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Online Space Action RPG
Posted on August 19, 2010 at 04:31

(Temporarily) Called "NocEpic"
This is a game I came up with a while ago.. And I actually started it a while ago, but I lost all the files while getting a new computer.. So I started it AGAIN. And it's beautiful, compared to anything I've ever made.


Title Screen..

Some boss battle!

Main enemy in the game: Rogue Satellite

Show that satellite who's boss!

Big blast caused by shooting a buncha stars.

A buncha stars. (:

So anyways, the game's basically a top down space action adventure RPG. It's gonna have an online feature (co-op/vs) and a demo should be out within a week..

Tell me what you think of the game so far. I'll make a different blog maybe tomorrow explaining it in more depth.

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