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The Havoc Agency Beta 2, out now and online!
Posted on July 31, 2009 at 21:21

The Havoc Agency has been the top underground international carnage syndication since 1952. Recently though internal conflicts have started to tear it apart. Now, two of the top-ranking agents have appeared as the main contenders for control of the agency. Internal war has begun. Take sides and join The Havoc Agency.

Take control of an Elite Havoc Emissary in this strategic online top-down shooter. Hide in shadows, duck into buildings, run between barriers, and unleash a maelstrom of bullets onto the enemy forces! This is not a generic "run & gun" top-down shooter, it's going to take a little more cunning to defeat your enemy.




See the full list of features and get the DOWNLOAD HERE:

Click here to see the full list of updates between beta 1 and beta 2:

I hope to see you guys online sometime soon!

Dystopian World - Dev Log 1
Posted on November 26, 2008 at 01:18

Dystopian World - Dev Log 1

OK, this log is not another story. Instead I figure I will tell a little about the gameplay.

Dystopian World is an online FPS where two groups are pitted against each other, the invaders and the defenders. Matches for the most part follow the standard death match formula. The map loads and players spawn in their respective areas. Players spawn with standard pistols and must find weapons that appear throughout the level.

One of the big features in DW is that all the maps are created by the users, which is admittedly inspired by Sapphire Tears. Unlike ST though building is not done right before the match; building is done in a separate gameplay mode using an extensive and full featured editor. This is why the maps tend to look a bit blocky, for now anyway.

Right now I have a fully functional online game working. I have successfully tested with up to 3 other people (though the system supports quite a few more than that). I'm hoping to get a public demo released relatively soon.

If anyone is interested in helping, I'm currently looking for a modeler to create some low-poly player models. If you're interested contact me either via my GMC account or one of the IM services listed on the same page:


Also, I want to note that there are good odds that the final game will not be finished in GM. This is my first time using GM's 3D and the system's power is less than impressive. I can't pull off half of what I want to do in it. No doubt there will be at least a few demos released created in GM (the first is almost ready), but I may decide to change to something else before the first official stable release.

Dystopian World - Log 2
Posted on November 25, 2008 at 05:54

Dystopian World - Log 2

I've been wandering this alien landscape for a month now. The memories of my past are already fading. The sting of everything lost fades every day as the pain of survival grows. All I can focus on is staying alive. Still no living things in sight though. But I have found something encouraging finally. A structure with minimal damage. Apparently there were holes in the destruction net. Granted, it's a solid brick castle that looks like it could survive just about anything. It's still amazing how good of shape its in though. However, oddly enough there is nothing inside. It appears to have been completely looted. The question now is whether it was pillaged before or after the destruction. Even though the lack of supplies here is disheartening, the possibility that there are others nearby is enough to keep me going for now. For posterity reasons, here's a couple of pictures of the castle I found:



Dystopian World - Log 1
Posted on November 19, 2008 at 06:12

Dystopian World - Log 1

The world is different now. I haven't seen a bright blue sky since it happened. Even more disturbing, I haven't seen any other living being since then either. All that's left are the ruins of better days. Is this it? Is this the end of the world? Is this is the end of me? I can't dwell on those possibilities right now, I have to keep moving. My resources here are almost depleted. I need to find food and shelter. Most of all though, I need to find something to help me breathe freely again. Every breathe is agony. I can feel the fire burning my lungs. I'm not going to be able to survive much longer if I don't find a working life support suit soon. If nothing else, I can at least try to document these days. Hopefully this photo will suffice for now:


Project Phoenix - Dynamic Weapon Changing Video
Posted on October 09, 2008 at 00:41

So, since my website has gone down, along with my blog, I figure I will post a few progress updates of my current project here.

Project Phoenix is going to be an online platform shooting game, pitting player against player. It's been in development on and off for quite a while now. Here's a screenshot from a while ago showing off a level:

Recently I've really been stepping up the dev speed and have come up with some nice new features. The video below shows the new arm system, which utilizes inverse kinematics. The arms are being calculated and created on the fly, depending on the user input (which is "change gun" in the video). So enjoy this quick vid of the player changing between the pistol and shotgun.


BTW, yes, the player is floating at this point. The legs will also be dynamically created eventually, but I've not started work on that system yet.


Skeleton 1.1 posted
Posted on November 09, 2006 at 19:28

Version 1.1 of Skeleton posted. This new version addresses most of the issues, including the lack of full animation support (including Gif export), and a help file. Here's the full list of new features:

- Spline key frames
- Smooth animation
- Reverse animation
- Frame toolbar
- Export to animated Gif
- Set all frames to current frame
- Overlay other frames over the current
- Always show previous or next frame over current
- Alpha setting on bone images
- Color setting on bone images
- Horizontal and vertical scale on bone images
- Canvas background image
- Options disable if they can't be set (such as with MasterObject or no object selected)
- The view will be taken off of skeleton when an image is added (so you can see the new image)
- Several GUI objects changed to sliders
- More precise way of setting things in the menus
- Backwards compatible with old skl files
- More image types can be attached to bones
- Help manual
- Win32 menus
- Window adjusts to screen size
- Filenames can be passed into the program


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