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the Enchanted Scepters
November 11, 2012
Sting Ray
June 04, 2013
Barefoot Brinnena
November 03, 2012
the Grand Palace
November 17, 2012
Mystic Castle
August 02, 2012
Sir Randolph the Visionary's Black Onyx Yew Wand
October 13, 2012
Hover Tank Battle Arena
October 26, 2012
the Matrix of Time
May 14, 2014
Circle of the Shadow Wraiths
November 09, 2014
Crystal Cannon Combat
October 16, 2015

Circle of the Shadow Wraiths - UPDATE!
Posted on December 17, 2016 at 23:37

I have updated this game.

1. the story scene is bettered
2. you have 4 life instead of 3
3. you can now shoot while on the wood walkways
4. one stage have been changed to make it more fair
5. other small changes

the Shimmering Celestial Orb
Posted on August 27, 2016 at 18:46

I made a game a while ago. You can not get it from this site. However, I think you may want to try it. It is an action RPG that takes place in a three floor fortress. The fortress has four towers. Someone made two YouTube videos of it. Here is the link to one of them.

After having seen these videos, I worked to update the game is I have made many improvements. The one you will see the most of, if you have watched the videos is that the walls now totally look like walls, and you won't mistake them for floors. Also, you will not be able to slide while you are ducking. I also changed the ending by adding a few more scenes. Here is the list of improvements, in the updates.

1. you can no longer slide while ducking
2. you can no longer can get POWER UP though walls or door, you must also walk over them
3. POWER UP notices appear when you get POWER UPS
4. before, if was difficult to tell the difference between the walls and the floors, now the walls have been changed so that you can tell them apart from the floors; the wall graphics have undergone major updates
5. the ending has been improved, A LOT; it now includes over 3 new major scenes
6. you will no longer be able to climb stairs just by hitting the stairs with your sword

There are a few other minor improvements. Again, there IS a LOT more to the ending, now.

Now, here is the link to the game.

Minor Updates and Games of Goofy4Digits
Posted on July 24, 2016 at 17:32

I made some minor, but needed, updates to the following games....

Matrix of Time, you now start with 15 lives and there are minor bug fixes.

Hover Tank Battle Arena, some minor bug fixes, mostly when you fight boss

number 3.

By the way, where can I download the games from the Goofy4Digits event??


Crystal Cannon Combat UPDATE
Posted on May 22, 2016 at 21:01

Due to the bad review
this game has been updated.

1. the plot has been altered
2. the enemy moves more slowly, slightly
3. the beams recharge more quickly
4. the is an additional stage
5. collecting the crystal restores 4 shield strength
6. the beam are longer

Posted on December 01, 2014 at 23:00


I have updated some of my games. Some of the updates are minor, others are more

Mystic Castle -> Not much of an update, "ghost" fire is now gone. Before, "ghost"
fire from an enemy you killed would still come from them and could kill you. This
problem have been removed.

Hover Tank Battle Arena -> You now won't be stuck against the walls, it is a bit fast
(I think), and music that didn't play during the boss fight now does.

the Grand Palace -> You no longer will be able to move while you are crouched down.

the Matrix of Time -> The glowing circle which you control is now smaller and object
were close to the edge of the play field have been moved a bit further into the play

Sir Randolph the Visionary's Black Onyx Yew Wand -> The male character's attack reaches
further, the female character can kill most enemies with just two shots instend of three,
and the items you need to pick up have be moved. Before, if you picked up two of the
same item, the game would treat this as if you picked up just one. But this problem
is gone.

the Enchanted Scepters -> The walls are now much thicker, so you can notice them a lot
better. The area where you need to kill the monster who power the barrier that blocks
your way into the castle is much smaller. You need to kill only four of these monsters
instead of six. Enemies that moved to quickly have been slowed down. There is also
a road that shows the way to the castle.

If you never tried any of these games before, please give them a look. If you have played
them before, please try them again. You hopefully will have a better experience playing
them. THANKS.

how I make many of my games
Posted on January 11, 2014 at 23:41

Some time ago, someone asked my to describe how I make my games. It is really not that complicated. I use MMF 2, Poser, and Genetica.

MMF 2 or Multimedia Fusion 2 is made by Clickteam, It is the easiest game making program that I have ever seen. They now have released version 2.5, it has lots of improvements. It is very much worth checking out.

Poser, the latest version being 10, is a 3D character animation program. If you buy it from the company that makes it, you will pay $300.00 for it. But, if you get it from Amazon, you will pay about $90.00 for it. Poser includes male and female characters. It also has animals and clothing for the characters. You can also apply materials to any surface. For example, you can apply a wood material to a human character's skin and turn him into a wood golem.

Genetica enables you to create graphic tiles and textures. Its company's internet site is‎.

I will use "Lancaster's Hall of Horrors" as the example. I submitted it to the Scary 64 event.

After I thought of the idea, I used Poser to create the player and enemies. To create the player, I picked a female character and posed her for all of the moves in the game. Poser has a key frame feature. What this means is that, if you wanted the character to kick, you just need to make the pose for when he lifts his knee up and the pose for when he extends his foot. All of the movement in-between the two poses are created by Poser automatically.

So, I make the poses for the kicks, punches, throwing the blot, and etc. for the player's character. Once, that was done, I used Poser's face room feature to give her a custom face. I just had the computer generate a random face for her. Next, I selected clothing for the character. Lastly, I picked the side view mode for the camera and rendered AVIs movies for all of the character's movements.

Using MMF 2 to make the game, I imported all of the AVIs of the player's character into the game object that would be the player's character. Game objects in MMF 2 have a list of animations. One for walking, one for jumping, and etc. For example, I imported the AVIs for walking into the animation slot for walking into the game object. Then I made all of the events that determined how the character would function. For example, pressing "Z" will make the character do one of the kicks and you will not be able to move until the character has done the kick. It took setting up a lot of events in MMF 2's even editor to get the player's character to work right.

Of course, I used Poser for the enemies. For example, I made boss that is green and carries a big ball by choosing a male character and applying a green slimly texture to his skin.

Most of the locations in "Lancaster's Hall of Horrors" are made by importing texture I made in Genetica and using those as backdrop images.

As for Multimedia Fusion 2, it is a lot like Game Maker. But, there is no coding AT ALL. The event editor is used to control all of the logic. It is a grid system. Conditions are listed vertically and objects are list at the top of the screen in the event editor. Within the grid of the events. For example, pressing "Z" is a condition. Within the event grid, I placed the events that would happen. Like playing the kicking animation and etc. Well, that's all there is too it, really.

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