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I'm Back
Posted on November 11, 2007 at 21:21

After having not been on here for more than 1 year...? Anyways i have decided to come back and do absolutely......
Would post games BUT.... All of them suck.
Atm i am thinking of making a non-online RPG, but then again knowing me, i'll give up on it within say 2-3 days.
Any really good games lately? Lemme know.... need something to do besides play the one game i play online(PS2 Online, Final Fantasy XI)
Any good ideas for decent games or game starters i should try to do? Looking for at least a small idea, heres a list of failed games:
Pong 2.0
Power Tetris
Thats all, the longest one i have worked on WAS Pong 2.0. That about sums it up guys, ciao.

Posted on December 14, 2006 at 16:19

Nerdism... what is it? Its not a word. BUT it describes people it has a list of personalities:
1: Smart
2: Hard working
3: Pocket Protecter
4: Glasses (Not sun glasses)
5: Spends 90% of their time on technology...

I do not apply to any of these status' but i know people that do apply to this trait, but i am not going to say names.

My brother is 1/2 nerd but he also says stupid things like:
"When i grow up i'm going to be a big train that goes CHOO CHOO!"

"You know that 'twinkle twinkle little star' song, yeah i am going to be the star of that song and shine brighter than any star has aimed" i responded to this one like:
"DUDE I HAVE TRIED THAT UNFORTUNATELY THE WORLD HAS TURNED ON ME, i have a wonderful voice, decent muscle, and i humorous personality but look where its got me HERE! Hanging out with people who other people havent even heard of!!!"

You can ask ToWB i say "Have a good day" to all my teachers and i have a nice personality, nice to the ladies and EVERYTHING!!! Moving on this all applies to nerdism i dont know how but it does.

I am back but still working on the game.
Posted on December 11, 2006 at 19:31

I am still working on the game and i renamed it Ball Blaster. I have a few problems maybe you guys can help me out with:
1. How can i make a homing shot?
2. How can i make an opponet shoot at me 1 bullet every 2 seconds?
3. How can i make a Health bar? and the opponets health bar?
4. How can i make lives?
5. How can i make bosses?

Did i mention i have the unregistered version? i cant get the regular verion because my parent will get ticked at the fact the price went up. Okay i dont know if any of you people out there feel my pain but i need some serious help!
I tried posting a few topics on forum but i just dont get many replies. I tried Homing shot, How to shoot with the mouse as the pointer (deleted), and i also tried to go on to the "official" game maker site just to find out they have 1/2 of the things i need to make this game.
The more help i get with this game the more satisfied you will be playing it. I have an easy way of getting "the snakeman" to help me with this project... just give him some of his lunch because he's to lay to make his own lunch and YES this is true you can even as ToWB. And Snakeman when you read this blog, i will "give" you some of my lunch if you help me. If you choose not to i will tell Mike Preston not to give you alot of food and STOP EATING THE PEANUT BUTTER ITS FREAKING ME OUT!!!!
But anyways so, when do you want to come over and help? i dont know if i am going to be home this weekend? and if anyone else can help contact "the snakeman"

Here comes a NEW GAME (of course im a newbie at making games so its pretty basic)
Posted on December 09, 2006 at 22:43

Name: Bouncy
Object: to Bounce balls to hit objects into objects to destroy objects to score point to advance through the levels.
Only on level one at the moment and i posted a question on the forum because i am a noob at gamemaker.
Through the levels you face difficulties like guns firing at you and ball stoppers but i am still working on all that.
Over all im rating my game a 5/10 WIP!
I plan on making 20 levels with bonus levels, By the way, Did i mention there are multiple balls and i need some help so i am going to be in the forum of 64 digits alot and be working on my game. If anyone has something to say about my idea (thats good) SAY IT!
My favortie part of making this game is that i am doing it by myself, not with that....it... (Snakeman) LOL im just kidding.
Hope you all enjoy reading this blog because i am going to be working on this game and be in the forums for a little while or at least until my game is done.

Phrase of day:
"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all and SHUT THE ???? UP!" ~Whitetiger


One is the loneliest Number
Posted on December 08, 2006 at 16:10

I have no friends. So on the bus i sing "One is the loneliest number" and everyones like SHUT THE ???? UP! But i didnt i kept on singing. Then the biggest nerd of nerds come over and says "want to be my friend?"
Then i think of wierd al's song "White and Nerdy", i sing it and he's like "EXCUSE ME! I GOT A 'B' IN MATH LAST YEAR" i still sang white and nerdy. I get in trouble because that idiot tells the bus driver and i get sent up to the front of the bus for the rest of the year which i am not going to do because my bus driver is a retard and cant remember anything. I get home to a dog who's in her cage and its silent then 1st thing she does is barks. Then i sing "1 is the loneliest Number" and my dog is howling to the tune, this has AFV written all over it and finally i get a blog big enough not to get off the front page, Snake and ToWB! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Early Christman Gift...
Posted on December 03, 2006 at 11:14

A few days ago i made a LONG list of christmas gifts and one of the items on there was Fuzzy Slippers and a Robe.
Today i recieve an early gift and its only the robe im like okay where are the slippers... then we laughed, then i seriously asked her she said she game them to good will. MY FEET ARE FREEZING TOO!!! but then i think about it and yes they need it mroe than me but still i would rather have crappy slippers than no slippers!
Thats todays blog.
I also made my mom a nice necklace and snakeman and ToWB dont care. At least i am nice to my mother unlike them and i get my family gifts...

I have a new idea for a game but i a going to need either Snakemans or Theonlywonderboys help to mak
Posted on November 29, 2006 at 18:20

Wow i thought i put that all into my entry. Okay so the idea of the game is to get past 6 galaxys and each galaxy has 10-15 levels.
To get past the levels you must:
A) Collect all the main items
B) Destoy 50-100% of the ships depending on the level.
C) Finish the to end

And did i mention it all in a spaceship? yes i know its kind of like Starwars but you in an airplane all throuhg the game.
With weapons you get:
Weapon type........Damage
Gattling gun.........Little but rapid fire
With defense you get:
10 Second invinciblity shield
20 Second Weapon Damage increaser
10 second speed increaser

The main idea of the game is to save the galaxy from.... Rez?... naw mastermind?... Angel of death?
If you guessed Rez good answer but wrong...
Angel of death is correct.
Who somehow manages to get his/her/it's hand on the Omedron Sword that can shatter planets with its power.

As i said before 6 Galaxys 10 levels each galaxy.
Seems easy right... Maybe.... but with each galaxy the ships (Enemys) get srtonger, and so do you weapons what do you do?
Dodge, kill them, or the the ????in HECK OUTA THEM?
If you guessed C or A you are right...
Seems like a pretty hard game to make, right?

Well snakeman i need you help to introducing me to gamemaker since i havent used it in a long time.
By the way i think this is one of the largest Blogs.
By the way you can rate the idea of the game!

The Avatar maker i found
Posted on November 03, 2006 at 12:17

Okay so i found this avatar maker that allow you to make this person such as the one on the left... bad news is i forget the name.
It takes time to make 1 of these if you want to be detailed if you want to look at all of your options. the one on the left is a duel wielding Cloud from Final Fantasy VII but i think it looks a little like him but maybe you disagree with me if you have played it.

One of the things i want to do in the near future is find some good avatars. i saw this one (you can ask Snakeman about it) the Marion and Peach one.

[/b] PEACE OUT 64DIANS [/b]

I know all u 64dians hate me..but why?
Posted on November 01, 2006 at 21:43

So why do you all hate me except Snakeman and Theonlywonderboy? is it because i cant pull out good blog is it becuz u think my avatar (I MADE) stinks. it just aint right... sonce my 1st blog i can say that about 1/2 of you guys gate me so whats the deal? (Btw i can also change avatars aswell) I am not even sure if Snakeman and Theonlywonder boy like me anymore? hmmmmmmmm.... so i ask you all this which of these reason do you guys hate me?

1: Not sending good enough blogs
2: Still working on making a game with gamemaker (which i need snakemans help with)
3: because snake and Theonlywonderboy told u to...
4: Judging me by my avatar
5: judgin me without even knowing who i am...

if multiple reasons put down the # of reasons you all hate me...

odds r this is gonna get off the front page......

Bad halloween School day! ; ;
Posted on October 31, 2006 at 12:14

So i am having the worst day at school and need to tell some1 or else ima kill me-self so this is everything that has happend for 4 periods...

1:Gym- I let every1 down playing field hockey i was goaly by force since we had no goaly then i like "I HAD NO BLODDYG CHOICE" and the last point some one hit me in a spot you dont wanna know about with a hockey stick.

2:Algebra- Forgot we had homework and couldnt follow anything the teacher was saying so i worked on the world largest equation which is:


x=??? im like screw it im never gonna be able to find out what the heck it is.... but im still working at it cuz its estra credit...

3: English- Didnt do homework but something good about this class is that i am getting a B- 84%... dang im lucky... then i wrote a whole essay in highlighter ...the teacher says she cant read it then i find my pencil and rewrite it

4: Social studies- worked on a few notes then had to read for 22 minutes.....PURE TORTURE!!!

5:Comp. Sci- Now... so far nothing has happened but i can tell something WILL happen...

Thats my day so far i will be on to check replys at 3:45 PM EST... G00Dbye 64ians... btw like me new avatar?

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