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when'd i pass 1337?
Posted on May 17, 2008 at 22:20

hits, i mean. I remember logging out last time, thinking that i should try to hit and stay at about 1337. i think i was @ 1250 r so...

That was back in November...!?!

it's been friggin 6 months since i checked up on 64d?!? :O
no wonder i feel so empty... :(

I stopped visiting ever since the Granite Bay Game Maker club stopped meeting. GBGM was going really strong, until Robotics club meetings started. (about 95% of the people in GM r in Robotics, and {GBGM = 1 meeting per week, all school year}
whereas {GB Robotics: every day for 6 weeks straight}. effectively made everyone forget about GBGM)

After that, we all had Finals and AP tests studying up until...well, week before last, actually. and after draining my head of all that crap for a week or so...well, here i am!

WOW, some awesome new example posts, yay :P
and a new

huh...anything new? hmm...(looks over last blog) monthly blogs, lol. what happened to that idea?

XD and the whole "balance" thing... didn't quite work out. still, i joined facebook; that took care of most social issues.

Nothing else new. if i come up with anything more interesting than this, i'll let you know. it'll be clearly marked as {SOMETHING INTERESTING} lol.

A correction, some GM, and some Philosophy mixed in, for fun
Posted on November 03, 2007 at 02:54


*ahem* First order of business: I phrased something wrong from my last blog in October. Why dost thou care? idk, but i'm not at ease with everyone thinking i'm in college.
some people here are in college, too, right?

meant people here may also be in college. I'm a HIGH SCHOOL soph. I was just asking wether there WERE people in college here, AS WELL as ppl in high school.

Isn't it cool how people across the nation and across various age groups are all connected by something like 64D? (Hah...you can tell i'm new to the "blog" concept...)

Actually, I sometimes just like to take a step back and look at the bigger picture; observe how the world works, and wonder at the everyday things we all take for granted.

Eh, enough of the philosophical stuff...for a bit; on to GM stuff! I'm planning on awe-ing (?) the GM club with a new Shop 3.0 demo. "The Shop" is the codename for my sub-project in a game my friend Pule and I are developing. It's the codename for...the in-game shop. (Shocking, eh?) well, the actual shop shall humbly ROCKeth once i'm done with this...*evil cackle*

Wow... So much to do this year. I got (weighted) A's in all my honors classes, but that's the easy part; now i gotta get some unweighted, REAL A's to bring the ol' GPA to > 4.0.

Back to the philosophical stuff...I am on a journey. To where? To BALANCE. (*represses laughter*) Seriously though, I've got to become more socially relaxed, more academically efficient, and more psychologically prepared for the world than I am now.

...k, 'nuff of that for the next MONTH. (My blogs are likely to be monthly now.)

*looks over blog* eh, "me me me." YOU post something now. How are your academics/programmings/lives going? are there any fellow philosophers out there? what GM projects are you up to? What else is relavent to this blog? (and etc etc...) who ARE you!?! (last one's rethorical...)

Posted on October 18, 2007 at 00:24

Whew, been another long while. I owe that to the second-crappiest possible Soph schedule. (the first being my current classes plus something hard, like oh, maybe Speech and Debate...or Honors Precalculus. thank GOD i don't have that 'till next semester.)

Well, I'm sitting 'ere at, eh, *checks* 9 PM, trying to make some last-minute stuff to show the 'eager students' of the Granite Bay Game Maker Club. I really, REALLY should have done this earlier; i mean, it's okay to procrastinate on school crap, but not the IMPORTANT stuff, like game making. (Heh, with blogs, you can never know if the person is being sarcastic r not.)

Huh. Anything worth noting...Oh yeah, I took the PSAT today. That was sort of interesting (*sarcasm?*). Eh, oh yeah, we're not supposed to discuss any questions or answers; apparently they now have people crawling the web with Google, looking up "PSAT." XD I can just see some ETS intern hunting down every damn page that ever mentioned the PSAT and tracing IP's back to random kids' houses. Eh...*checks front door*

Huh... My one of my friends broke up with his gf, which is odd, cuz i'm friends with both of them, and he thinks she's a b*tch now. I can't join in and agree; she's my friend, even though they broke up. Ah wellll... I blame them both. :P

MY SCHEDULE IS A BITCH. for all of you little fresmmen (in high school- some people here are in college too, right?) who are overachievers in EVERYTHING, don't take a crapload of hard classes. because even though the "high achiever" program used to be easy as hell in junior high, that doesn't make high school easy. I've got Honors Chem (with what i swear is a genetic mutation of an elephant), AP Euro (with a nice teacher who has really crappy notes), English (powerpoint poisoning XP), and Spanish. UGH.

Well i gotta go...ohhh, i typed this up rather than making that example. Screw it- i can just grab one of those crappy experiments i made as a n00b (everyone has some of those, neh?) and show them that.

Random act of randomness the day...i actually wrote a blog for the first time in about a month? idk. I'll do something hella random tomorrow. beware.

Wow, you made it through all that reading, congrats. no prize today. sorry.
G'Night, all!

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