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Competition Time!
Posted on March 14, 2016 at 17:18

We have a winner!




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PSN Community
Posted on November 03, 2015 at 13:26

Hi everybody!

I've created a 64Digits PSN community, because I thought it might be fun. I know a few people here have a PS3/PS4 (not sure if communities is available on PS3? Let me know.) and a PSN account, so I have set one up so we can all connect and spy on each other.

If someone has already done this, please tell me. I can't seem to search for communities... :|

Currently I don't know how anyone can join the community other than becoming friends with me and then I invite you. So feel free to add me and I'll zing you an invitation! My PSN name is trolleybusses.

If you add me, maybe include in the message that you're from 64Digits, so I don't get confused.


#64DSC: Colour Mode
Posted on April 06, 2014 at 15:41

Jus thought I'd post a quick dev blog. I haven't been able to work on this much (only about 4 hours or so) but this idea is simple enough that it doesn't require me to do much in terms of the code and game play mechanics. The bulk of the work will come in terms of puzzle and level design, which I may ask some of you for help with. :D

The idea is that you can only see the level one colour at a time. To get past obstacles you'll need to swap between the colours to reach the exit. So far I've added movable blocks, but this will grow to include other helpful items and things you'll need to do to get around the levels.

Graphics normally take me far too long, so I've gone for a very simple style here. I think it suits it quite well. I've got a notebook full of ideas for this, so I'm going to keep doodling on my train journeys and pick out the best ideas.

I'm determined to get this submitted for this competition! LET'S DO THIS.

Update: 08/04/2014
My plan as it stands:
- vertically moving platforms.
- doorways that lead to different places in the level.
- death- when you fall out of the level or switch colours and get spliced into a platform.
- pretty level transitions (I have a clear idea of how it should look in my head).
- level design- this is ongoing. I have a few drawings of levels scribbled down.
- make it pretty. I'd like some mood lighting in there and other things to just increase the visual appeal.
- controller input (nice to have- low priority).

This list will no doubt change. I have other ideas I haven't quite nailed down that will get added.

Update 08/04/2014 13:37:
Decided I don't like the // in the name so it is now just Colour Mode.

Games for people who don't play games.
Posted on February 10, 2014 at 14:01

This weekend my girlfriend and I had a lazy weekend watching dvds and catching up on some much needed relaxation time together. While we were figuring out what to watch next, she asked me if I had any Xbox games she could play with me. My library consists of Batman, GTA, Madden and Fifa right now and none of those appeal to her. She doesn't like excessive violence and football (normal and handegg varieties) don't interest her.

So I'd like some help. I want to find some Xbox games we can play together to get her in to it. I've currently marked Rayma Origins and Rayman Legends as two games which she would enjoy and have coop play. I notice there's a Crash Bandicoot and a Spyro game for Xbox too, so those might be worth checking out.

Can you guys recommend any she may enjoy or we can enjoy together? Preferably for Xbox 360 but PC or easily emulated games are also welcome.

Where the flippety flip have you been?!
Posted on October 17, 2013 at 15:07

Today I made a vow. A vow to be more active in the 64Digits community. I want to help out more with the moderation of the site as per my duty and status. This website has been a great place for me over the years, and when I first became a moderator I was ecstatic and wanted to contribute as much as I could.

As time has gone on and I've been growing up, it's been harder and harder to find time to visit. But I'm going to make a real effort to check the site as often as possible and contribute more to the discussions, reviews and content of the site.

So where have I been? Life has been incredibly busy for me recently. I finshed university back in July and promptly moved from Sheffield to Cardiff to move in with my girlfriend. We have an amazing flat in the North of Cardiff, with decent connections into the city centre and a great big Morrisons (supermarket) right next door. Not long after getting here I got a job in Bristol as a software developer for an internet business. I'm now commuting there every day and working on both the web side of things and the internal systems, using a variety of languages, including PHP and C# along with MySQL and a couple of e-commerce systems.

Commuting is tough, but I've gotten used to it. It's about an hour and a half of cycling and trains each way, which means I'm leaving the flat at about 6am and coming home at around 7-8pm. It has made me realise - weekends are far too short!

The work I'm doing is interesting, challenging and new; all things that are good and enjoyable, so I am very happy there!

Away from work, I've just been trying to enjoy my weekends as much as possible. We often eat out on a Saturday and go for nice bike rides. I've been playing a bit of GTA 5 recently. Not very far in, but I am enjoying that, too!

In terms of game development and my own personal projects, I don't really have anything to show. Frank hasn't progressed much and I think that will just be an incredibly long and drawn out development process, but one that I would love to complete. I missed the sign up for the S4D competition, which is probably a good thing, as I wouldn't have been able to get my entry in on time. But I did have what I think is a fun idea for a game that I'm going to attempt to make in my very limited spare time. The scope is small enough that working on it in short bursts should turn out some decent results. It probably won't be anywhere near Halloween by the time I get something out. But it should be fun anyway. ;)

My parents are coming to Wales next week, and I haven't seen them for quite a while, so I've taken a couple of days holiday to spend some time with them. I've also get next Friday off as my girlfriend and I are going away to stay in a cottage at a spa. I'm incredibly excited, as I haven't had a day off in absolutely ages, and I could do with a good old back massage. I have a whole week of next month(!) in what will be a manic few days. My girlfriend has a public speak competition final on the 11th, which will finish around 9:30pm. We then need to catch a late coach up to Sheffield, for my graduation on the 12th. Then after the ceremony and a meal with my parents it's straight back to Cardiff! I managed to get the rest of the week off too, so I've bookmarked that as some relaxation and personal project time, which I have to say I am very excited about!

So there's the life of me at the moment! Now that I'm settling into the job and am getting a bit of a routine going, I'm going to contribute here a bit more and do what I can to help this community!

Good luck to everyone participating in S4D!

Oculus Rift Co-Founder Dead
Posted on June 01, 2013 at 06:07

I woke up about an hour ago and was reading through my Twitter feed to find word that Andrew Reisse, a co-founder of Oculus VR who make the Oculus Rift, has been killed. He was killed by a car being chased by police while he crossed the road.

This is really sad news, and my thoughts are with his family and friends.

News reports:
Game Revolution

Posted on May 21, 2013 at 14:23

Did anyone else watch this? It'd be nice to hear other people's thoughts on it.

My own view is that it was pretty pointless. All that I've gleamed from it is that it's called the Xbox One, every Xbox will come with a Kinect, they like TV a lot, there's a new Forza game, a new Call of Duty game (when is there not a new a CoD) and that it has 8 GB of RAM.

I don't know why they didn't just wait until E3 and reveal everything all at once in one big presentation of almost awesomeness.

Oh, there's also going to be a live action Halo TV series with Steven Spielberg involved.

What do you think?

What's the word, humming bird?
Posted on May 03, 2013 at 16:07

Hey! It's been a while since I posted a blog, and an even longer while since I posted an interesting blog! So I'm going to do my best to make this one as interesting as possible.

What have I been up to lately? Well yesterday I handed in my last assignment of my degree. I study Games Software Development, for anyone who doesn't know, and it's been a fun four years. This year has been really cool, because we got to do some really cool stuff!


Carnage is a game I have been working on for the PlayStation 3 as part of my 3D Games Prototyping module. It's a fun, fast-paced, four player deathmatch arena vehicular combat game. It uses Box2D for the physics and has a few different power ups, like rockets, triple rockets and mines. The vehicles all handle slightly differently, but to keep the fun factor high, they are all fast and slide around a fair bit.

You can't play it because I don't think we can even release it on PSN, and we have only been running it on dev kits. But maybe it'll come to PSN some day. :D

Here's a game play video:


Vogre is what I've dubbed my voxel engine written in C++ and using OGRE for the rendering engine. This is what I created for my final year project, and I'm pretty pleased with it. It's not as complete as I would have liked, but it certainly meets the requirements I set for it in my original project specification. It was fun to make and mess about with, and I'd most certainly like to continue developing it or use it for something in the future.

I'll throw up a download link for you in a bit, so that you can have a play about in it.

Street Canvas
In another module, I had to create a mobile application. A friend and I decided to create Street Canvas, an application that allows people to take photos of street art that they find, tagging the location. Others can then search for art within their local area and browse all the uploads, adding images to their favourites. We developed it using HTML, CSS, and Javascript and used PhoneGap to compile for both Android and iOS. I also managed to get it on my Blackberry PlayBook, but many things are broken.

Other than university work, I haven't been up to much else! I've not had the time! But now that I'm done, I would very much like to start competing in the game jams and competitions being held here and hopefully bringing something to the table. I haven't done any recreational programming for a while, so it'll be nice to make something for the fun of it!

I'm now looking for a job for once I'm completely done with university. and I have to say - job applications are stressful! But I've sent off quite a few today, so hopefully I'll hear back from some of them over the next few days or weeks.

As part of looking for a job, I finally sorted out my website once and for all! Let me know what you think: http://www.mattspearce.co.uk/

Welp, time to go do something! I'm not sure what. Suggestions welcome.

Cheer Up! Again!
Posted on January 15, 2013 at 16:58

Guess what, guys?

There's new kittens!! And they're named after Alien characters! The mum is called Ripley! (That's right, Americans, I said mum)


Look how cute they are! I wish I could roll around with them and let them climb all over me. Fluffy little bundles of happiness!


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