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Long Time No See! (stuff and things)
Posted on April 16, 2017 at 18:02

Hello all! Been a while, well over a year since I posted here and so yeah.

Gotta be quick as I'm about to run off to dinner with the family for Easter. That said, for those that celebrate, Happy Easter!

First, I suggest someone should get, and host a telegram group for 64digits. Could be neat, not to mention it's pretty good and I'd have to say it seems like a solid app (alongside discord) but meh.

So a lowdown on things that have been going on from late 2015 until now:

Got fed up with Micro Center enough that when I needed a better job I happily jumped ship at the beginning of 2016. (Major mistake, but I grow and learn).

Jumped ship to a much better job that SEEMED to be quite secure. After a few months, they screw me over, resulting in all the money I made and saved going to bills for a few months, quickly draining what I saved.

Found another job once I started to fall behind, around July-August. Delivery job, they were a bunch of idiots, causing more problems and I wasn't doing well. Instead of working with me when I asked for help, they screwed me over with hours. By this time I was far behind and unable to pay my bills, frequently borrowing what little cash I could.

Got a NEW job in december. Long term temp job in a mail room (several months). HR didn't seem to realize I knew my job, and promptly dropped me less than a month later in lieu of someone with experience, despite the fact that I was working with no help in about a week and a half of being shown what to do. So that ended in the first week of January 2017.

In February, I picked up a new temp job at a college as a receptionist, and I've started filing for bankruptcy after finally biting the bullet and borrowing money to file the paperwork with a lawyer. Before this I was literally too poor to be bankrupt.

The receptionist job is ending at the conclusion of the semester which is very soon, and I picked up a job at Home Depot at the service counter. Part time, lower pay but it's money, and permanent for now.

It's been rough doing two jobs, mostly working every day, at one or both jobs. The good news is that I actually enjoy both jobs. Especially the retail job at Home Depot. That company actually takes care of their own. At least my store does.

And I started to try to work on a new game, using the framework of something I found, again in GameMaker: Studio.

Long story short: I'm still alive, and you're still stuck with me (until I somehow get banned which is probably never cause I almost never use this due to no time).

Also I could use some GML help with porting a GM8.1 piece of code for transitions to GM: Studio. Gotta figure out a workaround if anyone is willing to help.

The Tower: Wrath of the Demon King (and Update!)
Posted on August 09, 2015 at 22:00

The big part of this blog:

If you can try it out and vote, please do! NOTE: Some users are reporting that chrome is blocking the download - perhaps due to being from dropbox? No idea why - please understand this is a project made from RPG Maker VX Ace, and is NOT A virus. If you're unsure, let me know and I can see how I can get the game to you otherwise... (Not all chrome users are experiencing this problem!)

Me and a friend had worked on this for the recent contest - we got the humble game maker bundle and decided to toy with it - also my friend has more experience with RPG Maker series than Game Maker - and I have working knowldge of the RPG Maker editors so... why not.

We ended up starting a week or so in, making it more challenging. For what we managed to do, I think the game turned out pretty nice. Challenging but good. There's a few gripes we had but hopefully if this gets enough interest, we'll continue it.

Anyway, other life update stuff for those that care:

I bought, put into service, and recently got back a used 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt. Some minor issues ironed out after I got it from the dealer, and it's growing on me. Kinda wish I bought the PT Cruiser but oddly enough I got turned down for $5000 in financing that my co-worker wanted for it, but was able to get financing for the $12000 or so I needed for the cobalt. Yay, debt. As if my debt from my failed attempt at going to college wasn't enough. At least that's mostly paid off.

Forgot if I posted about it before but me and my family lost the fight for the house. Whenever the bank sees fit to give us warning to leave, we gotta move. Somewhere. No idea where. I'm looking for places to go already. Meh.

Getting back into the game dev stuff once again, starting with that small project. Maybe I should enter contests more often - I'll actually get stuff done!

That's all I can think of for now. Ciao!

Back, and Website!
Posted on May 18, 2015 at 00:56

So.... here, again. I've been plodding through life. Things have been -mostly- the same. A few changes, though...

First - I've got a Drivers License! I've finally snagged a license, so I just gotta find a car, though no money. And that goes hand in hand with the second thing.

Second - We're losing the house. A couple of years after my grand aunt passed away, and we're finally getting to deal with finding a new place to live. No money, though.

Third - got this up and running, decided to give it a shot just for kicks, and see if/how it pans out. Might try for additional "walls" later on! Taking a look and spreading the word would be muchly appreciated!

Stuff and Things in the Life of an Anthony
Posted on January 27, 2015 at 06:58

Not even fully sure why I'm writing this. I guess there's some mild therapy in writing about stuff on a site where people who are more or less strangers promptly read this. Dunno. I might delete it soon, might not.

I'm also bored since I passed out at 9PM and woke up at 3 AM, and can't sleep since then. Also semi-snowed in. And semi sick. Not going into work today; not worth it.

So... yeah. snow. They claim it's the worst for us in recorded history. I say I've heard it before but yeah, lots of snow. Enough that I'm not going in. As for work, I've gone from a cashier, to a tech, back to a customer service person, only providing technical support. The hours were more flexible, hence why I opted to move away from being a tech. It's not bad and there's more money for me in what I do now. Not a whole lot, but it's stuff. I'm trying to get games made to sell on the side, as well as commissions.

Speaking of which, I keep moving between art, music and game dev stuff. Can't sit still, and sometimes I lack drive for one but then the other. At times I get few things done, and it really sucks when I'm doing this on my own, but whatever. Music has been one of my least productive fronts lately, actually. Most stuff just sounds the same. Started doing a couple of tracks for another game concept but it's mostly just noise to me.

As for my games, I've put a hold on a few things. A few projects are just stagnating. Even the simple ideas just seem difficult, and my lack of skill drawing character sprites end up discouraging me - some abilities I prefer having a sprite to use for reference, so it ends up becoming difficult using random placeholder sprites. Bleh. On the other hand, I decided to try to take a lax approach to this new game project. I'm gonna kinda just piece stuff together. See what becomes nice and add it in, and once I've got something started, I'll post about it, maybe.

As for my art, I've been in a bit more of a mindset to do it. I've drawn quite a bit, some stuff I could post when I get it available to do so.

Meh. I'll stop rambling for now. Until next time!

(FIXED!) Belated Christmas Gift - A Font!
Posted on December 28, 2014 at 21:24

Well, a Christmas gift of sorts. Been working on it on and off for a while, and I've finally decided to release it as "SF SemiSerif".

I encourage you guys to add to this font. Between me adding to it (numbers, symbols, etc) and you guys, I'm sure we can make this something awesome. Perhaps someone might be able to lend their hands to designing an awesome, scale-able true type font as well!

Spriting Help! (MechWars)
Posted on April 09, 2014 at 04:04

Oi vey. I can really use some help here with these sprites. You might recognize them from the screenshots in my last post.

..If you don't know, these are the sprites to an upcoming game that's currently called "MechWars". Currently considering "SteelRift" or "MetalScratch" as another potential name, but I've got no clue. But that's rambling at this point. In any case, I'm in major need of some help with these sprites. Kinda at my wits end with them and I'm tired of messing with it.

Long story short, I could use some help improving what I've got already, and I need to also improve them to the point of having 4 more directions - diagonal directions, specifically. Regarding the angle, it's not bad, but I think it could be better by going a bit more of an angle than 45 degrees; I'm thinking something like Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen's view:

Regarding the sprites, here they are:

(NOTE: The sprite above follows the NES restrictions - or should fall under them as close as possible - the cockpit is an overlaid sprite as seen in the middle column of sprites, and is used to get around the 4 (with only 3 visible) color limit with sprites. I can't make it look good without doing this; any ideas/examples are welcome! )

The sprite is inspired by the M-308 Gunner from Metal Storm:

Any help here is appreciated, and I actually posted over on pixellation forums in case any of you guys post over there as well:

MechWarsNES (Working Title)
Posted on April 01, 2014 at 02:36

So I've been working pretty damn hard on a new game, and I've been waiting to release it. It's an NES-inspired game that's currently called MechWarsNES. Yeah.

In any case, it's a pretty sweet little start to a series of games that I intend to sort of pay tribute to the old(ish) game systems over the years. I'd have started with something like the Atari but I really couldn't have figured out how to make a game like this work out how I would want it to work out. Sure I've got ideas but.. I dunno.

In any case, there's not much here to IMHO warrant placing this game into the actual WIP section. All there is so far is a single level with barely any enemies, and an empty boss room. Last attempt to post something so incomplete didn't seem to go over nicely with the moderators; I'd rather not push my luck so early on and besides, I'd rather post an 'official' demo when I've got plenty to show. I plan to post this over on gamejolt and elsewhere soon but for now I'll probably just post this on here and the GMC.

Screenshots below. Download link below. I hope you all enjoy! ;P


Stuff and things, and Game Dev
Posted on October 21, 2013 at 23:00

So I've been at a bit of a standstill lately with pretty much anything outside of work. I've recently taken on a FULL TIME job, so of course it's time to get used to having far less free time than I ever had before to take care of my 'hobbies', and 'side jobs'.

And by that I mean anything outside of work. Sleep (what is that anyway? :P), games, and game/web development as well.

For those that don't know... pretty much everyone here I've finally escaped the evil known as Retail, and while I'm still at the same store, I'm now a tech, currently in an entry level position working on the returned units (some TVs and screens, desktops and laptops mostly). I either restore them for resale, order parts or have them sent out. It's pretty simple but it's in the direction of what I want to do, and where I want to be. I've not felt this happy to be at work since... well, since my first job ever, so the eagerness is there, and I'm freakin' thrilled!

Unfortunately while it means more money, and more hours to earn even MORE money, it's not always a great thing. I've got less time for stuff I've wanted to do but... well, hell, it's easier to build up paid vacation hours anyway so why not :P

I see I missed S4D but that's fine. I'm not about to throw off a job I'm looking to be more serious about right now though maybe I'll manage to do the next Frosty 4 Digits competion or something (or work with nick to get a second release of the game out just for the sake of getting something done)!.

Other than Deep Freeze (which has had very little done to it in recent months), I've been working on a top down game engine, and a possible side view platformer. I've still got plenty of things to do with both engines, with the platformer engine needing a LOT of work, but the top-down engine is getting better and better, and when I'm finally happy with it for release and having input from others (and getting help), I'll be posting about it quite soon. It's definitely quite an ambitious project, but so far I'm quite enjoying the progress I've made on it.

Anyway, I'm afraid my blog is gonna spiral into meaningless rambling so I'll stop here and get some sleep. I've got mostly 9AM-5PM shifts and... it's not bad, but I'm still getting used to such early shifts for me. X_X

Discussion: Unnamed Chopper Game
Posted on July 13, 2013 at 12:04

(Discussion topics below Design Document)

Name: "Chopper Game"
Genre: Top Down Shooter, 2D (3D top down possible)

A main focus, other than any kind of story (assuming one is made for the game) deals with destruction.

Controls are currently intended to be mouse and keyboard based, with other types of input possible at a later time.

The current target platform would be PC-Windows, with the potential for Linux, Mac and console later on. The Language/IDE is undecided, however it can either be GameMaker Language/GM8.1, C++/VisualStudio or Actionscript/FlashDevelop. Java and C# are other possible candidates - C# allows us to move to XNA/Xbox (last I checked) and Java is another cross-platform choice (like with Actionscript and thus flash).

What are your opinions of a game like this? If you like it, what would you like to see on this? If you don't like it, why? What would you change so it's something you like?

Height control is a possible feature - but what could be done to ensure that it works in a 2D, top down manner? The current prototype increases/decreases in size, but of course that's not all that can be done - and it can still be tough to determine what you can and cannot collide with - perhaps a HUD overlay (color overlay on buildings that you are close to hitting)?

Realistic weapons, semi-realistic (think ace combat series and the ability to hold huge amounts of weapons), or perhaps go crazy and do something fictional for a lot of the weapons?

Should it be full 2D? Perhaps 2.5D with a 3D environment? Perhaps full 3D elements? Should the art style be realistic? Stylized? Full on cartoon?

What kind of story would you guys like to see in a game like this?

Updates and Stuff
Posted on June 28, 2013 at 02:58

Among other things, Nick had posted a few updates on the progress of Deep Freeze. Instead of re-posting and driving people crazy, here's a link to his page, and check out the posts:

In other news, I've been working on a prototype for another game while doing stuff for DF here and there, and regarding other fun things, I've started my move into a new room of this house! I can practically taste the air conditioning...!

...Well, maybe not. Still, we've made quite a bit of progress, and I'm quite exhausted already. The house is a mess as we work on moving things back and fourth, swapping out the crap in each room but we're making progress, and I'll be posting pics of this adventure soon! :P

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