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oh look a game
Posted on July 30, 2017 at 18:44

hey Panzer, always appreciated your vision and work in the past. i like this concept and so i gave you a few bucks<3

my thoughts: this is extremely neat. i'm a sports fan and with sport spectation comes gambling, so this is right up my alley. this game captures that feeling very much. it feels good to win and close matches had me pumping my fist. the large amount of factions keep things fresh and there's never an auto-pick. i'd really like to see some expansion on the core. my two major wishes:

1) since this is a betting game, it'd be neat to add some sort of metagame to the overall structure. some kind of persistent gold/points/whatevers that the player could spend on extras or bets. i guess minimalism is the point here, but it's something i think would add a lot of value to the game, and would add more weight to placing a bet, because my digital currency is behind it.

2) sometimes you make a crap bet and your squad gets wrecked, so instead of just watching the battle play out passively or fast-forwarding through to the next, it'd be nice to make side-bets; which squad got the most kills; will the match end with a sole survivor? stuff like that. again, i suppose this feature would make more sense tied in with a metagame currency.

one final thing that might be neat is local multiplayer. maybe have a best of 5, whoever has the most correct bets by the end is the winner? i could see this mode being tons of fun with friends.

anyway, thanks for sharing, and good work:)
Posted by Fabio July 30, 2017 20:17 - 4.7 months ago
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