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Party School
Posted on February 19, 2011 at 00:09

Hello Peoples, its been a long time since I've been active on this site. (everyone probably says this) [;)]

Anyways I'm 19 now, I work at Target. And I am going to college this Fall. I can't freakin wait! Things are so boring right now. Basically I have narrowed down my college choices to those listed below.

Arizona State - My current top choice, it has a really big party school reputation. Its also really expensive. It has a 60,000 enrollment spread over a couple campuses in Phoenix.

University of Arizona - Same as above minus the big party school reputation.

Kansas State - Best academic reputation from the schools listed here but, Kansas? I guess I was interested in the tornado aspect of it. As well as the college town feel. Manhattan, KS has about 50,000 people.

Boise State - Backup instate option. It would basically be free for me to attend BUT I dont really want to go to college in state and it has a commuter school reputation. [:|]

SO, I wanna know, if you all had to choose between these 4 which would you pick?

Oh haha and for comparison purposes I got a 30 on my ACT score and my final GPA calculated to 3.9. Anyone beat me or get worse here?


Well to make a long story short, I haven't used Gamemaker for about 2 years now because my previous laptop had a very peculiar problem with Gamemaker and would not work. It was only that certain brand of laptop. Good news is that I just bought a new laptop and it works again. Bad news is that I probably will never get back into Gamemaker seriously. lol

Peace out,

1) I also got back from an exchange year in Germany last june. Ich spreche ein bissien Deutsch! Sprechen Sie auch Deutsch?

2) Working retail sucks if you work the Truck cause you have to get up at 5am on workdays. IT SUCKS!

3) I like my beats fast and my bass down low.

4) In soviet russia, the bass beats you! (ya okey it sucked. but those jokes are hard to make good ones)

5) msot plepoe cna rdea tihs jstu fnie. Cna yuo?

Im disappointed
Posted on April 01, 2010 at 14:39

I'm disappointed, because there is no April Fools day joke this year at 64digits! :( I remember the merge with yoyo games haha. Look where that got us! :D now were all dead! The jokes on you!!! :D :D

how bout them starbucks coffee and their new sizes in drinks! :D

Apparently English people used to trade women like stocks. Not a bad idea eh?

In other news, butterflies don't have hearts!

I am also pleased to announce that I am 64digits newest site admin! :D I am looking forward to adding many new features to the site including: (but not limited too)
- flash arcade
- flash banners
- flashy buttons
- flashy fenders
- flashes of lightning
- and flashes of other things you wanna see

weeelll hokay folks...


Chrome Vikings
Posted on January 25, 2010 at 05:24

According to this link you should stop using Firefox or *gasp* IE and start using Google Chrome to browse the web!
The speed difference is absolutely ridiculous and security is good!

And I am very sad that the Vikings are not going to the Super Bowl. :( So many turnovers damn. I don't know about all of you but I'm a huge Brett Favre fan and I vote for him in every game he plays. I just keep hoping that he'll get to the Super Bowl again before he retires, he totally has the team to do it with Peterson, and the defensive line. Now I'm pretty bummed about this year's match up. I think I'll vote for the Colts though just cause I like their coach and Manning is cool.

1. Today is a cool Monday cause I don't have classes ^_^ BE JEALOUS!

2. I think I'll just leave my Xmas avatar for now, too lazy to change it back.


4. Bin Laden is the world's biggest douche...

5. Not so sure what the big deal about Avatar is...


Symptoms of stress?
Posted on January 17, 2010 at 14:18

So my body has really been acting up recently and I can all but prove that it must be stress related but it really doesn't make sense to me. Please tell me your analysis.

Constant flushing off the bowels lol, release of adrenaline or something like my body suddenly goes crazy and I cant sit still I get those chills running up and down my body and I can't stop shaking.

Theoretical Cause:
My Ex-gf... So I split with her last august because I left for an Exchange student program my senior year of high school. (I am still on this program until june) and we were still great friends. It kindof seemed that we were just waiting till I came back to get back together but she couldnt wait. She kept deciding that she liked this other person and then coming back to me. And after a while I think its taking its toll on me, I just don't believe her anymore and I am totally tired of her saying she wants me and then not. I dont think its her fault. Basically its a stupid little thing but for some reason its causing me problems. Im serious every time I get on facebook or myspace and read something from her or whatever I get the symptoms mentioned above so I think they have to somehow be related. They were significantly escalated in the past few days because I skyped with her and idk lol. Ive told myself already that I am totally done with her and I don't have to worry about what she's doing, but it hasn't really helped. I'm pretty sure what I need to do is just take a 1 week break from all my social networking and hope this cools my body off. I really don't think this should have an effect on me so much though, I have never had a problem like this before! >.<

Any ideas? Anyone else have similar experiences?

Oh and btw a little background information for those of you who are going to bash the whole idea of relationships and/or waiting for someone when I could be out and about banging random chicks, I'm not like that. I don't believe that's right, I think of girls as more than sex toys and I'm the type of guy who wants to find one girl for life.


Your both F**d! vv
Posted on December 02, 2009 at 01:47

Because elephants dont pee alcohol on sundays. Thats why the sugar cane man eats children for brunch, so that he can keep up his testosterone for the weekends when he has sex with his neighbors cow. So the question presented to us now is where do we go from here? When infatuation with animals becomes the social norm how do the mice survive! Will we ever return to the days of promiscuity! Save us obi-wan! your our only hope!

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