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Posted on April 30, 2008 at 15:18

Hi all.

I haven't been active here in years...
Well, at least not since my last blog :P
As you may notice, I have deleted all my blogs and most of my files, and started afresh.
So here it is, all clean and new.

As for my games, they have all been dropped, apart from one. Zombie. Believe it or not, it has been a WIP for 4 years. But during the 4 years, I have had the chance to work on it, work on it some more, come up with more ideas, build on everything, go back over it, refine it more etc. It's still a collaboration with Supremez, who also hasn't been active here.
The title is my page banner, and Zombie sets out to be the first (to my knowledge) true GM horror game (please correct me though.) It is genuinely scary, and boasts gripping gameplay. We are putting 110% into everything, since we have a wealth of innovative ideas and features. We have a kick ass story (4 years in the making, refining every detail - it is perfect, AND original.), jaw dropping, realistic, grungy graphics (despite it being an overhead game) and an excellent, feature filled engine, with decent physics and lighting. The story mode features a variety of environments, including complex indoor sections and vast, free roaming town sections.
The main engine is half done, however the little features that make a good game great add a large workload, and are not all done. The graphics are still in the early days - however it uses a mix of pixel art, photos and videos all blended in with Photoshop and various other things to create a graphical style similar to Gears of War.
Just as an example of these little features; if you shoot a light hanging from the ceiling, depending on the weapon and various other factors, it will either sway from the bullet's impact (it hit the lamp shade) or shatter and visibly drop to the floor, plunging you into darkness. At the same time, we have real time shadows cast by objects and characters, so when the light sways, the shadows grow and shrink, just as they would in a real life situation.
It promises to be genuinely scary, and with the length of time it has been in progress, we have come up with several original and effective ways to shock and scare. Since it is an overhead game, it will be harder to keep tension, but with good music, sfx and graphics, it will work well regardless.
There will be a single player, and survival mode, both with two difficulties. On a first play-through, even on the easy difficulty, we aim for it to be between 5 and 10 hours long. This is a realistic target, since there are 15 levels, a few short and simple, but most long and engaging, much like Half Life 2.
This is all I will reveal at the present time, but keep watch for other updates and maybe even video blogs in developer diary forms - we will be working on it heavily during the summer.

In other events that have occurred during period of absence, I broke my hip twice and cut my head open, all in the same second. Skiing in France, clipped a log, shattered my skis, flew 10m into a tree at 25mph. The cut is just below my right eyebrow, and I wasn't wearing a helmet, so was extremely lucky to get away as 'lightly' as I did - I could have easily killed myself, if I only hit my head one inch to the left or right: scary stuff! I was told, even with age on my side, it would take me 6 weeks to walk, but even the doctors were amazed with my recovery when I was walking in 11 days! That was February, and I'm fine now :P

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