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Echo #56: Better late than never
Posted on November 22, 2016 at 17:09

Last week I have done several things that I should have done months ago!

Thing 1: Enemy grouping

I have improved enemy spawning code to occasionally spawn enemies in wildly random groups! Two lurkers and heavy / acolyte and probe / tank, veteran and swarmling / etc. Everything is possible.

Thing 2: Quick part dismantling and unequipping

I have added two buttons to speed up part management. First button allows to dismantle all parts of the selected grade. For example, dismantle all generic parts in inventory. Second button moves all parts from building field to inventory.

Thing 3: Beacons

I have added beacons, that were removed during combat overhaul. Beacons are unique enemies, that instead of fighting you, repair other damaged enemies. Beacons and new enemy grouping create many new combat situations.

This week I will continue working on mission V.
Update is getting close!

Until next time!

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