform, and since theres a shaft of light shining onto it, like have him enter the shaft of light, and have him slowly ascend into light, and end it with like the camera going into the light. O and a maze should be around it somewhat (If you've learned this, but Roman Cathedrals had these mazes in the center of the cathedrals, and if you could solve the maze, and entered the shaft of light in the middle, it was believed you would be blessed by God.) thats where i got the idea. Credit will be given if you can do this... kinda complicated, o and if you dont kno what pixelworld is, try searching "pixelworld" and author "DesertFox" for the game, so you get the feel of what your trying to do.

Thanks =P

Pixelworld Extended
Posted on December 08, 2007 at 20:24

Pixelworld Extended is an extended version of the original game by DesertFox, who left an open source for people to use if they want. Thanks to him ill be making this longer version.

This will either include the game itself and the extended part, or just the extended part, or maybe an option for both.

This was one of my favorite games on 64digits, along with SapphireTears, Varia, and Kairuga.


Pie in the Sky
Posted on December 05, 2007 at 18:48

I wrote this in computer class since I was ahead...

Pie in the sky
My oh my
The pie in the sky
Is wearing a tie

Pie o pie
It floats in the air
Everyone stares
At the pie in the air

A bird flies there
Near the pie in the air
It hits the pie
And falls from the sky

Why why why?
The townspeople cry
Why is the pie
Still floating in the sky?

The pie still lies
Lies in the air
The pie just lies
As the people stare

It stares from the sky
With its single eye
The pie in the air
Just looks and stares

The pie in the sky
With its single eye
It still wears the tie
And sits in the sky

Look look look
The townspeople cried
The mayor looked up
And stared at the sky

He looked at the bird
And began to cry
My oh my
How did this bird die

It hit the pie
The pie in the sky
The pie in the sky
The people replied

This is absurd
I feel sorry for this bird
This pie, I say
Must surely pay

No no no!
A single man cried
The pie in the sky
Must not die

Why why why?
The mayor cried
This pie in the sky
Made this pretty bird die

(will be continued if i have time)

Comment about the wierdness of this.

Pie Muncher
Posted on December 04, 2007 at 19:22

You like pie?
Here's a game I made about pie.

Z & X: tapped repeatedly to eat the pie
esc: exit
F1: Check info and controls

There is a Green Time bar and a Red Time bar. The Green one represents the Easy time, while the Red represents the Hard time. Beating the green one will earn you the Easy Badge, which is right below the time bar, and beating the hard time, which I havent beaten legitly will give you both. (I beat the hard time only using a joystick, setting one button to press z and x 30 times a second)

If both time bars run out, finish eating the pie, even if the whole pie is gone, keep pressing both, you got like less than a cm left, and itll reset saving your badge.
I have a crappy menu...i think

temp download link

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