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Golf! Demo
Posted on September 02, 2008 at 20:58

Had school today, oh boy. Other then that, I've been working on Golf!, I fixed the water particles disappearing when they reach the edge of water. The ball was supposed to be like that because I don't have it bouncing right yet. I still don't, but I think it's closer. Other then that, a few bug fixes and added a thing to allow for colour limits, and limiting to multiple sets of colours, like you can have black to red trees, and black to blue trees without getting any colours other then that per tree, I also added this to water. The ground, sand, and soil, all can have their colour changed, but only one colour. I also fixed drawing when the world generated. I also fixed up the normals on the ground, and added a max angle the trees can bend, so now they should look right.

With the settings file, I'll add more variables to it later, but for now, it just has the colours. Read the commented lines so you know what to do. If you mess it up, redownload I guess, but that'll mess up the counter, meh. If you have any questions on it, let me know.


and the demo:

NOTE: ball physics are crap, I know, don't tell me. Tell me if you manage to brake Golf!, unless it's one of the following:

- ball bouncing odd

above is updated for each new problem, if you find an error not listed above, state it in a comment.

Ok, I think that's everything.


Also, I forgot this, put it with the exe.


It looks for a file that doesn't exist:

yes, I extracted.


action number 1
of Alarm Event for alarm 0
for object object0:

File is not opened for reading.

action number 1
of Alarm Event for alarm 0
for object object0:

File is not opened for reading.

action number 1
of Alarm Event for alarm 0
for object object0:

Error in code at line 8:
if temline = "// trees" settreecolours = 1

at position 15: Cannot compare arguments.

Posted by noshenim September 02, 2008 21:18 - 9.1 years ago
| [#1]

whoops. forgot to include the file. hold on.

Here. Put this with the exe.
Posted by gamerman September 02, 2008 21:42 - 9.1 years ago
| [#2]

er, the ball physics can be improved easily.

when the ball hits the terrain, do to height checks on the terrain to the left and right of the ball, find the direction between those two, and add that direction to the ball's direction.

Might not work.

Nice terrain generator.. wierd colour selection.
Posted by noshenim September 02, 2008 21:52 - 9.1 years ago
| [#3]

Make the physics run from an external file so we can play with them.
Posted by Siert September 02, 2008 22:19 - 9.1 years ago
| [#4]

Yeah, it's not like that right now, I'll work on the ball later. also, this is all in two scripts. a create event and a draw. technically it's 3 as I have the create part in a timer because in just the create event, screen_refresh() didn't want to work.

You should be able to change the colour in the settings.txt file.


Sirt, probably not.
Posted by gamerman September 02, 2008 22:20 - 9.1 years ago
| [#5]

You should maybe do some sort of check when placing trees to make sure there aren't too many all next to each other, because sometimes I get like 10 trees in the same place and it looks really dumb, especially when the map contains one huge lake so all the trees are forced to go into the same place.
Posted by marbs September 03, 2008 12:44 - 9.1 years ago
| [#6]

I second marbs,
Trees at the same place are silly.
Posted by Bryan September 04, 2008 9:40 - 9.1 years ago
| [#7]

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