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June 11, 2016
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March 26, 2017
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October 16, 2015

Massive update! New abilities and enemies, city improvements, new game+ and full controller support!
Posted on March 19, 2017 at 09:39

Sector Six has been updated!
This update adds a lot of new content and improves various parts of the game.

Five new abilities!

Era's End, apocalypse class ability: The most powerful damage dealing ability in Sector Six!
Overload, apocalypse class ability: Overload removes armour and in exchange sets all ability cooldowns to 0.
Nine Bladed Mines, carrier class ability: Releases nine bladed mines, that deal damage and remove shields.
Attract Mines, carrier class ability: Attracts mines that appear above, bellow and behind enemies and deal damage when detonated.
EMP Grenade, carrier class ability: Launches grenade that explodes and jams enemies! Jammed enemies cannot move or attack.

Three new enemies!

Collectors: Large, powerful enemies with unique attack abilities. Destroy collector's emitters to prevent them from using their most powerful attack.
Mosaics: Medium sized enemies that are composed of fragile parts. Mosaics launch mines that are difficult to dodge.
Drones: Small enemies similar to demolishers.

New game+

If you have completed all story missions, you can now go to settings and reset them.
This allows you do them all over again!
This feature has not been properly tested, due to the amount of time it would take to do that.
If you encounter any issues related to it, please report them immediately.

Cities have been improved.

Now they offer more items and have fewer glitches!
Also, spaceship now moves faster in secure regions.

Other changes:
  • Ability removed: Mine Mayhem.
  • Fixed Detonate sound effect glitch.
  • Added elimination mission.
  • Acolyte seeking shards are now slower.
  • Ether on hit removed.
  • Possibly fixed broken inventory slot amount.
  • Shards of Chaos ability now deals more damage.
  • Shatter ability now deals more damage.
  • Fixed shield depth glitch.
  • Fixed tutorial glitch.
  • Side missions now have better rewards.
  • Side missions now may give units as a reward.
  • New missions will no longer be generated after entering the secure region.
  • Sniper weapon projectiles are now slower and bigger.
  • The Rain of Fire missiles are now easier to dodge.
  • Sector Six now officially has a full controller support.
Have fun!

Since this game now has New Game+, is it how close to a finished product? Just curious since I decided I won't seriously play it until it's finished (so I can get the best possible experience).
Posted by Jani_Nykanen March 21, 2017 12:09 - 5 months ago
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Music: 95%
Left to do: Implement two tracks.

Sound effects: 80%
Left to do: Some sound effects could be replaced with better ones.

Graphics: 90%
Left to do: Background improvements, better animations, polishing.

Interfaces: 85%
Left to do: Map interface rework, avatar customization, interfaces for upcoming features.

Combat: 50%
Left to do: 12 abilities per class, 4 classes, unleashed ability effects, passive abilities.

Spaceship building: 75%
Left to do: Part set effects, more part properties, part filtering.

Region missions: 25%
Left to do: More mission types.

Region bosses: 25%
Left to do: More bosses.

Region enemies: 50%
Left to do: More enemies.

Story missions: 15%
Left to do: 20 story missions?

Story bosses: 10%
Left to do: The Machines: Astrail, Numinor, Hivind, Ourend, Sidris, Ligwitch, Malasmor.

Achievements: 20%
Left to do: More achievements

Features: 75%
Left to do: Crafting system, the Router, endgame, local co-op mode, creative mode.

Total: 53%
Beta: 2016 August
Full release: 2017 Q4?

Released: 0.8.0
Posted by Zuurix March 21, 2017 12:41 - 5 months ago
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Story missions: 15%
Left to do: 20 story missions?

Posted by Jani_Nykanen March 21, 2017 16:49 - 5 months ago
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Yeah, that won't be easy.
Posted by Zuurix March 22, 2017 15:33 - 5 months ago
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