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Another Music Challenge
Posted on December 27, 2012 at 05:38

Hey guys. I just wanted to throw this out there, and see who's interested in, or has time for a music composition competition. Of course, this one would (hopefully) be a lot more organized than the last one, and I'll actually have time to sit down and judge this one, because I don't need to do Wintermester, seeing as I passed all my classes.


-Charlie Carlo
-Taizen Chisou
-The Avatrol

(don't anger the gods--these are PIECES.)

-January 5th (Start Date)
-January 22nd (Deadline)

Time Cap
Don't intentionally try to kill us with a 20-minute piece. If your piece runs a little long, that's fine, but please be aware of the fact that we've got to sit through and analyze every bit of your composition.

The theme is now Mystery!

**Decided to change this to a challenge, because coming up with a ranking system for music is really difficult and could prove to be unfair. Each piece will receive individual feedback, but will not be ranked or compared.


Here's a list of the entries that have been posted thus far. I am posting ALL of the links that you guys have given us. If you want to scrap a piece, update/edit it, or don't want it to be critiqued, let me know.

--Who Did Iddit?

[u]Charlie Carlo[/u]
--Dead Frequency

--Music for the Tip of your Tongue
--Music for Fossils
--Music for a Crime of Passion
--Music for an Abduction
--You were with me all along, weren't you.

--Mystery Music Challenge 2
--Mystery Music Challenge 3

[u]Taizen Chisou[/u]
--Mysterious Mysteries of Mystery

--WIP Mystery
--Steven's Going to Kill Me

--Tower of Illusion

[u]The Avatrol[/u]
--MZX-Troventh Angle Stop 64C


--9 Seconds of Inspiration



6,575 Days
Posted on August 24, 2012 at 01:51

I am 18, and my 64 Digits account is a year old now.

Goodbye to my best friend
Posted on February 02, 2012 at 15:24

If you hate cats, leave.

I remember the day we found Bity.

She was in a small, run-down house with this older couple who looked frustrated. They had cats everywhere. But Bity and her two brothers were there in the living room, running around and meowing, the most adorable things I had ever seen.

We had shown up there that day to buy one cat, because one of our cats had been run over and I wanted a kitten again. I was 10 years old.

These three little kittens were just the best things in the whole wide world. If you magically built a time machine, went back to that moment that we bought them, and told me that they were all destined to die because of a genetic disease, I still would have bought them.

Bity was my favorite. I loved all three of them, but Bity was mine because she was the runt, and she was deaf. She was special.

We started her out young and bought her a leash and collar, and started to walk her at the park and Petsmart and everywhere that cats were allowed. She loved dogs because she was deaf, and she loved people even more. She loved water, and laser pointers, and Q-Tips and rubber bands and shiny objects. She stalked every dog that my neighbor has ever had, and almost ate one of our neighbor's Chihuahuas. Bity was never afraid.

This morning, I saw a new expression on her face. She was scared. She knew that the end was coming for her. And we took her to the vet.

The vet said, she's still not breathing well. It's Feline Leukemia, Heartworm, hereditary heart defects, it could be anything. But the point is, she's probably not going to get better. The most you can do for her is hook her up to machines and force-feed her for the rest of her life.

I couldn't do that. Bity has always been such a playful cat. She was always the one running around, chasing things, jumping on things, being a dork. To see her hooked up to machines, just a heart beating in her body rather than her running around outside, would have been worse than seeing her die.

We had her put to sleep today.

Somehow, I feel alright about this. Coming home and seeing my room empty...was a bit of a challenge. But I stand by my decision. She had this thousand-yard stare this morning that told me she was ready. So when the vet presented us with the choice...I knew I had to take it.

She was purring when they stuck the needle in her. She didn't flinch. She just looked into my eyes while I pet her and kissed her on the head, and told her (even though she was deaf) that I loved her so much, and I would miss her. I got to carry her like a baby, the way I used to carry her. I carried her that way to the room and she was gone.

Bity was my best friend. She was the perfect mixture between a cat and a human and a dog, and she'll be missed for the rest of my life. But if there's a heaven, she's there, and she's with her brother and her best friend, the neighbor's dog. And there's laser pointers and rubber bands and Q-tips and catnip and water fountains everywhere and she's going to be so happy.

See you later, 64D.

Music Compo!
Posted on January 22, 2012 at 22:08

Sorry guys, there were more for a competition than there were for a collaboration, and it seems to be the easiest thing to do. I just thought I'd throw out some ground rules and see what you all think. Again, I don't think I'll be hosting this, so anyone serious about hosting/judging/participating in any way, SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEAS.

So, the rules would be:

1. You cannot use tracks from previous works. They may be used as inspiration, but it cannot be the same song. (Meaning don't change a note in each song and submit that for the contest)

2. As you enter yourself as a participant, make sure to let us know what your preferred genre will be. You can change this at any time until you are 2 weeks into the competition (This will be a 3-week long compo, because I know a new semester just started).

3. The song can be any file type, as long as judges can listen to it and you can prove that all of the songs are yours (or even that it is your remix on a song). It is going to be this way because you can't put mp3 files into this site's file manager.

(any better ideas on this one are welcome. if everyone has access to a certain site, then that will be where the songs will be submitted)

3. You can use any and all music that you make in this competition for your V4D entry as well. (Cyrus says so.)

The theme is: ADVENTURE!


[b]Participants: [/b]
- Kamira ~ euphonium solo
- Link2x101
- JuurianChi ~ JuurianChi
- Acid ~ Urban Electronica
- MMORPGguy ~ Acoustic Punk Rock (?)
- colseed (mehbeh) ~ contemporary
- Mega
- Iasper ~ Classical Disco
- Alert Games ~ electronic/video game/synths
- sir Xemic
- Kilin ~ Orchestral & such hybrids
- blackhole ~ electronica
- anthonyloprimo ~ game
- Qwilderwibben ~ clasically electronic dubstep
- hel ~ psychadelic (if you didn't know by his avatar already)



So the dates.

January 27: Competition officially begins.

January 28 - February 16 HAVE FUN WITH THAT, make sure to keep me updated on any changes in genre or participation status

February 17 Judging begins (oh yeah, I need some judges) and fun things begin to happen. Bahaha. There, done. I'll get into detail later. Byee!


- Juju
- blackhole
- Alert Games (?)

Any people who want to be judges pleeeeeaaaaaasssseeeee tell me soon or I will hire band nerds to listen to your music like monkeys and they will be tired and angry from not being able to play their tuba soo

...be a judge. C: goodnight.



1. Mordi

2. Mega

3. Acid / Steve

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