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Old Games of mine (pretty horrible games)
Posted on July 13, 2016 at 00:09

Some of my old games...

I put my name on some of my games as request by a GED teacher, I would have rather not put my name everywhere.

Eric's Knowing Numbers: A simple game I made for learning how numbers work. It's made to quiz people on their knowledge. It's not made to teach.

Eric's Roman Numerals: Roman numeral games. I believe it goes all the way up to thousands. Very Simple in desgin, nothing fancy AT ALL.

Eric's US Map Game: Simple Geography quiz, I wanted to add voice to it sometime, but never got around to it.

Eric's Moneeeeeyyy: A game to help a person to count money, and also quiz to count up change. Quiz works good.

Backwards Writer: Type, copy, paste what you write backwards. It can also translate backwards messages for you.

doulikewindows: Prank program that floods the screen with small windows. Clicking on close on any box closes them all. It's not a trap program.

Drag N Drop For Seth: Game I made for my son. Drag things around using the mouse to create scenes. I have another version somewhere with a UI and music, but I can't find it.

Eric's Easy Math Game for Kids: Simple Addition/Subtraction game for kids. Comes with objects to count in case a child needs help. Cheesey Freeware graphics.

Eric's Memory Game: I forgot what this game is... :P

Fishing Game for Seth: I made this for Seth when he was little to help him to better use the mouse. I'm not sure if this version has music or not. Other version the fish speed up after every 3 minutes.

and etc... (I will describe the rest when I wake up, too sleepy currently)

Old Games.

Most of these games were made over 12 years ago, back in 2002 or 2003.

Speed running old RPGs
Posted on March 28, 2016 at 23:27

So last month I decided to speedrun old RPGs after watching Youtube speedrun videos. It gave me an excuse to pick them up again and be a lazy. My other half thinks it's in bad taste to speedrun RPGs... She says that because she likes to take too long on every RPG she plays. Anyway... I played Final Fantasy 4, 6, and 7, only those so far. I will try not to give away too many spoilers.

Final Fantasy 4
Final Fantasy 4 fan art of characters
Final Fantasy 4 Odin battle
My first play through time of Final Fantasy 4 was 10 hours 30 minutes, I took my time some. Had fun with it. This was the first time I played through part 4 since 1997, still remembered quite a bit. For me FF4 was my first great RPG that I will always remember with fondness. It and Sim City were my first SNES games. Looking at them in Nintendo Power I knew I had to have them.

2nd play through time was about 4:00, It was tool assisted as they say.
I used level 99 code
start with best weapon codes
press "A" to summon the big whale at any time on the world map
and later on I figured out a better walk through wall code for version 1.1
I used a few glitches too, like weapon duplicate, Village of Myst skip. I haven't figured out how to use the 64 room glitch yet... It took several tries to figure out how to glitch my way through a certain part. With luck I did it.
My party was: Cecil, Cid, Kain, Yang, and Rydia (young)...
Yes, it was very tricky keeping those characters to beat the game. I wanted a warrior/fighter party. :D

3rd play through I beat it in 1:30, heavily cheated, lol. Very much tool assisted...
I used the same codes as mentioned before, but I started with more items.
My party was: Cecil, Kain. Rydia (young), Palom, and Porom.
Magic users was the theme this time.

I hope to make another run without cheats or glitches, I expect my time will be much higher, probably over 12 hours.

Final Fantasy 6
Final Fantasy 6 fan art of characters
Final Fantasy 6 Atma weapon battle
I only played through this til the end one time, but I reseted many many times. I wasted too much time. I got to the ruin world at least 2 different times. The last time I told my other half that I can beat this time, and so I did. I also had other goals too, not just speed...
Least amount of steps
Lowest levels possible
My final time was 5:56
Steps: 17,301
Tool assisted, I used start with weapons/armor codes, but no experience modifier codes, no stat codes, no level codes, nothing else. I didn't walk through walls or use any glitches. Yes, this was a huge headache...
Final levels:
Terra lv11, Edgar lv12, Sabin lv10, Mog lv15, Setzer lv10, Celes lv10
Cyan lv12, Gau lv10, Umaro lv11, Gogo lv13
I didn't get Relm, Shadow, Strago, or Locke, also I didn't get every esper.
My levels were really low, but I think I can beat it if I tried again. So yeah, I faced the final bosses with less than 400hp per character. One note about being on low levels, higher level enemies tend to miss hitting you a lot. I noticed a long time ago that the higher your levels are the more damage + chance of being hit increases.

I'm currently playing Final Fantasy 7 on my PS2, I'm considering buying it for my PS3 also. I don't think I can speedrun this game, it's way too long and enjoyable for me to run through. I'm not saying FF4 & FF6 are not as enjoyable, but they're easier to go through or restart and try again.

Final Fantasy 7
I beat it 3 times... First time was a terrible 20+ hours, but I did a lot and also took my time and spoke to NPCs. It's almost against my religion to speedrun this game. So my last two playthroughs I tried to make it to disc 3 with a level 6 Tifa and fight the strongest bosses in the game with only her.

It didn't go well, lol. It's too hard of a challenge...

Now I'm playing Mother 3 for the GBA, playing it on my PSP. I never got around to playing, until now.

New Workout routine
Posted on March 08, 2016 at 08:57

New Workout routine as of 11/15/2015

Monday Arms & Chest
Inclined Bench Butterflies Warm up: 7 sets, light weights, high reps (60+), 1 min rest.
Inclined Bench Butterflies: 3 sets, 80lbs, 8-12 reps, 1 min rest.
Inclined Bench Butterflies: 1 set, 120lbs, 1-2 reps, 1 min rest.
Inclined Bench Butterflies Cool down: 4 sets, light weights, high reps (60+), 1 min rest.

Overhead Presses, Curls, Wrist Curls, Standing flies, and Shoulder Shrugs same as above...

Tuesday Legs & Stomach also cardio
1/2 Sit Ups (Warm Up): 30 minutes, rest 1 minute.
Sit Up: 3 sets until failure, rest 1 minute...

Calf Raises (Warm Up): 3 sets, No weights, Until failure.
Calf Raises: 3 sets, 120lbs, Until failure, rest 1 min.

Leg Extensions and Leg Curls same as Calf raises.

Weds: Cardio day

Thursday Arms & Chest
Same as Monday

Friday Legs & Stomach also Cardio
Same as Tuesday

Weekend: Cardio + free time

For cardio I do either 10-15 miles on bike, walk 6 miles, or 20+ miles on exercise bike. Hopefully, soon I can do 20 miles a day on bike and it won't take over 2 hours...

I quit Haven and Hearth
Posted on March 26, 2015 at 12:14

Warning, this is probably boring... Sorry, Tiny Pic isn't loading my pictures...

So yeah. I've quit. I don't have the time to spend on it. I've done a good job of avoiding MMORPGs, up until Haven and Hearth.

I started playing world 7 September 5th 2014 and quit playing March 23rd 2015. I created my village (Village of Idiots) on September 14th.

My village in November:

Starting out my alt Jupiter died (running from aurochs, lol), that's when I met a guy that gave me his smithy hammer and a bone saw. He told me to come pick up an anvil he wanted to give me, but I never went back. He said he was moving further north, but he was killed x_x

I helped out a few people during my time playing HnH, and most of those people have been killed. An experienced player that lived near a mountain was cool, but he made the mistake of taking out his main (blacksmith/crafter). A Dis jerkface killed him by the name of Mikeboy. I'm guessing Dis came back to his place, got in through the minehole, and killed his alts again.

AD killed Mikeboy less than a day later, karma has a way of catching up with you in this game. At the time I knew the guy was in Dis' mine area mining their nodes... So yeah, karma...

Met another player named Prowny, very weird guy. Wanted to pay me for everything I gave him... He later joined the jerkfaces of York and went out raiding places, guess what place he decided to ram? He posted a screenshot of a farming area he thought was a neat design. I don't think he realized that I would see it and discover that he's been hanging around my place... His York friends broke my wife's Property Claim in the cave right beside of the farming area he thought was neat. This was after I joined Village of the Ancients. Thankfully, I still did ram checks on my place...

Just looking for the screenshot of Prowny's, he has deleted it.

Around December, I joined Village of the Ancients. I can't mention the leader's names, but I was in a village full of lazies (except Keiri, he wasn't too lazy). One leader had to pay villagers to do stuff around the village, lol. Smite and his weird older brother were the first to quit playing. This was after our leader wasn't able to play. Keiri quit the next day, for w/e reason. Some guy named Leon wanted to play in the village, but then never did after I got everything set up for him as with two other new guys... I got Leon set up with several mining spots, a boat, 2 large chests, q105 pickaxe, bear cape, etc... Lazies....

I can't believe there are so many people who join a village to leech off of it. People who won't play the game, just take curios... I thought about inviting people to play in my village a few times, looking back... It's a good thing that I didn't!

A cheesemints:
Built my own big village (with my wife's help)


16 kilns, 15 ore smelters, 13 chicken coops, 3 stone mansions, 3 cabins, 7 ovens, and plenty of sniper free farming areas.

Figaro Underground, my secret village in a level 4 mine. The picture is old, I hadn't mined out all of the black areas yet,

AAAaaahhh! You found me! Another underground village I made. I created it in case I got scented items from trading with people. I'll explain: In HnH big factions are greedy jerks, they will steal their own items and give them scents, so when you trade with someone they will be able to track down that item. So of course the item will take them directly to your village. So that's the point of the tiny village.

Poopville Village: The place where I keep my animals.

Rammed lv3 minehole to make Fiagro Underground safer

Milked 18 cows 2-3 times daily :(

Bred tons of pigs, cows, and sheep

Raised an character strong enough to break a palisade (palibasher)
Broke my palisade

Fisted most all of the animals in the game.
Fisted a rabbit
Fisted a frog
Fisted a fox
Fisted a boar
Fisted a bear

Stole a wagon from an abandoned claim
Stole a cow
Rode the wagon with the cow into the sunset (kinda)

I would not recommend this game to people. unless they like playing very very difficult MMOs with permadeath. Not to mention the terrible community. Despite those things you can survive on your own, I did it pretty easily this world. A few tips from me if you want to give it a try:

-Never ever build a minehole or have a cave in your village. Easiest way of being raided.
-Never build your village near rivers or lakes. It shouldn't be visible by people boating near it.
-Don't depend on cliffs to act as walls...
-Make sure your Property Claim covers the whole village and then some.
-Build a palisade village as soon as you can, and then build a brickwall behind it.
-Don't send characters out of your village that you don't mind having killed. I only sent out foragers after I established myself.
-Don't take keys out of the village
-Don't make a person a LawSpeaker that isn't going to play much...
-Build a Crossroad system and use wine to warp.
-Never give out CrossRoads to anyone (obviously make sure there are not CR leading to your village).
-Don't trust anyone.
-Use more than 1 character... Key Alt for holding keys (never leave keys in anything)
Farmer alts = Farming only, protect this alt like he is your village's life, because he or she is. It's good to have 2 or more farmers (with at least 400+ farming) in the village to feed animals, because it becomes a boring chore pretty quickly...
Foragers = Forage for curios, they can and will die. They need to have over 66 perception and 100 exploration, and now at least 40 survival.

I'll add more to this later...

Favorite YoutubeChannels
Posted on February 21, 2015 at 03:01

I thought it would be neat if we shared what Youtube video channels we like, or something other people here might like. I've been going to many different channels over the years, most of you guys have probably been to them as well. Here goes:

Angry Video Game Nerd
I'm sure most of you guys know this guy :) I have watched his videos so many times... lol. I guess a lot of the entertainment for me is that I grew up in that time period and played most of those games (Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde). One day I want to make my own terrible game based on all of the old NES games...

My favorite evil let's play person. His videos are always funny. I started watching him when he played Surgeon Simulator a few years ago, after that my son demanded I buy the game.

I like this guy for doing Plants VS Zombies 2 videos and Nintendo videos. He can be kind of annoying Let's Play person.

Machinima inside gaming
Game news and drunk Mario Karting. A lot of neat GTA 5 videos too. Now Inside Gaming is no more :(

Screen Junkies
Honest Trailers is great :)

How to Basic
Wonderful how to videos.

Good Mythical Morning / Rhett and Link
My son loves to watch this show. It's kid friendly most of the time. My son ask me all of the time "will it taco?" from one of the videos...

Miranda Sings
A weird weird girl :)

Off the Great Wall
Fun info on China and its culture. Also has some videos on learning some of the basics of Mandarin.

China Uncensored
News in China.

Asian Comedy, more popular than Off The Great Wall.

green power science
Guy shows you how to make solar heaters, assemble solar panels, use a fresnel lens to weld.

Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens
Organic gardening, Aquaponics, etc...

Mental Floss / CrashCourse
Educational, very interesting videos.

Minute Earth / Minute Physics
Educational, also very interesting videos

The Young Turks
News channel I like.

It's getting late I'm tired I wanted to add some travel channel guides, gardener channels, and a few others, but I'm too sleepy (I'll add more to the list). I'm not thinking very well so forgive my spelling or grammar errors. Time for my sleep. Share some of your favorites also.

I was gone for a few months, now I have returned
Posted on August 30, 2013 at 16:41

I've been trying to exercise more and spend time with my son before he goes back to school. IRC and the internet was taking up a lot of my time, had to take a break.

I've lost weight from lifting weights and exercising (mostly lifting weights for endurance). I reduced my blood pressure and my doctor took me off another blood pressure pill. My blood pressure is still low (95/67) :D I only have 1 more pill to go and I will be off my meds :o

I want to do more with my son before winter comes. Not quite sure what. I usually take him on nature hikes in the fall, collect leaves, seeds, and nuts, plant them, grow trees. Maybe I can take him to the zoo :?

This rainy summer has ruined a lot of my plans :(

1) pull muscles
2) get muscle cramps
3) have a baby
4) over work your heart
5) stroke
6) pms
I did too much starting off and I felt very weird... I still have leg cramps from doing too much :(

Always stretch (carefully) before doing anything.

My new routine (twice a week):
16 sets of Bench Butterflys
16 sets of Overhead Presses
28 sets of Curls
28 sets of Wrist Curls
6 sets of Reverse Wrist Curls
4 sets of Standing Butterflys

5 sets of Leg Extensions
3 sets of Calf Raises
and other leg exercises...

3 sets of Sit-Ups
3 sets of Side Leans with weights
3 sets of Stomach Twists

Exercise Bike or my bike
Stair Climbing

Sorry this was so boring :(

A present for my wife
Posted on July 04, 2013 at 08:24

One of my presents to my wife is going to be a new bicycle. She likes cruiser style bikes with coaster brakes. Her and I dislike mountain bikes because it seems like we have to adjust the brakes constantly. Mountain bike brakes are not as powerful as pedal brakes IMO, or reliable.

I was looking at some cheap Schwin bikes, but their quality has went downhill with the price drops. I have no idea what bike I want to buy for her.

Some mood setting music for the links below

[u]Weird Bike Creations: [/u]
Homemade Bike Trailer
Dewalt Drill bike
$45k Electric Bike
80MPH Bikes
Green Power Bike/Car/Thing
Amphibious Cycle
Old Bike/Motorcycle
Chopper Bike
Garden Plow Bike

Tipsy Pedal Go Karts
6 Person Bike Car
Another Bike Car or Pedal Car
A Childs Pedal Car pvc/aluminum


Mario Shirt
Zelda Shirt
Plants VS Zombies shirt Chomper
Plants VS Zombies Shirt Yehti
Plants VS Zombies Sunflower

Point and Click Adventure games
Posted on June 26, 2013 at 17:11

I love these games and I'm trying to find as many as I can. If anyone has suggestions please post them. Post w/e point and click games you like too or your opinions on the games posted. Text heavy or Educational Point and Clicks are welcome (I'm trying to get my son to play some of them so if they're kiddish it's okay).

Some suggestions I received:
Monkey Island series
Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis
Sam and Max series
5 Days a Stranger by Ben Yahtzee Croshaw
Maniac Mansion Day of the Tentacle
Maniac Mansion
Gemini Rue
Grim Fandango
Revolution Steel Sky
Teen Agent
A New Beginning
Broken Sword
Kings Quest
Gabriel Knight
Blackwell Legacy
Emerald City
Jolly Rover
Freddi Fish
Putt Putt

Point and Click Horror games (or just horror type adventure)
Walking Dead
Blackstone Chronicles
Exmortis Trilogy
The Cat Lady (2012)
The House 2
Sweet Home (1989)
Clock Tower (ps1, snes)
Hell Knight / Dark Messiah
System Shock 2
Shadow of Destiny (ps2, psp)
Extermination (ps2)
White Day: A Labyrinth named School
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (GC)
Saya's Song / Saya No Uta (visual novel)
Haunting Ground (ps2)
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
Rule of Rose (ps2)
Scratches: Director's Cut (pc)
Siren: Blood Curse (ps3)
Cursed Mountain (Wii)
Deadly Premonition (360, ps3)
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Penumbra series
Nightmare House 2
The Nameless Game
Kuon (ps2)
Theresia Dear Emile (ds)
Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi

Some useful links for myself/others:
Google Search for List of Point n Click Adventure games.
Google Search for List of Point n Click Horror games.
Lucas Arts Co. Info
17 Obscure Horror Games
Newer Point and Click games
TellTale Games

From F1ak3r's post
Grim Fandango (may be difficult to run on modern systems -- I know my copy whines about 64bit)
Sam & Max episodes (I've only played the first season, but I'm sure the others are excellent as well)
Time Gentlemen, Please! (bloody hilarious, deconstructs the genre, available for next to nothing on Steam)

Previously commercial -- available from the Scumm VM site
Beneath a Steel Sky (a serious sci-fi story)
Flight of the Amazon Queen (wacky adventures in the Amazon rainforest)

Ben There, Dan That (predecessor to Time Gentlemen, Please! above, also really funny)
Everything by Yahtzee -- his Chzo Mythos games, Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment, The Trials of Odysseus Kent, and even 1213 and Art of Theft if you feel like adventure-flavoured platformers (and actually, not everything, don't go earlier than Kent).
Everything by Ben304 -- he's made a lot of really neat short games in interesting universes.
Grundislav's Ben Jordan series -- now complete with eight episodes and snazzy remakes of the first two.
Cirque De Zale (basically a modern-day LucasArts game)
Jessica Plunkenstein And The Dusseldorf Conspiracy (the graphics are pillaged from resource packs, but it's full voiced and I remember it being really funny)
Nelly Cootalot (so amusing!)
How They Found Silence (ugly graphics, but the rest of the game makes up for it)
Nanobots (I think it has a commerical sequel too)
Aeronuts (it's got a SHMUP minigame)
the white chamber (really well-produced horror game with animey art)
The Vacuum (an experiment in branching storytelling of the sort you don't see in a lot of these games)
Damsel (a short, fully voiced game about a damsel who has to get out of her own distress)

Adventure Games
Fedora Spade (complete at four episodes and made in GM -- you'll probably need the GM6 Vista convertor)
Photopia (if you play one text adventure, make it this one)

I recently have been playing Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchmans Mine. It's good so far, kinda difficult tho. I've had to check a FAQ guide to see what I need to do next. I know I'm a big cheater [:(]

I have beaten Maniac Mansion several times and It's probably one of my favorite Point and Click Adventure games. I think I have it on almost everything; PC, PSP, XBOX, NES, and probably something else I'm leaving out. I've yet to beat Day of the Tentacle.

Haven and Hearth Survival MMO
Posted on March 31, 2013 at 13:56

I'm creating this blog for people who might want to try HnH. I might decide to play if I have time and if others are willing to start a village together. Haven and Hearth is a permadeath MMO survival/RPG. You will die and you will die a lot starting out.

It has a small community of people that still play (250ppl). From my understanding most permadeath MMOs don't have much of a community.

Helpful links:
Main Page
HnH Wiki
World 6 Map
Skills: How to unlock them
Curios: How to make LP
Sliders: What they do
Wiki's terrible guide on getting started

Getting Started:
The Best HnH Guide by Jackard
Sevenless' Guide also a good guide
My tips:
First things to do: (1) Find a good place to survive for now. A Moor or grassland (dead center of it) is a good place because because boars and bears can't spawn there B) (2) Find and make curios! Make Cone cows and find Dandelions, later you can find(if your Perception and Exploration is high enough) better curios. You can also raid anthills but be careful they can kill you. Avoid Rivers, find trees and discover what they have to offer you. Build a bed somewhere safe like a Moor or grassland area.
Dandelion 50LP 0.67hrs MW=1
Lady's Mantle 600LP 5hrs MW=6 (Swamp Areas)
Dew Lady's Mantle 600LP 5hrs MW=3 (Swamp Areas)
Emerald Dragonfly 800LP 4hrs MW=2 (Swamp Areas)
Ruby Dragonfly 2,400LP 4hrs MW=4 (Swamp Areas)
Ant Soldiers 200LP 0.67hrs MW=2
Ant Queen 500LP 1.33hrs MW=3
Ant Empress(uncommon/rare) 2,000LP 3.33hrs MW=6
Auroch's Hair 2,000LP 48hrs MW=1 (Found on Aurochs)
Itsy Bity's Web 5,000LP 36hrs MW=10 (randomly appears on foragables)
Itsy Bitsy 2,000LP 40hrs MW=6 (randomly appears on foragables)
(3) In the future find a GOOD spot to build your village (skip to bottom about creating a village and finding a location).
Don't use the default client download Ender's client instead and use it if you can. Ender's displays animals on your radar and shows their range. Running around with the default client is a great way to die.
Avoid Unknown Players, BEARS, Trolls, and Boars. Don't mess with Deers, Foxes, Ants, Aurochs, Rams, etc... until you know how to fight them. You can kill rabbits and raid ants fairly easy starting out.
Best way to kill an animal: From boat with a slingshot(unless it's a rabbit). You can kill Aurochs and Rams very easily like this, but foxes and boars like to run when their HP is low. You have to chase them down and attack them if your melee or unarmed combat is high enough. Deers can cure and they are harder to kill(more HP, travel in herds, cure ability). If you walk up to a deer and feed it a carrot it might do something for you :]
The world is not safe so use "Alt Characters" or "Throw away characters". I use a newly created alt to do chores outside of the village (such as gather water, chop down trees, dig clay, etc...). I also use a alt I call my forage alt to forage for curios(increase their perception and exploration), this character might later turn into a scout or hunter alt. Hunters/Fighter alts are also used foe hunting and fighting :|

Different Types of Alternate Characters(alts):
Key Alt: This alt is used ONLY to open the Palisade door and close it. NEVER EVER take it outside of your palisade!!! Don't let unknown people in. Key alt has the only key! Don't idle with him either, log on then log off. Don't trust unknown people people, and don't let them in even if they offer candy.
New Alt:Let this guy take the chance of dying. Let him go out and do the chores outside like gathering wood, water, clay, dirt, etc... They are also good for talking to unknown people who might try and kill you.
Forage Alt: Forage for curios in swamps, mountains, etc... Need to raise this characters Perception and Exploration to have a better chance at discovering curios.
Farmer Alt: Does the farming and Tree planting (you can also make him/her server dual roles such as cooking/crafting/etc...). Farming alt needs his Farming skill raised as high as you can get it. Intelligence also needs to be raised and maybe raise his agility or cons. DUAL ROLES
Crafting Alt: Makes jewelry, clothing, and clay things. Psyche Psyche Psyche, raise their psyche and Dex. Sewing needs to be raised. They can also take on another role also, maybe I should include something to say that like this: DUAL ROLES
Cooking Alt: Doesn't need to be explained. DUAL ROLES
Wood Working Alt: Creates High Quality wood objects (very important). Needs a Carpentry of 100 or 150, I think 270 would be the max, but I might be wrong. DUAL ROLES
Survival Alt: Doesn't need to be explained. 300 is the max for Survival skill DUAL ROLES
Smithing Alt: Doesn't need explained. If you can find him/her some smithing rings then they won't need a high Smithing skill level. I think 150 without rings should be about the max :? DUAL ROLES maybe even 3 roles or more
Miner Alt: Mines for Copper, Tin, and Iron. Needs a good quality Pickaxe or Stoneaxe. Strength needs to be high and Cons should be over 20, good percetion and exploration is helpful. A miner's helm would be good to wear or a bear cape for added Strength bonus. DUAL ROLES
Hunter/Fighter Alt: Doesn't need explained. Stats and skills to raise: Unarmed, Melee, and Marksmanship, Exploration; Str, Agility, Int(you can stop at 50 or so), Cons, and Perception. Marksmanship, Perception, and Exploration only if you're going use a bow. Stealth only if you're going to commit crimes (Don't commit crimes until you become better).
I think that's all for alts. Lawspeaker is a role, so I'm not including that.

Here was my setup:
Main Alt: Crafting/Woodworking/Smithing/Survival/Backup Farmer
Fighter Alt: Miner/Fighter/Hunter
Farmer: Farming/Tree Planter
Forager: Foraged
Cook: Cook/Miner/Forager

Picking a place to build a village:
(0) Nowhere near larger villages!
(1) Build a well within your village! VERY IMPORTANT! Water Quality is not important and low quality is still very very handy/needed!
(2) Build it a good distance from a river, lake, or any other source of water. So boat snipers can't kill your farm alts. If it's a good distance from water Raids on your village will be a pain in the ass B)
(3) Build it in the forest, not the swamp, moor, grassland, mudflats, etc...
(4) Near a clay node if you're able to.

Village size and construction (Palisade):
*A big size isn't too important in the beginning.
*Eventually you want the middle of the village used for farming so your farmer can farm peacefully from snipers. This means the farm area should be 50 tiles away from the walls. Also have your ovens/smelters near the farm area for the same reason.
*Don't build too many buildings near the entrance. Don't keep the place messy, put things up.
*Do not ever build a minehole in your village, raiders will find it and not have any problems getting into your village. This is the most common way raiders get into your village.
*Don't worry too much about building near a High Quality Clay, Dirt, and Water nodes. You can always send out New Alts to find them and bring them back.

This is my old plot in the village I joined. I lived in the open space to the North West. My buddy Grim lived South of there, you can just see the corner of his brickwall. I also stayed in his plot.

50 cows of our village.

A bunch of Ore Smelters, Kilns, Finery Forge, and Steel Crucibles. I forgot who owned the plot to the North :?

My longest blog entry ever.

Workout Routine and Exercise Schedule
Posted on March 22, 2013 at 04:17

As of November 11th 2012 I've been doing this routine.

Wed&Sat: Arms, Chest, Shoulders, Upper Back:
Inclined Bench Butterflies(60lbs): 4-5 Sets 15 Reps
Overhead Presses(70lbs.): 4-5 Sets 15 Reps
Tricep Extensions(40lbs.): 4 Sets 12-15 Reps
Curls(70lbs.): 4 Sets 12 Reps
Wrist Curls(90lbs.): 6 Sets 15 Reps
Reverse Wrist Curls(30lbs.): 5 Sets 15 Reps
Standing Butterflies(30lbs.): 4-5 Sets 12-15 Reps
Shoulder Shrugs(70lbs.): 5 Sets 15 Reps or more
One Arm Rows(70lbs.): 5 Sets 15 Reps

Thurs&Sun: Legs, Stomach, Glutes, etc...:
Weighted Calf Raises: 4-5 Sets 15 Reps
Leg Extensions: 4-5 Sets 15 Reps
Leg Curls: 4 Sets
Leg Raises(Stomach): 3 Sets 50-70 Reps
Weighted Twists: 3 Sets 15 Reps
Weight Butt Lifts: 3 Sets 15 Reps
If I feel like it I might do other leg exercises for more of a cardio effect.

Soon I plan to switch things around like I did last year and lift for endurance instead of bodybuilding. Low weight very high reps hardly any rest between sets. Currently I rest 90-120 seconds between each set. I rest 2-4 minutes between each exercise or longer if needed. I stretch the muscles I plan to exercise before and after workouts. I also do warm-up sets before and after with light weights.

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