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Iron Fist is garbage so far
Posted on March 18, 2017 at 03:30

This show is garbage so far. I know people are defending it because of the whole whitewashing controversy, which honestly I was defending the show as well, I think it should be true to the comics and I don't have a problem with the lead being white (I'm not white btw) .

The reason why I think this is garbage is because of the fighting scenes (the choreography and the lead can't sell the moves). Luke Cage was a love letter to hip hop and the culture, it had its issues (they shouldn't have killed Cottonmouth); and I expected this to be a love letter to martial arts. This is Iron Fist, one of the best hand-to-hand combatants of the Marvel Universe!

They can't do the Kung Fu cinema style fight scenes because nobody can fight so they employ some weird camera angles and quick editing. When they announced Finn I realized they weren't going for that style of action (I thought Scott Adkins would've been perfect); but what really gets under my skin is that they go for the MMA gritty style and don't even bother to using the moves correctly!!

Also, why are people being knocked unconscious for long periods of time like its nothing only to come back in the next few scenes? I can suspend my disbelief with super powers and Chi, these things don't exists (or at least are understood) in real life, so the writers get creative license and leeway; however, concussions and head trauma does exist.

Don't get me started with the involuntary committal to a psychiatric hospital, what country do they think this is? I used to be a cop and we couldn't get people committed longer than a few hours without them signing their lives away (even with a suicidal admission). Colleen signing a piece of paper saying that she felt "threatened" is nothing when you consider the Meachums had more than enough on Danny (agg burglary, agg assault, trespassing, harassment, stalking, multiple counts btw, and some of it on camera).
Daredevil had much better choreography, and so did Arrow, so my expectations were at that level. I'm on the 5th episode, and I'm really hoping it gets better, I know I'll just have to swallow the crappy fight scenes (OMG, the cage fight), but maybe they'll deliver on the drama or character dev.

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