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Posted on November 24, 2007 at 17:55

[ Name Change ]
I might change my name to Rid3r. I might not. I already have an avatar (because I registered at another site), so...
<IMG SRC="http://64digits.com/users/jsorgeagames/Rid3r.PNG"; WIDTH="64" HEIGHT="64" BORDER="0" ALT="Avatar">

Yes, it's basically the custom one I have now.

[ Site ]
I made a website with BraveHost. www.eclipsegamingstudios.bravehost.com
I'm going to play around with logging in stuff.

[ Armor ]
I am re-making my Halo Armor (because lacrosse pads and hockey shin guards aren't enough). I am making it out of Pepakura. I will resin and maybe fiberglass it. I am done with the right boot, and am working on the Assault Rifle and right calf.
All of the armor pieces are from Halo 3, except for maybe the hand armor.

[ GM ]
I am submitting an example soon that I thought up in the car on the way to pick up our Christmas tree. It is an extremely simple way to make the player rotate correctly on a slope.
It has fake gravity and jumping just for functionality, you could easily change them.

[ And ]
I spilled grape soda on my keyboard, so I'll have to take it apart and clean it again, darn!

Halo Engine Pack
Posted on November 02, 2007 at 11:47

All of the examples in my Halo Engine will be going into a .zip folder. I continue to work on them, but I can't submit anything as I'm thirty miles away from my computer, on a laptop.

Right now I am working on the map selection and menu example. You won't actually be able to access the map, because they will be different examples, but I'll put all of the examples in one when I'm finished.

The map I'm working on is called Lost Island, and it will be based off of Halo 3's Last Resort. You know, with the big fan-thingy.

I am finished completely with the waterfall example, not counting the map. Everything works perfectly.

All current examples (with their features):

Waterfall example
> Waterfall
> Player
> Grass
> Hanging Grass
> Bridges
> Dirt
> Pond (or any body of water)

Halo Shield and Ammo example
> Grenades
> Button to reload
> Two guns
> Clips
> Ammo
> Shield
> Health

Map Selection and Menu example
> Login
> Register
> Profile
> Map Info
> Map Screenshot

Planned Examples
> Waterfall example - WIP
> Halo Shield and Ammo example - WIP
> Map Selection and Menu example - WIP
> AI example
> Online example
> Blood FX example
> "Ragdoll" dying example
> Respawning Example
> Weapon Switching example
> Door example

I am open to suggestions for features or new examples.

I am going to use these engines to make a game. You will be able to too, but you must give me credit.

That is all I have right now, and I hope that you like this engine when it is released!


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