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The XBox Controller & La-Mulana
Posted on May 10, 2012 at 13:54

Welcome back, folks! And we're about to discuss 2 things, today, that I never heard about.

The XBox Controller

First, let's talk about the XBox controller. In 2001, Microsoft unveiled XBox; the most advanced video game system that beats PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube combined. The XBox made almost 1,000 games that players could not resist. 5 years later, Microsoft revolved to the new, XBox 360! People believed the XBox was the best, but more people preferred the PlayStation than anyone else. However, Microsoft will continue to make the new XBox by the year 2013 called XBox 720!
Let's talk about the XBox controller.

The XBox controller has:
[li]2 analog sticks
[li]2 thumb clutch buttons: left and right
[li]Directional pad
[li]6 action buttons: A, B, X, Y, white, and black
[li]2 trigger buttons
[li]2 memory/expansion slots
[li]Back and Start buttons
[li]Force feedback

Let's say about 76% used the XBox controller. I was unable to get the hold to the XBox controller, but should get the hang of the original XBox games. The advantage of this controller is a nice detail of the buttons on the right side of the controller and trigger buttons on the back of the controller. The disadvantage of this controller is spinning the control sticks and pressing the trigger many times may get the hands to be stiff. For XBox fans out there, this might be a good controller to use. The durability is great, the handling is awesome, and it's worth a buy since it was released many years back. If you want to work it on your PC, you need the XBox-to-PC converter. The converter is available at eBay, Game Accy and other shopping websites and stores. Android smart phone users should recommend downloading the eBay app. And, the wireless XBox controller was also there. Take the controller to the extreme with the XBox controller!

Take a look at this!

It's a freeware game that is to look, sound, and feel like an MSX game. La-Mulana is an adventure game influenced by many Konami games for the MSX computers, including "Knightmare 2: The Maze of Galious". You play as the whip-cracking archaeologist Lemeza Kosugi as he investigates the ancient ruins of La-Mulana.
This is a huge game filled with many areas to explore and dozens of weapons and items to find. Each area has a large variety of puzzles and traps (many of them quite fiendish) and you need to solve the puzzles in each area to discover the Ankhs and Ankh Jewels, which allow you to fight the eight Guardians of the ruins. To solve the puzzles you´ll need to be able to read the tablets scattered throughout the ruins, which will require a Hand Scanner and translation software for the portable MSX that Lemeza has brought along on the adventure. Your Hand Scanner will also allow you to find items and search the bones of less fortunate adventurers.
La-Mulana is one of the longest freeware games he's played in quite some time--his first playthrough took him 26 hours, and even if you knew exactly what to do for each puzzle in advance he´d still bet the game would take at least 10-12 hours to complete, not counting the bonus dungeon. I should play this game some time.
This game is available at the Aeon Genesis Translation Project site. There's a patch available at this site as well. We heard the La-Mulana game will soon be released on DSWare for the Nintendo DS and WiiWare for the Nintendo Wii.

Well, those were 2 things that I never heard about. I should get back to work on making Retro games since 2005, so I see you later[:)]! Until then, goodbye for now!

What is Minecraft?
Posted on March 21, 2011 at 13:33

It's been a long time we post a blog on 64Digits.com. We'll talk about the on-line spelunker and builder called MineCraft. I haven't learned anything about this game, yet, but we' ll talk about this game.

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens. It also has music by C418! Minecraft features a classic version, which lets you enjoy some simple features of the game (might be outdated but playable). And there's a Beta version, which lets you enjoy new actions and features that are not in the Classic version. In order to play Minecraft, newcomers need to sign up for this game. Registration is simple. Then the existing users may log in.

Minecraft features 3-D pixel-lated graphics, sound effects & music, crafting, world making and more. This game is imaginative. You can punch trees, mine gold and/or silver, scoop out dirt and sand, and making new crafts. Minecraft was developed by Markus Persson. It's been under development since about May 10, 2009. We talk about the modes we have in this game. Here's what he said:

Quote: Markus Persson
I strongly believe that all good stories have a conflict, and that all good games tell a good story regardless of if it's pre-written or emergent. Free building mode is fine and dandy, but for many people it will ultimately become boring once you've got it figured out. It's like playing a first person shooter in god mode, or giving yourself infinite funds in a strategy game.. a lack of challenge kills the fun.
For survival mode, I'd rather make the game too difficult than too easy. That also means I'm going to have to include some way of winning the game (or some other climax) to prevent it becoming too exhausting.

My recommended goal when I might play Minecraft is to try to build a shelter or the hilltops before night time. The tutorials should get you started on Minecraft. For tutorials on Minecraft, visit http://www.minecraft.net and click on Help.

Minecraft should be suitable for players who are building and making new crafts. The game might be a bit boring, but building is much of the challenge!

Minecraft is available now on Beta release for download at http://www.minecraft.net. Players who should be interested in building should sign up [:)]. I hope you enjoyed the preview of Minecraft for PC. See you next time!

Game Maker Archive News #3
Posted on February 12, 2010 at 14:06

It's been 2 weeks since I post this blog. But it's time to start with examples for beginners and intermediate GM users. We've got 2 Game Maker examples to showcase. One is for the sine/cosine, and the other is the realtime snake movement.

You, too, should consider converting Game Maker 4 examples to at least Game Maker versions 5, 6, 7 and/or 8.

Sine/Cosine Sprite Movement
This example shows the starship in circles. Good for beginners.

[li]Left/Right keys: Move cosine value.
[li]Up/Down keys: Move sine value.
[li]Escape: Exits the game.

Download this example here.

Real-time Snake Movement (16x16 Grid-based)
While I developing "Bugs & Insects" for Game Maker 4.2, I decided to make a snake movement after completing "Super Snake Biter". This is a real-time based snake movement before I make another snake game from Game 6. Intermediate GM users should recommend this one!

[li]Arrow keys: Move snake

Note: Try holding the keys down for better snake game-play and movement.

Download this example here.

You don't have to give credit to these 2 examples if you want, but it would be nice. My Super Mario Bros. Plus 2005 progress is still growing well. I got almost all the graphics done, and I still need to make my demo recordings for some screenshots. We'll discuss about it the next time. Plus, when I make new examples part of my Game 6 archives, we'll post them when it's available. My new website for games, music, and arts is coming soon! Let's hope there will be any GM and any other content available. Later!

Enemy Territory Still Online
Posted on February 03, 2010 at 13:09

I played Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory a lot. It's an on-line game where you can join a game room, or make a server, and then you can choose a team to join with. It included 6 default maps to play and over 100 maps still available on-line. We had millions of players to join on-line at Enemy Territory. It's a lot of fun!

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was made by Activision, in association with ID Software; and it was developed by Splash Damage in 2003. It was a multi-player 3-D World War II-like first-person shooting game that was unlike Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Wolfenstein 3-D was firstly made in 1991 for the PC. You can join the Spectators, or you can join either the Allied Forces or the German Axis. It also had over 7 weapons, and 5 classes to choose from: Soldier, Medic, Engineer, Field Operations, and Covert Operations. Extended graphics and gameplay will carry out all commands, and do KILLER INSTINCT!

There were 4 types of on-line play including: Objective, Stop Watch, Last Team Standing, and Campaign. It also includes over 30 pre-setted chat commands in the game, or talk on your own! XFire, GameSpy Arcade and TeamSpeak were supported to use the voice chat. World War II watchers beware! Enemy Territory is still on-line with thousands of servers to do battle! Can the Allies claim victorious of this war? Or can the Axis stop the Allies and take over the entire world? Only time will tell...

One more thing, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is available for Win32 and Win64 platforms. The download for this game is available at the Splash Damage website: www.splashdamage.com. If you like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Return to Castle Wolfenstein, I might recommend Medal of Honor series and Call of Duty.

That's about it, but we still got some examples made in Game Maker, as part of the Game 6
Archives, and the 3-D Shooting Game example in Game Maker 5.2! Plus my SMB+ 2005 game
progress is doing good so far. We'll discuss about this game in Game Maker 6 next time.

Have a nice day [:)]!

Nintendo Wii & Me
Posted on February 02, 2010 at 19:47

I went back from my brother's house, yesterday, and, man, it's was great! I had to play on his XBox until wrestling came on. But I'm here to talk about the Nintendo Wii.

My mother got her a Wii last month, finally, and it was cheap. It had Wii Sports included in every box. Then my mother spent time with me, and my friends, playing Wii Sports. My, my... Playing with the Wii does look like you are part of the action! My mother also got a Nunchuck so he/she can connect to a Wii remote.

The Wii remote had a motion sensor, force feedback, trigger, directional, and 6 buttons: Positive, Negative, Home, A, 1, and 2. The nunchuck had an analog stick identical to the GameCube controller's 'C` stick, C and Z buttons.

And the controller that I didn't purchased is the Wii classic controller. It was identical between Super Nintendo and GameCube. It had force feedback, directional pad, top buttons: L, R, 1 and 2, 2 analog sticks, and 7 other buttons: a, b, x, y, Select, Home, and Start.

The games they own were:
[li]Wii Sports Resort
[li]Pinball Hall of Fame
[li]Madden NFL 2010
[li]The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The games I plan to own are:
[li]MarioKart Wii
[li]Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
[li]Super Mario Galaxy
[li]Super Mario Bros. Wii

Her Nintendo Wii was the best. I watched too many Wii videos at YouTube, and the best console that I never tried before. The Wii console was $299, and now it's $199. So, Nintendo has done it again! I lived to play the Wii like it was reality. The Wii was very fun for me, and the best console ever to use than PlayStation 3!

Enemy Territory is still online! Castle Wolfenstein was discovered in the early 1980's and it was a classic adventure. We'll discuss how Enemy Territory reign supreme next time. And coming soon, Super Mario Bros. Plus 2005 demonstrated recordings might be made, and my new web sites, so stay tuned for that. Happy gaming!

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