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Holy carp
Posted on January 18, 2015 at 03:12

I remember this place. I remember everything here. I remember. It's been so long. It's literally been ...



Oh man you people are still alive
Posted on May 27, 2011 at 03:34

So how is everyone? I see it only took two years for version three to exist.
I do believe this to be a personal record.
WELL. I am just doing the same bullshit I have been for the past five years, and now OH MAN.
I did work on that one game, the SURCOD game, for like, a month afterwords. Instead of actually making it run better, /co/, a 4Chan board for comics and cartoons, decided it needed as many characters as possible. So that happened. Each character had their own upgrade, and it was pretty cool.
I was using my blog to see when things happened, because I have a loose hold on time, and realized "Oh man I have been here forever, and this shit is still alive, yo."

So here I am, checking out what you guys are doing, and seeing if anyone I remember is still among the site.

It seems as if the blog limit rule is gone, from what I am seeing on the front page.
Well, it is almost 3Am. I will see what you are all up to in the morning.

-Love Vorked

Posted on February 08, 2010 at 04:30

I seem to be an old bean.
I also seem to have returned.
Now all I need to do is get GM7 back on my computer and get my named changed to Vorked Larfleeze.
WHAT AM I DOING AS OF NOW? College, 4Chan, Plus4Chan, Livesteraming, posting crap on dA, making countless Blue Beetles, and playing games on Steam.
Not much to do with any progress in any games seeing as I have a new computer and never installed GM7. I DID get GM8, but when I found out I couldn't use my registry stuff from GM7, I got pissed and ragequitted.
Damn. Just damn. When I typed in 64Digits, I didn't expect to even see a page load, but when it did, I was sort of relieved. I may not be big into gaming, but just something about this place really draws me back and gives me a good feeling on the inside.
Herumph de doo.
Also, I do realize something... I HAVE CHANGED. I went from LOL I LOVE PROGRAMING STUFF to FUCK YEAH COOL STORY BRO.
I blame 4Chan for my massive mood swings from derp to Bro.

Posted on August 28, 2009 at 22:01


Look what I have created. Its a monster!
Oh well. First blog in a long time, mainly because you guys keep deciding to destroy the site with what you think "what is best." Oh well. This blog will not be a long one. Hrm. Also, I may get a name change to Vorked Larfleeze. Why? I might as well, I use it everywhere else nowadays.

So, I started a new game codenamed "BRANDITO." It is an expansion/revamp of SURCOD the Shooter. It is faster, the AI is better, and the gameplay is smoother with less clutter. I just got carried away with the original StS... That usually happens. I get carried away, change the subject/engine/gameplay, and then I get bored of it. That, and Livestream took over my life. I run/help run five streams. Well, one got deleted, so four.
www.livestream.com/megas MEGAS XLR Stream
www.livestream.com/spacecoast SPACE GHOST Stream
www.livestream.com/thetreehouse RANDOM SHIT (I only help with this one.)
www.livestream.com/toonamiadvanced TOONAMI movies


Xxypher/VL out.

Posted on July 01, 2009 at 12:48

So. I am currently trying to find episodes of Megas XLR online and working on the SURCOD the Shooter game. I had two versions on my flash card. An old version and a new one. I decided to revert to the old version and add some of the new version stuff, like the Dummies being able to crouch and uncrouch when needed. The old AI is much better, mainly because it was simple. The new AI had so many bugs and errors, even though it was more sophisticated. I may also add the shoot where you are going to be codes I created. They weren't always accurate, but it would help up the difficulty a little against these near retarded enemies. I will be adding on some little if-then statements that will help the AI deal with special situations. I did it before, I can easily do it again. I am now putting in the shoot where you will be code. Hrrmmm... If I could just find where I put it. Ah! Found it!


There she is. It just detects the speed and direction, and aims in the spot you should be.
I may put back in the rocket boots. The AI worked out great with these. It allowed them to get to places easily so the AI wouldn't have to panic and run back and forth above or below the item they wanted. Hrrmm. I need help you guys.
What are some arcade platform shooter things I could put into this game? I already have special skills and items that you select for your character before you play. I have shitloads of weapons. I have a map creator. There is AI... What else is there?


This blog is heading nowhere. I though that I should let you all know that SURCOD is back in action, and is back to the original style and gameplay. I don't have the power-ups anymore, there aren't 40+ weapons anymore, and I took out the many types of gameplay. Though I will be bringing back Zombie mode. Zombie mode was the BEST for a few reasons. There were constantly spawning Zombies. They died fairly easily. They had no weapons so it was fun. They eated you.
Eh, I am just praising my own game.

The SURCOD the Shooter game has been in the works for how long now? About a year and a half now? Wow. It is basically turning into another Duke Nukem deal. I keep changing engines and gameplay. Though I just reverted to the old engine, so the gameplay is faster and less chaotic. A demo will be up sooner or later for the new version.

Edit: Kudos to those who find this blog. Seeing as it is too early for this blog to be posted on the front page.

Xxypher out.

New computer.
Posted on June 30, 2009 at 18:48

I now have a working computer. Now all I need to do is get my hands on a registered GM7. I cannot wait to get back into Game Maker for the next eleven days, then it is off to college maybe. I have 11 days to get everything ready, if I fail to get my FAFSA and shit ready, I will have to wait till the Fall, which I may have to do. I cannot get my Social Security number, I can't get my FAFSA signed because the website is fucked, I cannot get anything else done until I can get this fixed.
So yeah. I am not feeling so well because of how anxious and worried I am. It makes me sick to my stomach.
Ah, there. Just reregistered Game Maker. Time to continue on the BEST MOTHERFUCKING GAME EVER. SURCOD the Shooter. I'd better have the editable version on my Flashcard.
Dammit. I have to do some fixes to my new, but old, computer. I shall maybe continue this blog later.

Xxypher out.

Do not read.
Posted on June 22, 2009 at 01:43

It is 12:29 as of me typing this. I just realized I missed the Mighty Boosh. I like that show. But I missed it. My favorite show is actually now Venture Brothers. I don't know why, I watched it one day, and just continued to. Yep. So this was going somewhere, but I started reading some topic on Slackerz, now I forgot. It had something to do with cartoons... Maybe a quote or a show I liked or something. WAIT. I remember now. I was watching today's Aqua Teen Hunger Force. They had a Mermaid, and they actually showed her breasts, they didn't blur or block it out. What is the deal with this? This show can air as early as 9am, when children are still awake. Though that can be easily blamed on the parents letting them watch the show. Either way, the fact that they showed breasts without a censor, is it legal now to show any sort of nudity without a censor past midnight on basic cable? I know it used to back when HBO was a basic cable channel, but that was ages ago. It makes me feel old just remembering it. Another thing that I noticed is the censors actually dropping hard on many shows. I don't get why that shithole Family Guy gets away with the bullshit they pedal out now.
This now brings me to my next topic. Why the hell did Family Guy become this pile of shit? It used to be great, funny, and revolutionary. Now it is just pushy and controversial. It is like Seth things that this is the only way to be funny now. Another thing Seth does that annoys me is his super fucking retcons of EVERYTHING HE DOES. Back in the old Family Guy episodes, I'd say about season 1 through 3, Seth kept to a certain type of story telling and now it would wrap up or explain itself. Now he just spams those stupid pieces of shit flashbacks and "remember the time" shit. More retons of Family Guy include Stewie finding and ... well... fixing his future life so he wasn't a 40 year old virgin afraid of talking to women. He was also a faux-British future world dominator. Now he is a homosexual whiny ass kid who constantly gets in these stupid little quarrels with Brian, because you know, that is all he is good for now. Peter used to be a wise guy that did his best but always seemed to mess up by not caring or paying attention. Now is a a retard who can't fucking spell. Brian was usually the voice of reason (Unless Louis was being used for that). Brian was also a Christian who has went through the plague with Peter when he acted as God, met Jesus, and so on. He is now a druggy Democratic atheist that is used to splurt out Seth's opinions. I can go on and on, but there is no use. The show is still popular somehow, and people love it even more. I don't get why. And I never will.
Well, nothing much has happened in the past day. I do know I will have to work my ass off tomorrow with cleaning and talking with AI about getting my FAFSA faxed and my classes set. Hrrmn.
This blog wasn't originally going to be me being butthurt over Family Guy. But things change.

Xxypher out.

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