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By: no0b

They killed gothic
Posted on October 18, 2010 at 18:33

Finally could play "Arcania: the gothic tale" which is meant to be the 4th part of Gothic game series. Man, I was waiting for this one to come out for over a year!
So many hopes, so many nights watching the trailer again and agian, reading through community forums and stuff, dreaming how great it would be after the absolute flaw of Gothic 3... And what??

First of all I should say I am a big fan of Gothic 1 and 2 games - those I my favorite RPGs ever.
Gothic 3 was just.. bad - glitchy, full of bugs which influenced gameplay. Didnt seem like a completed game at all.

Then Jowood finally anounced Gothic 4 is comming and instead of Pirahna Bytes - it would be made by SpellBound (who seemed a pretty nice developer team)
What they said was - we'll keep in mind all the flaws of the 3rd part and will make Gothic4 a real Gothic game.

So everybody was expecting the return of the series, and what we got instead??

I could make it to the 20th level in less then an hour when in the original Gothic 1 and 2 it would take me about two days.
The story completely sucks, the game is linear as a ruler and what is worst - it doesnt seem like a gothic game at all - some descent RPG - maybe, but not a Gothic!

Okay, I know the series is not as popular in North America as it is in Europe and especially Germany, but hopefully there are some pals who can cry with me about the death of the series :'(

Hey everybody)
Posted on November 02, 2009 at 07:02

Hey everyone! =)
I haven't been here for a while (actually a year or even more)
Glad to see 64d is up again)

So what are you up to fellows?
How you're doing?)

Hi again)
Posted on May 26, 2008 at 18:43

I think I have a kind of "writing mood" today, so I'll try to write something. Don't be too harsh (I'm not really sure what this word means but 100% something unpleasant) at the moment I don't have any idea on what this all will be about.

So lets start with the weather. It spoiled. Yes only 3 days untill summer and it is 15*C and terribly windy. That is definitely not what I expected the end of may would be.
Another fact that makes me cry at night (just kidding ofcourse) is the approaching exams date. Really very embarassing.

Some happy sport facts wich happened during the last weeks:

1) My city's football team Zenit (I live in Saint-Petersurg) won the UEFA cup. After scoring two goals against the Glasgo Rangers - we won! Yay! I'm not a big fan of football (soccer) but I was watching this game in a bar and when we scored the second goal (it was the last minute of the game) the whole place just went mad. I think I got kissed about two times in my cheek by some drunk middle-aged football fans. Not the best experience, but it felt so normal and organic that time lol. I went for a whole-night walk with my friends after that match and in the morning I found myself on the other side of the city. I don't remember much of what we were doing during the night though.

2) The second big "happy fact" is the Russia-Canada hockey game. We won. Yay again! the last score was 5:4 wich put Russia on the first place in the world, Canada is on the second. I'm nowhere near being any kind of hockey fan (never really watch it) but its just nice to know such things))

Finishing with the sports - I've Just remembered another interesting 'thing' about my city - it's the White Nights! During the first two months of summer the day lasts practically 24 hours here - it doesn't mean that the sun is always there in the sky, it is just constantly bright outside (can I put it like this??) So the night becomes a day with all that comes with it - a lot of people hanging around in the streets, etc. I really like this time of the year and if I didn't have to prepare for exams - I would go out right now. Oh by the way - in my previous entry when I was telling about the exams I somehow forgot a very important one. English exam! Yes I'm having an English exam, and even worse - I need to write 15 articles on 15 different topics about 200 words each just to be able to enter the examination. I've already written 7 of them ad here are the left topics:

1. Choice of travelling.
2. Mass media: what I like and dislike about it.
3. Police: pros and cons.
4. Customers rights.
5. Money, money, money.
6. Our canteen: view of a customer. (is there anything more retarted then this one??)
7. Women: equal opportunities.
8. Energy problems.

Ofcourse I had to write them one by one during the last three months, but I wouldn't be myself if I didn't leave them all for the last week (the deadline is this friday)
So if any of you guys can help - it would be really very cool. =)))

Okay. I think that's enough for today now. I would edit if I remember anything interesting.
Cheers everybody! And thanks for reading all this ;)

Hiya mates!
Posted on May 08, 2008 at 13:16

Hi everybody around this wonderfull community! I've been here for a while reading other people's entries and finally decided to write my own! Please don't expect much from this one as I don't have a good skill of writing something full of meaning and my grammar sucks sometimes.

So... To start with I'd like to say some words about spring - it is finally here! The spring came to my town! (well I know its May already but I'm not speaking about the calendar spring - I mean the emotinal spring, yay!)
The sun is shining into my window as I write this entry and I finally know that it has a really big effect on inspiration! The leaves are greener then ever - the flowers are blooming (is there such a word?) and the feelings come back to life after long winter sleep!
Man how wonderfull it is! I'm ready to sing at any moment really! Or just run into the street and meet my friends and do anything, just anything... Cause it is just so great to do something in such bright sunlight!

The weather in my city is usually cold and unfriendly, that is why such sunny days like this one make me just freaked out! (in good meaning ofcourse) And the fact that I finally finished Vanya - a game I've been working on for about 3-5 months also adds "fuel" to my mood hope it will get some public attention soon!

Ok enough with the good things - the end of spring means big exam session! And !oh noes! I'm not ready for any of them (I'm having four this year)
I study at Saint petersburg's University of Architecture and Modern Engeneering. It is my second year here - and I'm getting more and more disappointed with my future career everyday. Wtf?! Do I really want to be an engeneer-economist? NO! Do I want to sit on my butt all day counting and making economics reviews? Hell no!
And each day just proves I was wrong when I picked this career... Damn...

I have 4 main disciplines to study here:

1)Automated projecting - ever heard of ArchiCad? No? Lucky you! at this class we draw houses in 3D - it may sound interesting, but believe me when I say it is NOT. We spend most of the time calculating some crap, I think I never find out what we're actually doing...
2)Statistics - another meaningless class. I know that money-spend and resource-usage reports are really important for engineering, but when you try to make one - you discover nothing but a bottomless hole of boreness.
3)Optimisation - digits, digits, digits.... I guess you got the meaning of this class - its nothing but digits and formulas. My brain hurts so much when I get in this class.
4)Philosofy - Oh! And what a nice addition to the upper list! Yes I'm also having a phylosofy exam! (The only one that I would pass this year I think)

^So I think you get what I mean. When you'll be choosing your future career after school graduation - don't even think about building industry. It will eat you up alive, believe me.

Err.. This entry got a bit sad don't you think, so here's my last thought for today:
The May is here, and it is wonderful, if I take out the exams my life will also be so. But I'm an optimist so I won't bother thinking about them until "THE DAY" I think I'll pass like I always do)

~Cheers everyone!

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