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Tech-demo and Source Code!
Posted on November 06, 2014 at 23:04

And also a bonus lament about GameMaker:Studio! (caution! This blog is extra meaty with lots of content and divergent paths you may go on)

I'll start with that, then we'll get into the goodies! (are you a bad news first type person or good news first?) So I have 2 apps on the AppStore: CrateHill and Chord Hacker. When iOS8 came out they both reached brick status, at least on any device with iOS8 installed. Spoiler: that's means most iPhones. They crash on startup. I ran into some issues trying to rebuild them for it that are mostly sorted out. CrateHill is on it's way back now, it works, it's just in review at Apple. That usually takes a week the first time and probably like 3 days the second time. Chord Hacker, however, refuses to build... I don't understand the difference. The only thing I can see is that there is a space in the name. And I'm getting an error somewhat related to that but can't seem to fix it by changing the name. The frustration that comes with having to build a game on a mac through a windows machine is horrible. It makes me want to run to Unity and never look back. However, I will look back. If I was Lot's wife and GameMaker was Sodom and Gomorrah, I would be a pillar of salt. Thump.

Anyway, I wanted to show off the stuff that I managed to build in Unity before deciding to switch to GameMaker in the middle of the competition. Even with the deadline extension I'm glad I switched, though the resulting game, if finished would have been so awesome.
Look at dis (Show)

TechDemo of The Buddy System

If you're interested in having a look at the source code for Neighbors, originally titled Empty Neighbor, well, you can! Here ya go! Neighbors Source
To have the font display correctly when running that you'll need to install this font or choose another for the fnt_handwritten resource:[]=10&l[]=1
And yeahh... it's messy. There is minor use of inheritance, but it's mostly overridden anyway :/ I used GameMaker's room editor beyond what it's usually used for. Walls are tweaked and rotated by editing the image_yscale and image_angle/rotation values on the objects tab of the room editor. A late glitch I found causing everything to turn white after an autosave had only one easy solution: grab texture id's for every texture every single step. So that got way messier than necessary a couple days ago.

Cheers to you guys, and Scary4Digits!

S4D - Reboot
Posted on October 18, 2014 at 18:19

I took a good hard look at what I've done so far... and to be honest I'm amazed at how much I've learned. (albeit everything I make comes out a little weird right now! haha)
Before this competition I had never modeled a use-able 3D mesh, nor UV mapped one properly. I had never written my own script in Unity from scratch. I had never used the NavMesh and NaveMesh agents. Now I've done all those things but there is no way, realistically, to finish that one-level game I had planned. I'm still slow with my new-found skills.
Even though the first try can be the most frustrating, it's the gaining speed part in a given skill that takes time and repetition.

So I've started over in the compo. It's just better this way. I know GameMaker inside and out and I'm putting the finishing touches on level one of the new game already, within 48 hours of the turn around.

It certainly isn't as pretty.. Ah well, I can make simple pixel stuff pretty fast - much faster than 1024x1024 textures and polygon heavy meshes.

A working clock (Show)

One of 3 spiders already animated and in game. If you step on him he squishes. Bad things will happen to you then. (Show)

In this first level you get to see spiders. In the second level you see nothing and must rely on your hearing (headphones suggested ;)) to get to safety. And then in the third level I'll just go all out and see how much I can make by the end of the compo.

Looking back at the old Slenderman game, I could probably remake it from scratch within... I dunno, 3 days? I really like Unity now, but GameMaker is where I know my way around.

S4D Live Stream Schedule
Posted on September 24, 2014 at 09:46

Hey errabodeh I'll be posting updates and livestreaming in this post for a couple weeks. I could also list other S4D streamers if that's a thing. I know someone said they might be streaming at like 4 or 5am UTC but I don't remember who it was..

Blaze157's Stream 5 or 6AM UTC

My Stream/Twitch GameDevZach
Weekdays at 12-1PM EST (UTC -5, so with UTC it is 5-6PM)

Week 1's focus is character modelling because it's my weak point and the worst thing for me to put off due to all I need to learn. Sure, I should make some gameplay. But it can wait until next week, right?

9/24 Archived Livestream - Attempting to model a face (Show)

9/23 Base Model - Recently Separated Meshes (Show)

Today I'll be face sculpting. If you take a look at the above image you'll see that the face is pretty poor right now. So it's time to fix that.

S4D - Boobs & The Learning Curve
Posted on September 22, 2014 at 22:47

My themes seem almost too easy to implement. Illusion, haunting, and deprived senses? Easy peasy. I mean, I like all three and illusion + deprived senses really lends itself to game mechanics which can be as simple or complex as I want them to be. Right now, I'm thinking two young adults/teens take on a job as ghost hunters at a giant haunted candle outlet like Yankee Candle Factory but different (maybe... Confederate Candle Factory?). They arrive at like 10 or 11 at night to take readings, investigate, and well... survive until 6am. Kinda like Five Nights at Freddy's! ;) Only you can walk and like... do stuff!

Then for the illusions and deprived senses. hm yeah... I'm thinking a huge vat of wax that anyone or anything can fall into and it's Unity material gets replaced with a wax texture and shader. Plus it goes blind. If a human falls in, well, they're probably dead. Illusions will be in both the enemies' and players' arsenals. Disguises, red herrings (like maybe a tape recorder with your voice on it to attract baddies, this is the 90s btw), and uh...lights that go out! yesssss. That's one thing I didn't get to do in Slenderman... I mean lights beat d3d_fog any day.

Oh yeah, the learning curve. It's 3D so that means 3D modelling. Guess what I have little to no experience in? Yeah, that. But I've tried so many times to learn that now I know at least the interface and I'm desperate to pull something off in Unity and Blender. Last week I read the entire Unity manual (not API, mind you :P that would be crazy). This week I complete a course on low-poly character modeling in Blender. At some point I should start live-streaming an hour a day but at the moment the reference sheet I'm using has boobs and I'm pretty sure you don't normally live-stream boobs on Twitch. Boobs. I said it again. No, no no no, I'll livestream after there's a hoodie and the reference sheets are gone. Shush now children.

tl;dr - Summary of my game design + I don't know much about Blender but I'm taking a CGCookie course on low-poly character modeling that I can hopefully finish by the end of this week.

PS: I'm so excited for this competition! I hope this whole learning curve doesn't make me lose too much time... Either way there are some sweet games we're going to make here.

64DSC - Cats Log#2
Posted on April 23, 2014 at 16:09

Yesterday I was finishing up the game I said I'd be done with weeks ago but it was fun and worth it. That's probably done now so today I've made some more progress with my contest entry.

Queue gifs:

Cat swagger wagger

Fancy pants mcinventory zoomin and out

If you want to make gifs of your contest entry check out LiceCap; it's really awesome despite the name that makes your scalp itch!

As long as I finish the compo with something playable and fun I'll be happy.

64DSC - Reboot
Posted on April 20, 2014 at 17:23

I haven't really had any time for my 64DSC project this month :/

On that note, time to start over! It's not much of a loss considering how far I was to begin with. Spoiler: not far.

Anyways, it involves cats. Today I'm trying to get GM: Studio to properly draw the pixels at all even resolutions.

Here's the closer one. (2:1 ratio)

Here's the messed up one at 1:1 ratio:

All the numbers add up to it not being stretched... even the sprites are drawn at rounded coordinates. Yet little kitty eye-lines disappear like ghosts.

It will be a miracle if I can enter a completed game by the end of the month.

First Unity Game via 64D Spring Competition
Posted on April 01, 2014 at 13:19

I thought, y'know, might as well use that trial code.

First off, I've never made a game with Unity, but I have completed tutorials and played with it before to the point that I feel capable of making something simple. Not that I even know how to make menus yet. WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN MENUS. Or badges. But I'd like to figure both out eventually so I guess I'm not as badbooteh as that dude.

So first off, as I start my new project, it asks me what asset packages I'd like to use. Well, I'd like all of them. That would be nice. But since we're supposed to create our own content I picked these ones:
-Tree Creator
-Water(basic) -y'know, for after the comp when the license runs out :(
-Sample Assets (beta) - contains character controllers, thought that would be useful... to be able to walk, I plan on using the mocap and mecanim animations as well, but with my own model that I'll probably make out of blocks later this week because I'm a supernewb in Blender

Does this seem fair? They're all basically engine components in Unity (as advertised, a tree creator and mecanim...) except the water. The water is content. (I'm trying to make my own textures as well for the terrain if I can, there may be default textures in the tree creator too)

I'm planning on doing a good bit of modelling in Blender this month to make most of the content but as you can see Unity does technically provide some and I seriously don't know if I could make the water from scratch (if I did... it would be based off their water anyway). I just want to know if it's okay to start with these things in the competition; it's still no game, just the things you normally start off with in Unity.

Also I may need whatever advantage these provide as I'm working on another company's game to be released next week so I don't expect much to get done this week. And I just got a new job scooping ice cream at possibly one of the best locations of franchise ice cream shops in the country :D yum. But yeah that takes away some more time.

Other Side-Rabbit-Trail
Has anyone seen Google's glorious challenge on this fine April 1rst?

I've caught 18 so far.

Fire Point Featured on GameJolt!
Posted on November 30, 2013 at 13:26

Congratulations Cesque!

GameJolt just featured your game on the front page. Swag.

Hm... now what do I say to make this a longer blog so it can stay on the front page?

Oh! Speaking of fires, have you seen Catching Fire? Now that would be a tough level in Fire Point: Put out the fires of Panem. Katniss would just keep catching on fire like a trick candle.

Frosty Four Digits looks fun (and is the natural endpoint of Fire Point cause you put out all those fires to the point of global freezing). Lost is a great theme choice...SLENDERMANSEHRWEQRLWUT?!#!$)*&
-end transmission-

New GM:Studio "Stable" Update
Posted on July 08, 2013 at 15:45

Broke my game right off the bat.

I'm getting a fatal "malformed variable" error that wasn't there. No changes to the game whatsoever.
On top of that, room_goto_next() is sending me to a completely different room. Wha?

My intended fix... to upgrade to the Beta [unstable] Channel. Maybe they fixed what they introduced. This latest update to the beta channel introduced compiling on Windows so I'm installing VS Studio 2012 to get ready for it. I'll edit to tell you how it goes...

Kinda pissed off though. Up until now I'd been happy with the recent changes in Studio. It was a serious investment to get the Master Collection version and now it's endangering the completion of mah game for the competition!

Also, the reason I'm attempting to upgrade instead of downgrade is that they've made it impossible to downgrade because it will have an error when it attempts to load the project's sound files thanks to the new improvements in that area (which are not actually present, the only changes now are in the dialogue... >:I

Scary Four Code Torture
Posted on September 21, 2012 at 01:45

So guyz.

Since Rez always comes up with some sick stylized art and now he's got buddy buds who are also powerhouses of brainz in this community we're all expecting some slick stuff from them.

You already knew that. You thought it. You might have said it. But you knew it.

It could be a bluff as far as the competition is concerned. A collision of coincidental mishaps and missed opportunities may result in no fruition from this explosive dynamic. But it's there, looming on the horizon. A game we look forward to playing, and fear as competition. So much fear that you could probably make a game in line with the theme just about this particular situation.

They're not the only ones... competition is stiff.

So I think, "you know what... I'm just going to make a 3D awesome GM game with tons of cool stuff and it'll be sweet and scary and doesn't afraid of anything."

And it has to be cross-platform and made in GM Studio and facilitate many future releases as an added bonus because that's just how realistic people think [unrealistically].

I've been banging my head against the wall trying to make a good 3D terrain and level editor like the best existing GM ones such as Dark Region and GMTE2. All are dependent on extensions, which I don't want this to be. I'M A GM PURIST!

I should go back to selep. Sorry.

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