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Massive update! Titan class is now available!
Posted on August 12, 2017 at 14:31

It's done guys!
Took me a month to make and is the biggest Sector Six content update so far!
This is why I am a game developer.
(I love big ass updates and I cannot lie)

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Need help w/ GM:S external files for localisation
Posted on August 09, 2017 at 08:24

As I have mentioned in echo #79, I want to translate Sector Six.
I think I'll put all text into the script so it's all in one place.



draw_text(756-(transition),136,string(equipped_weapons) + " / " + string(weapon_limit) + " weapons placed");


draw_text(756-(transition),136,string(equipped_weapons) + " / " + string(weapon_limit) + tx(" weapons placed"));

And script itself:


/// tx(string)

   case " weapons placed":
   if global.language == 1
   return " weapons placed";
   else if global.language == 2
   return " blah blah";

Much better would be store all strings in an external file with less code, so it would be easier for people who will translate Sector Six.

But I don't what kind of files should I use and how to use them.
Never done anything like it before.

I googled about this and there was nothing useful to me, so I thought I'll ask for advice here.

Echo #79: Waiting for update
Posted on August 07, 2017 at 16:26

Titan class will be released soon.
It was meant to be released a few days ago, but there is a problem with the server I am using, so the new class won't be released for another few days.

Anyway, it's a good time to write about the upcoming updates.

8th month of the year has just started and that means I have less than 4 months to finish Sector Six in 2017.
It probably won't happen, but I'll try to make it true.

Which means that I'll need to move some more stuff to post-release.

My old plan was to make titan class, complete combat, make region boss 2, add additional region missions and enemies, make region boss 3, make remaining 9 story missions and release the game.

Now I have decided to put optional stuff away and focus on getting to story missions.

Extra region missions and bosses would be nice, but they are quite time-consuming and I don't hear feedback about wanting more of that.
And I do know that there's a lot of people waiting for story missions.

So yeah, region content has been officially dumped to post-release!

There's new obstacle through - map rework!
The Sector Six map/level/area system will be completely reworked.

Currently, enemies scale with player level and that makes levelling up useless and I really need to fix that.

So, what's going to happen?

Currently, there are 25 regions that scale to player level.
After rework, there will be a region for every player level.

For example, Deep Path will be a level 1 region.
Everything - items, enemies, cities - in Deep Path region will be level 1.

Negati will be level 2 region, Labyrinth will be level 3 region and so on!

It's a big change and it will be very good for the game - it will create a strong feeling of progression and a lot of content just because of how regions are going to work.

I'll write more about it once I'll start working on it, which will happen after I'll complete combat.

And it won't take long to complete combat.

It will be a relatively small update - I'll add remaining abilities for carrier and apocalypse classes, fix last small issues with combat and give each ability a passive effect.

For example, Shards Of Chaos ability will increase all damage by 2% per level of ability - even if Shards Of Chaos is not equipped.
That means it all unequipped abilities will turn into passive abilities, which is big because every ability point will matter now!

That's all good, but...

But Sector Six remains unpopular.
This is what I'm going to do about it:

1) Sector Six is going to get bigger discounts on sales.
2) Sector Six is finally going to be translated into different languages.
3) Sector Six is going to be included in bundles.

To sum it up, my new development plan is to release titan class, prepare the game for translation, rework map, finish the story and release the game.

So, that's all for this post!

Until next time.

Developer's vent
Posted on August 03, 2017 at 02:59

A different kind of Zuurix's post. (Dammit, stop correcting it to Zurich!)

So, I've put Sector Six on IndieGala bundle.
A desperate attempt to get something out of the ridiculous amount of time, energy and whatever I've spent on making it.

Hundreds of people have redeemed the Steam key. This is how it was for last 3 days:

Nice, right?
Except it's obviously not.

This is Steam card idler stats =[

If I had just Steam store page/community hub, I would have never known that there were people playing my game. No new screenshots, no reviews, no complaints on discussions, no upvotes on artwork/videos/news articles. No feedback.

I know that only like 1% of players interact with community hub.
I braced for card idlers, I knew how little people care about giving, feedback, but I didn't expect to get...

It makes sense. Probably like 80% of people bought the game just for the cards.
Or 99%. Or 158%. Could be any number, I have no data on that.

So if 1% of actual players would give feedback, out of those 5 players that played the game 1% is...

I don't think there's a clip of Nathan saying "LEEEESS THAAAAN ONEEEEEEE".

And yeah, it's only been three days. Real players will show up over time.

Before starting writing this whatever it is I've wanted to say that "STEAM CARDS ARE THE PLAGUE OF STEAM, DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL".

But I know it's not true.

1) I would sell a lot less if not Steam cards.
2) Steam cards earn my extra money when people trade them.
3) It's idle bots that are bad, not cards themselves.

If players had to play the game to get the cards, cards would even help.

And if I want feedback, I shouldn't expect to get them from this bundle.

I should be trying to get players via social networks. So-called "marketing".

I could say that I am busy developing the game and don't have time for that, but it's an excuse, not a real reason.

I just can't force myself going to humanity's garbage cans, post links to my game only get angry comments and downvotes - because I'm advertising and nobody likes that.
Or just get ignored, because Sector Six is NOT Call of Duty.
Because it's an indie game.
Because... I don't know.

I'm introvert, every social interaction just drains me.
Phone calls? God save me. Making comments? *groans*

Okay, not every interaction. I'm okay with talking about my game with people that remotely care about my game. I'm okay with posting on 64Digits because I've been here for few years (Wait, what?! Wow...), so it's now inside my comfort zone.

I've been trying to get other places in my comfort zone, like few developer groups on Facebook. I lurk, sometimes comment and try to get used to it.

But it's not helping my game.

I can't objectively rate the game, but I know that it's somewhere around 7/10.
I know it deserves to be played.

What I want is that players would find my game by themselves, then buy the game so I would earn an average of 400€ - that's minimum wage in Lithuania and I couldn't earn more with my (I hate this word) education or whatever you need to get more than minimum. Making games and being able to not die while doing it is all I want.

I know it's a lot to ask for. Most of the people on this miserable planet spend their entire lives slaving in terrible factories/offices for food.

Oh, poor Zuurix can't make enough money from making games, so tragic.

I'm making it harder for my always nearly bankrupt family by not getting a real job, I'm just glad my parents understand - I don't get a bad word about what I'm doing, not even one.
Yes, it's that good.

So I actually don't have anything to complain about.

I have a good game, most of those who played it, liked it.
I even make a little money selling it.
My parents don't complain and support me while my game development doesn't make enough money.
Future is bright - I'll make more, better games, my current (mostly hypothetical) fan base will grow.

Now I should better hit "Post Blog" before I change my mind and delete all I wrote because that's what I usually do.

Echo #78: Titan class, part 2
Posted on July 26, 2017 at 07:37

i made 2 abilities

Echo #77: Titan class (w/ video!)
Posted on July 18, 2017 at 06:55

Last week I have started working on Titan class!
5 abilities implemented, 4 abilities to go!

Titan class is a class that is not very good at dealing damage and removing shields but has powerful defensive abilities.

Titan class spaceships evolved from heavy support spaceships.
When the Machine invasion began, support spaceships were keeping shields up while Apocalypse and Carrier class spaceships were dealing damage.
After support spaceships won several battles because of their superior survivability, they were given even more powerful shields and weapons to become Titan class spaceships.

I've been saving up ideas for Titan abilities, so it's going really well, I expect for Titan class to be out in two weeks.
It would be possible to release Titan class next weekend, but I want to have extra time for testing and various combat improvements, such as Death From Above ability rework.
I will also need to make starter ship for Titan class and adapt tutorial to it.

Anyway, this and previous week I have added these Titan class abilities:

Concentrated Fire
This is main attack ability.
It's the fastest ability in the game, it's cooldown can be as low as 0.2 seconds, because every activation of ability decreases cooldown.
It has a downside - every 100 times this ability is activated, the ability has a long 15-second cooldown.
This gap will be a time for other abilities (including those from other classes) to shine.

Swarm Control
This ability is unique to the game, there was nothing like it before.
It creates a seeking missile for every minion seen on screen and those missiles go through shields, armour and even other minions until they reach their target.
It has a 4-second cooldown, so it's basically Titan class Death From Above.

Searing Beam
This ability creates a piercing beam that lashes minions.
It has a low cooldown and 15 ether cost, so if your ship generates ether quickly, it can be repeated often, unlike laser abilities of Apocalypse class.

Stable Shield
It's the strongest shielding ability in the game.
It's duration increases with ability level and at maximum ability level, it reaches 8 seconds!
With 14 second cooldown, it covers your spaceship more often and longer than other shielding abilities.

Creation of Energy
The ability that generates ether is finally here!
Break fundamentals of the Universe by downright creating ether out of nothing!
This is the first of many abilities that will encourage the use of giant spaceships.
When upgraded to max level, Creation of Energy creates 1 ether per part attached to your spaceship.
It has a 30-second cooldown, so you won't be able to completely rely on it to get ether. Unless your spaceship is like, really big.
Creation of Energy is immune to Flow Stagnation.

You can check out full ability descriptions and testing video below.

I hope you're as hyped as I am about Titan class!
Until next time!

Things I watched in 2017
Posted on July 09, 2017 at 08:22

DISCLAIMER: This bloody knife I have is not a decoration. I have just mercilessly butchered some of your favorite shows.


Handmaid's Tale
This makes Game of Thrones seem like kid show.
It's powerful and meaningful.
Not something you would watch for fun, but... Yeah.

It has everything I want.
It's smart, dark, epic, it has awesome characters, visuals, music, demon invasion, etc.
Why isn't there more things like that?!
I mean seriously, why not?!

Planet Earth 2
Heh, would be a dick move to rate whole Earth below 10/10.
I mean, that's our only planet so far.
And nothing tops episode with racer snakes.


One Punch Man
Huh, anime that's not dumb and focuses on action instead of on whiny characters and characters are not whiny!?
It was very chill, fun, cool and original.
I really hope it's done entirely by Japan, they really lack good things.

Non-stop eye candy, especially if you love the surreal stuff.
It gets less interesting once they explain what's happening, but it doesn't make it less cool.

Rick & Morty Season 3 Episodes 1, 2, 3
As good as previous seasons.

YES. World needs more well-written and interesting sci-fi.
Aliens were extremely good and their language... Wow.

Raid 1 and Raid 2
Raid 1 is literally raid - a team of people sent into a level 80 dungeon filled with trash mobs and bosses.
Just it's a movie and in cops VS mafia using fists setting.
Hell yeah.
Raid 2 has even better action and with the actual story, just is less "Raid".
I loved both of them, but I think Raid 1 has a better atmosphere and Raid 2 has better action.


American Gods
I love the surreal stuff and the whole idea of the show.

Silicon Valley
I relate to this show, so I like it more than I probably should.
Got to say that it went downhill after season 2.

It should be rated higher.

Alien and Aliens
Good stuff.


Ugly Americans

Samurai Jack Season 5
It was good to finally see the ending of Samurai Jack.
It was a bit rushed, but for understandable reasons.


Tried watching that old show. Like up to episode 5.
I don't get what people see in comics heroes.
Is nostalgia really that strong?

Red 2
It was rather funny. And kind of good, especially when compared to the other action movie I've watched.


Steven Universe
It sucks now.
Instead of some sort of story, there are just random episodes.
Yes, I get it. Gay people are people too.
Can we get to interesting parts now?
No? Ok, bye.


John Wick 2
Dude pretentiously and effortlessly shooting other dudes for two hours.
What a waste of time.
Why it's rated so high?!

Cowboy Bepop/Firefly
Couldn't keep me. It just wasn't interesting enough.
Making sci-fi into a western is just dumbing down awesomeness that is sci-fi.


Attack On Titan Season 2
Haha, we have cool and creepy titans, we know how to animate decent action scenes and we have an interesting setting, but instead, we're going to focus on characters, even though we have no idea how to make interesting characters.
Now gives five stars. Thank you.

Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Was the most bizarre of the animes I tried this year.
It had potential, but instead of focusing on giant robots fighting giant monster robots, they decided to focus on some dumb neglected kid's mental issues.
And girls with some other issues. And the camera angles with even more issues.

Couldn't even start watching ... Gears? What was the anime called, the one that had robots and Britania was an invading country?
Couldn't watch because of obvious anti-USA propaganda.
C'mon, have some decency. I know the USA is evil, but it's just low.

Several other anime's, which names I won't mention.

Just go to IMDB top rated animes and they all are there.
I didn't watch the whole thing, just first few episodes just to prove myself that it's garbage so I could stop wasting time.

Now I know for sure that anime is garbage, so I can stop looking for a good one.

"Honorable" mention:

Scrubs/The Office/Parks And Recreation/F Is For Family/King Of The Hill/Bob's Burgers

Only old or/and boring people could enjoy that.
Just not for me. So no rating.

Quote: Better late than never:
Uh, these are not reviews. At first, I just wanted to write down what I watched. Then I decided to give shows ratings. THEN I have decided to write down why they got such ratings from me. Then I have realized I can't sit for 10 hours writing a post...

One Punch Man "focuses" on the action in comparison to Attack On Titan/Evangelion, which has like 1 minute of action per episode.

It takes 0.5 seconds to say that "Wow that is awesome!" and 5 days to fully analyze why something makes me feel like that. I'd rather be unfair/inaccurate than waste my time explaining why I feel in one way or the other.

I don't feel bad about giving Firefly/entire anime genre (minus One Punch Man) such rating, but hey, they probably are overrated, so there's no harm in them being underrated for once.

Also, anime really pissed me off. Show stupid shit, and you'll get stupid shit, I'm not holding myself back >=|

I do hope that I got some of you to watch Castlevania.

Update! New tutorial and options
Posted on July 08, 2017 at 12:07

Sector Six should be less confusing for new players because the tutorial has been extended to include explanations for spaceship building, ability equipping, alloy container maintaining, and mission map.

There are also new options for map screen.
It is now possible to skip a turn - which generates new missions - and to check in how many turns the Machines will move.

The big thing is the option to set level cap.
That can be done on the class select screen before starting a new game.
Level cap be set to 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 and unlimited.
Level cap only works for that save and it cannot be changed.

Other changes:
  • Improved class select interface.
  • Fixed Almadi anode glitch.
  • Demolisher achievement can now be achieved again.
  • Shield generators now release mines.
  • Shield generators can now be encountered outside tutorial.
  • Fixed various phase break glitches.
  • EMP Grenade now costs 5 ether to activate.
  • Now it's possible to pause tutorial.
  • Possibly fixed invisible shield glitch.
Next update: Titan class!

Echo #76: Better experience and big questions
Posted on July 03, 2017 at 06:12

If you don't have time to read the whole post, scroll down to BIG QUESTIONS.
(The big questions part is dedicated to active, high-level Steam users)

The new tutorial is nearly finished!
I'm almost done with one of the hardest development phases.

Here's the list of previous tough phases:

1. Tutorial 1
2. Interface rework
3. Tutorial 2
4. Graphical update
5. Controller support
6. Tutorial 5?

There were many tutorials. Too many =P

These things aren't that hard, but they are very boring.
Reworking entire combat was a much more difficult task, but it was fun.

When I have to work on boring stuff, I have to force myself and I don't always succeed, and then the boring thing takes even longer to make.
Vicious cycle!

But I've dealt with this tutorial pretty well.
I'm going to polish it a bit, adapt it to controller/carrier class and then I'll update the game with the new tutorial.
That should happen in 2-3 days.

And yes, I need to have different tutorial versions for each starter spaceship and then different versions of those for controller users.

With the upcoming update, I'll also make mission 1, 2 and 3 shorter.
I'll just reduce filler space between things happening.

After the tutorial update, I'm going to adjust level systems and...

This needs a dramatic pause.

And I'll add Titan class!

Titan class will be absolutely amazing - except at removing shields - but more about it in next post.

Now, the new level systems...

When I get player feedback about things, I still don't do anything, until I start seeing patterns in feedback.
For example, when I start seeing more comments about level up system.

So yeah, I've got enough feedback about level up system to consider changing it.

First, I'll make sure that it takes more kills to level up in higher levels.
To be more proportional to how many parts the spaceship needs in higher levels.

Then I'll change the way enemies level up.

Every 10 missions completed, the Machines move.
It is when enemies will scale to player level, instead of automatically leveling up when the player does.

This will make leveling up very advantageous to the player, even if temporary.

To make this work, I'm going to need to change several things about leveling.
I think I'll nerf The Decision modifier and make it impossible to level up quickly by killing low-level enemies.
I don't want players to be more than 4 levels higher than enemies.


There are a few very important questions I want to ask my small community:

1) Should I decrease maximum part limit from 80 to 70?

80 parts are difficult to stuff into building field. It feels limiting, so I thought maybe I could reduce a size of spaceship a little.
Fewer parts also mean less time spent managing ship.
The better solution would be to increase building field, but I can't do that.

2) Should I nerf The Decision difficulty modifier? If yes, how much?

The safest option would be just let it have 1 level, that increase mission length just by 100%.
When I implemented it, I thought it was a good, heh, decision to make modifier that modifies mission length.
Now I'm not so sure.
I still want to keep it, but I don't want to force players to spend so much time on just one mission.
It would also allow exploiting enemy leveling after the upcoming changes.
Although new enemy leveling might not come.

3) Should I delete all saves and reset leaderboards when the game will leave Early Access?

Ships built in old version are a constant headache.
Update button helps a little, but with upcoming changes, old ships will become completely alien to the game.
Possibly different maximum part limit, part sets, new part properties, new experience formula - and old spaceships are build with different rules.


I know many of you spent really a lot of hours playing Early Access versions, so if a fresh start doesn't sound good, I will respect that.

The question could be rephrased to:
When the game will leave Early Access, will you continue playing with an old spaceship OR will you start the new game?

Another thing, there will be some serious changes to save system.
It would be a lot easier for me to make these changes if I didn't have to port old saves to new save system.

4) Should I release all story missions in one update, or should I release a mission, whenever I'm done with it?

Once I'm done with everything else, I'll be working on new story missions.
There will be 9-10 more missions.

Finishing story might take several months and I don't know if anyone wants to wait that long.

The good thing about the mass release:
I might pull the game out of Early Access with the same update, so you can complete story in final game version.

5) How is the part sets?

How difficult is to obtain and maintain them?
Are there problems with them?

That's something to think about, eh?

So, that's all for this echo.

Until next time!

Delaying Inevitable 2017 (Just an idea)
Posted on July 02, 2017 at 17:33

As Jani has noticed, this looks sad.

No surprise I guess, with no new users, 64Digits will stop being active at all some time in future.

While we still have few users, how about we delay the inevitable heat death and make this site look less dead =P

Competitions seem to make 64Digits more alive, so how about we - or me - start another wacky competition.

Because we're lazy or busy or both, instead of making quality competition, let's make quantity competition!

The goal is to produce as much content as possible to fill up that activity bar.

Art, games, random crap, everything is accepted.

Bonus points if you drag some old member from under a rug (where you obviously keep them) and make it join the competition too.

2x bonus for creating "64Digits EXISTS!!!" post on other sites.

No spam, but everything dangerously close to that is accepted?

Time - 1 week.
Reward - no idea. I mean how to measure commitment to this, uh, "competition"?
By +1 pressed on blogs?

ALTERNATIVELY, we could do nothing. Works for me. I'm a lazy and busy introvert, I hate doing things.

OR if this is too innovative (this word haunts me even if im asleep) we can have just typical 64Digits competition.

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