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Summer, yo!
Posted on May 22, 2014 at 15:02

Start off by bragging about my wasteful luxuries, bought a PS4 - Add me plz (I am lonely and need friends (PSN: EscapeSequence))
It's beeeeeeattufial - and it feels cheap as hell.

Excited for summer (school is over, hell yeah!).

Been aiming for a productive summer, but I can never set my mind to focus on tasks that I really want to get done (which is why, I'll probably try and get a prescription for adderall and help my bad habits).

Anything fun? Glad you asked...
Going to some waterparks, Chicago, working a lot (dead end job, woo), and hopefully starting/finishing projects.

Goals for the summer:
-Make a game
-Work on my site more.
-Work on my car / get better at car stuffs.

Off topic, but trying to clean my house - and getting rid of things I don't use:

Anyone interested in a Wacom Bamboo Tablet? (I've used mine like a dozen times in the past year, and I am not an artist....)

If so PM me, or leave a comment, idgaf which.

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