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January 30, 2014

Iron Fist is garbage so far
Posted on March 18, 2017 at 03:30

This show is garbage so far. I know people are defending it because of the whole whitewashing controversy, which honestly I was defending the show as well, I think it should be true to the comics and I don't have a problem with the lead being white (I'm not white btw) .

The reason why I think this is garbage is because of the fighting scenes (the choreography and the lead can't sell the moves). Luke Cage was a love letter to hip hop and the culture, it had its issues (they shouldn't have killed Cottonmouth); and I expected this to be a love letter to martial arts. This is Iron Fist, one of the best hand-to-hand combatants of the Marvel Universe!

They can't do the Kung Fu cinema style fight scenes because nobody can fight so they employ some weird camera angles and quick editing. When they announced Finn I realized they weren't going for that style of action (I thought Scott Adkins would've been perfect); but what really gets under my skin is that they go for the MMA gritty style and don't even bother to using the moves correctly!!

Also, why are people being knocked unconscious for long periods of time like its nothing only to come back in the next few scenes? I can suspend my disbelief with super powers and Chi, these things don't exists (or at least are understood) in real life, so the writers get creative license and leeway; however, concussions and head trauma does exist.

Don't get me started with the involuntary committal to a psychiatric hospital, what country do they think this is? I used to be a cop and we couldn't get people committed longer than a few hours without them signing their lives away (even with a suicidal admission). Colleen signing a piece of paper saying that she felt "threatened" is nothing when you consider the Meachums had more than enough on Danny (agg burglary, agg assault, trespassing, harassment, stalking, multiple counts btw, and some of it on camera).
Daredevil had much better choreography, and so did Arrow, so my expectations were at that level. I'm on the 5th episode, and I'm really hoping it gets better, I know I'll just have to swallow the crappy fight scenes (OMG, the cage fight), but maybe they'll deliver on the drama or character dev.

Newest trailer for my game
Posted on February 20, 2017 at 15:12

Finally got enough cobbled up to make a trailer. Although I upgraded to a more powerful PC a couple of years ago, the framerate stuttered while trying to capture HD video for the trailer, but at least it's not as choppy as the first video. Game plays much smoother than what's shown in the trailer. Hopefully I can get enough done to get a demo in the summertime, but I'm honestly not in any rush. I'll probably just take some vacation time in a few months and toil away. Hope you all enjoy, at the very least it looks wayyy better than the first two versions of the game.

Major Changes to my game
Posted on January 23, 2017 at 21:18

So I figured I should keep this blog going, today I'll write about why I made some of the changes to my game Occultus Command.
So, here is a picture showing changes to two of the bosses from the Demo and the bosses I have and am currently working on the new game:

One of the big complaints I received from the first demo was that it was hard to tell what was part of the game, and what wasn't, so I've decided to remedy this with color and by keeping the design more consistent, so enemies look like they all belong to the same level, with similar color palettes, while the main characters stand out more from enemies and also the levels and platforming. The player will essentially know what is or isn't friendly by color and design.

Although I will admit, the new graphics do seem to have less personality than the drawings, once you see the game in motion the animation more than makes up for it and the more uniform look as well. Things look like they are from the same game.
The next major change were the characters, soooooo many people complained that the female cyborg looked like Satsuki from Kill la Kill (btw my game was before the anime, but I get it), sooo I changed her color to match the palette design as stated above, and I changed her design to look more "techno" like. Again, some personality is lost from 2D to the new design, but ease, animation, consistency outweighs the cons IMHO.

Anywho, I hope once ya'll get to see a trailer (sometime in February) the changes will make sense, also the gameplay was simplified, streamlined and in other areas sped up as well, but that's talk for another blog.

I'm back!!
Posted on January 22, 2017 at 01:26

IBoy it's been forever since I last posted here, 64digits is sort of a weird website for me, not many people read my posts, but something about blogging here is relaxing.
Anyways, I've been stuck making this game forever, at first I had some 4 friends and we were going to do it together. Then life got in the way, one of them got some lady pregnant that wasn't his wife, had to drop out of school to raise his baby, someone else got arrested or some crap for rioting (mistaken identity he says). Either way, I was stuck making the game by myself, and it looked like some weird salad fingers looking thing.
But boy was I excited, I posted it on Greenlight and got ROASTED, also I was doing a job that I hated and it took too much of my time so I couldn't really dedicate as much time as I wanted to the game (I was a cop....not anymore though). Either way it was greenlit after forever (I had forgotten about it) and in the mean time I had gone back to college for programming and 3D animation.
So I said what the heck, let's update it, and here we are.
I still need to implement lighting and effects, but that'll probably have to wait until later. Right now the game has 4 levels with 1 boss and a few enemies complete, there's still some wonkiness with the zoom, but I'll get it all done whenever I get to it.
It's been fun making the game (especially since now it's just for fun), but I can't wait to finish this and be done with it. I've been so bored lately, I'd like to get back to Muay Thai as soon as I get the lighting and effects done. I tried working out while also working and while also working on my game, went to do BJJ and got my shoulder dislocated, so I've just taken this recovery time to program. Although now I'm probably to the point I can get back to grappling, although my range of motion isn't the same as before, I think I'll stick to striking instead of grappling for now.
Sorry if this is all over the place.

Behold my trailer!
Posted on November 24, 2013 at 03:36

I was supposed to have this done 3 weeks ago! Work has got me in a rut lately, but here is what my game's looking like right now, hoping the video speaks for itself.
Thinking about getting a demo cooked up, keep an eye out for that, might have that up and running before December's over, of course that's if I'm not too busy playing new games ;-)

Keep an eye out for my game demo coming soon
Posted on September 30, 2013 at 21:17

It's been quite a while since I last posted on here. A lot has happened. I was making good progress on my game and my computer crapped out, I managed to fix my computer since Dell flat out refused and then it just crapped out entirely.
I pretty much gave up on my game, but my wife convinced me to at least give it another go.

So far: I have a short level, all assets are working, and 2 bosses, I'm about 40% done and will have a demo up and running within the next two weeks.

The game was originally supposed to be a Metroidvania type sidescroller, but much of that incarnation of the game was lost, so it has an Order of Ecclesia or perhaps Dracula X type of level system (multiple paths per stage) and players can replay stages.
It plays like Final Fight meets Castlevania, touching enemies doesn't cause damage, they instead attack like a standard beat em up, but it contains platform heavy levels, I'm hoping I nailed the secret sauce for good platforming with good, challenging combat.
Here are a few screenshots with brief explanations:

The character setup screen was inspired mainly by side scroller shoot em ups (Einhander, R type).

This is the main character getting crossed up by one of the main brawler type of enemies.

if you notice the top left has three bars, the first one is health, the second one is stamina for regular attacks and the third bar is meter (same as fighting games), the character just executed a "super" move, that was in turned shattered by the boss.

doing game art
Posted on February 21, 2011 at 15:20

I was all happy with the progress I had made on my game Occultus Command. Got the trailer going; did two bosses and then... my new computer crashed again. I'm writing this from safe mode. The dell rep thought it was the power savings and my computer was going into standby and I just didn't know what standby was... holy mother of God... STANDBY MODE!! Gimme a break dell, last I heard that never caused blue screens. Long story short I'm getting my 4th window install, my third hard drive, second graphics card and whole new memory... not that that would help. I'm beginning to think Dell just has all these brand new replacement parts lying around, just ready to be thrown at people even though they won't help.
Either way, since I can't work on my game on this piece of crap pc, I've just been making some art for the game

My game trailer
Posted on February 17, 2011 at 22:23

Okay, well technical difficulties, here's the link to the video on youtube, although I should probably embed it, either way I'm too tired to try and figure this out right now.


hopefully I can get a demo uploaded here within the next couple of months.

Why am I not done with my game?
Posted on January 24, 2011 at 03:16

I was reading some of my older posts, "a demo and a video whipped up" I said.... wow that was like 4 months ago. That's cool, I've gotten a lot done, I seriously thought I'd be done by today, but my old laptop croaked on me.
"No problem" I said as I put down about 2,000 bucks and bought a brand spanking new Dell desktop (Studio xps) superpowers included. So I got Game maker up and running, license transferred well to the new Desktop, game looked sick on the HD monitor and.... what??? It crashed!!!
No way, not my new desktop, there's no effing way. "Maybe it's game maker not playing nice with Windows 7", so I started playing some internet radio as I googled any possible... oh what??? It crashed...again.... no way.
Needless to say, instead of working on my game I've been busy having chat sessions with various dell reps, re-installing Windows, a new hard drive and now waiting for parts. Glad I got the warranty.

2D HD or not?
Posted on July 30, 2010 at 23:40

So I've made a lot of progress with my game, but ran into yet another unforeseen hurdle: my game sucks up Memory like nobody's business. Right now I'm looking at maybe 200 MB or so of RAM, by the time the game is done it'll probably be using up somewhere close to a gig.
I figured most computers nowadays have at least 2 gigs of RAM standard, and if it's for gaming even more, but there seems to be an overwhelming number of people that see the word 2D and assume it has to be small, cheap and short.
I made the decision to half all the resources, cutting memory usage significantly, but after seeing the new neutered game in action... my heart dropped. I could see pixels!!!
The original beast is a sleek, ultra sharp monster that looks even better under the scrutiny of an HD monitor or TV.
I don't know. I guess I can make two versions, but realistically they'd come out years apart, or maybe not at all.
So, to HD or not HD? That is the question.
I risk alienating a lot of people by putting out such a demanding game, on the other hand, I made those sprites myself, I want them to look their best.
Oh well, right now I'm leaning towards making the "weak" version.

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