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Final combat update! New content and important changes
Posted on September 26, 2017 at 06:12

Sector Six combat is now complete!

This update adds new enemy, abilities and modifications, removes all of the combat exploits, improves armoured colony seeker, finishes modular difficulty system and more!

New abilities

Passive ability effects

Every non-passive ability has received a passive effect.
Apocalypse class abilities increase damage by 2% per level.
Titan class abilities increase armour by 2% per level.
Carrier class abilities increase armour and damage by 1% per level.

New enemy modifications
  • Has an armour extension
  • Mine launcher
  • Evolves
Apex of evolution

Minion with Evolves modification turns into a stronger minion after a few seconds.
The timer is reset whenever minion takes damage.
After minion evolves, it doesn't stop evolving until it evolves into apex.
Apex is a new minion that is even more powerful than dreadnoughts and apparitions.
Those who can defeat apex will be rewarded with an extant part.

Armoured colony seeker improvements

Armoured colony seeker is now faster, more intelligent and much more dangerous!
Same applies to scions, sentinels and gatherers.
Rewards have also been improved to match increased difficulty.

Modular difficulty system changes

Changes applied to modular difficulty system with the previous update has been reverted and new modifier has been added: Hivind's Army.
Hivind's Army functions the same as level 2 Manifestations Of Destruction in version 0.8.4
This is the final version of modular difficulty system, there are no more changes planned for it.

Other changes
  • Entropic Arc ability has been replaced with Entropic Fracture.
  • Reflect chance is now capped at 80%.
  • Fixed several mistakes in ability descriptions.
  • Temporarily removed avatar customization panel from settings.
  • Corrected wrong ability interface tooltips.
  • All regions have cities now.
  • Improved writing.
  • Improved story mission V.
  • Fixed Titan class tutorial skipping bug.
  • Reverted Death From Above, now it works like it used to work before 0.8.4 update.
  • Increased range of Shatter, Swarm Control and EMP Grenade.
  • Reworked Aggression, Resistance, and Capacity passive abilities.
  • Parts now give less damage boost, to make other damage boosts more important.
  • Parts no longer increase levels of Aggression, Resistance, and Capacity.
  • Instead, parts increase ether and armour by a percentage.
  • Minion armour cores have been renamed to armour extensions.
  • Fixed apparition graphical glitches.
  • Beacon can now be modified.
  • Improved Concentrated Fire.
  • Part sets now require only 6 components to be completed.
  • Added new shield sounds.
  • Added new buying and selling sounds.
  • Fixed glitch that occurred when the ship was destroyed during region resurrection.

Have fun!

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