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Posted on January 06, 2013 at 08:33

Hey 64D! I'm kind of drunk and stumbled upon this website. I'd say something like "omg this site still exists" but apparently I did exactly that just over three years ago! Holy crap, how time flies.

Instead, uhh... what's up? It's crazy to see that all you dudes from Way Back When are still here, like Arcalyth, ChikEn, Snakeman, DesertFox, and the rest of y'all.

Last time, I guess I was bragging about my new website or whatever. This time, all I have to offer is Super Pooter for the Personal Computer, my latest dicking around with GM:S, and the previous mild reminiscing. It's super cool that this website is Still A Thing!

(Super Pooter is something I just pooped out in a couple hours to play around with the new GameMaker. I'm not sure how much more there's going to be to it than that.)

But yeah, keep on keepin' on, 64D. You kept me sane in um... the first couple years of high school.

EDIT: lolol, that GameCave banner. I'm just going to leave it there.

Oh my god this website exists
Posted on December 01, 2009 at 02:15

Hey 64D, it sure has been awhile.

I have long-term memory loss or something, because I can only vaguely remember the days when I used to use this website. And by looking through my past blog posts, I apparently used it A LOT... 76 blogposts! That is far too many for me to not remember. (I'm not exaggerating here...I really do have long-term memory loss.)

And dear God! Look up there! My old user banner from when I was in GameCave. GameCave! Ahahahaha.

Yeah, not a lot to say. If anyone's curious as to what I've been up to in the past few years, check out my website, http://rezich.com , I guess...? Although nobody who uses this website probably remembers me.

Okay, as I type this, I definitely remember some things. Namely, I remember being active right around the time 64D reached its 200th USER HOLY SHIT THAT IS A LARGE NUMBER. Speaking of which...what happened to Halibutski? (If anyone even remembers him, either.)

Well, not much else to say here... bother Arcalyth for v3, because I think it looks cool, and you should too.

Where I've Been
Posted on August 20, 2007 at 04:45

So yeah, I've clearly been away from my blog here at 64D for mass amounts of time. So long, in fact, that most people reading this don't even know me. (Not that many people here know me anyways...)

Anywho, I've had a crazy summer. First I flew out to Washington state for two weeks to attend the Programming Level Two workshop at <a href="http://digipen.edu"; target="_blank">Digipen</a>, and like <a href="http://64digits.com/users/index.php?userid=takua108&cmd=comments&id=6456"; target="_blank">last year</a>, got the unofficial "best game in the class" award by the teachers. <strong>You can download the game and try it out <a href="http://upload.thetyphooncorp.com/vectorfighter__FINAL.zip"; target="_blank">HERE</a>.</strong> Post comments and such. I know, it kind of sucks and it's a rather large download, but that's mostly because of the kickass music my friend made for it. I'm thinking about installing Game Maker again just so I can remake it in GML so I can add better special effects and such. (By the way, remember to install the fonts as specified in the ZIP. Extract everything, too. If the font installation fails, just copy the font file into your fonts directory. Oh, and leave the game alone at the title screen for a few minutes to see a few easter eggs. ^_^)

I used only four functions for drawing the main game: "draw line," "draw circle," "draw text," and "draw particles."

The math in it was frickin' hard. Note the spinning cubes.

Anyways, if my uncle ever sends me the video footage, I'll post it here. It was pretty awesome.

Anyways, a week after being back from Digipen, my dad took me to Omaha, Nebraska (where he and my mom went to college) to attend a Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) concert.

It was absolutely amazing. I'd never heard many Pink Floyd songs before, but the concert was probably one of the top ten most awesome things to ever happen in my life.

While the music was astounding, the light show and visual effects were awesome as well.

Imagine this: a black sphere with four beams extruding from it: one in the center of the top, and three angled downwards in a triangular pattern. Each of these extrusions has a smaller sphere on the end. This thing drops from the ceiling, and everyone in the crowd is like "WTF." Then, all of a sudden, lasers connect the "points" to form the Dark Side of the Moon prism. Everyone in the crows is like "ZOMG!," when, suddenly, a white laser shoots out of one side of the center sphere, and a rainbow laser shoots out of the other (technically, it was a laser moving up and down quickly while changing colors to give the <em>illusion</em> of a rainbow, but it looked pretty effing cool). The whole apparatus then proceeded to rotate, dousing the entire crowd with the white, and then rainbow lasers over and over again. That's just one of the incredible visual displays of awesomeness that appeared during the concert.

There were only two issues I had with the show. Firstly, behind Waters & Co., there was a gigantic (presumably LCD) display; halfway into the show, a section of pixels lost power and blacked out. They came back on somehow fifteen minutes or so later. Minor, I know, but is shows how awesome of an experience it was overall. The second quibble I had with the show was the little anti-war bit that was thrown in about two-thirds of the way through. I'm fairly certain that the two or three songs on the matter were from Waters' own album (maybe? I've never heard it), and, ignoring my rather conservative political views entirely, it was kind of disappointing to hear pseudopolitical babble in the middle of an otherwise awesome show. The rest of the crowd thought so as well; there was a fair amount of booing when Waters attacked George W. Bush and Tony Blair by name.

There was also an overwhelming odor of cannabis in the air, and that's coming from an individual who literally cannot smell all but the strongest of smells due to allergies and such. I also had a rather large headache afterwards; it's comforting to know that there's a chance that I'm <em>allergic</em> to marijuana. (Considering I'm allergic to <em>cantaloupe</em>, it's not that unlikely.)

So all-in-all it was a relatively awesome experience. Oh, and having "Comfortably Numb" as the closing song was <em>epic</em>.

But this was all a couple months ago; I'll explain what's been going on more recently either tomorrow or the next day. Hopefully.

Comment, please. I didn't spend a ten minutes at work to sneak off and type this instead of putting envelopes inside of other envelopes (honest-to-God truth, that's what I'm doing right now at work as an assigned task.)

Just got out of district-wide lockdown
Posted on April 17, 2007 at 14:37

Holy...shit. As if yesterday's blog wasn't epic enough.

My entire school district just got released from a district-wide lockdown. A man was spotted carrying a pistol near the other high school across town. We sat in a steaming hot English classroom on the second floor with no openable windows or air conditioning for <strong>two hours</strong>. We were locked in with nothing to do but watch the news on TV and listen to the news on the radio.

They haven't yet caught the suspect, but he's said to be "a Native American man, about 5-foot-eight, with a white hoodie." And a handgun, but they didn't decide to mention that.

I expect this kind of thing is happening all over the country...it <em>is</em> almost Columbine's anniversary, and the Virginia thing is apparently spawning copycat crimes now.

Oh, and our school district superiors are being complete douchebags. We all missed our lunch periods, and the day's more than halfway over, but instead of letting us get out of school early, we get to <em>go back to class after a shortened lunch break</em>. Fuck that, I'm heading home. I've only got Gym class left anyways.

So...yeah. If you want to read about the incident, <a href="http://www.kotatv.com/Global/story.asp?S=6381737"; target="_blank">here's a news article</a> from <a href="http://www.kotatv.com"; target="_blank">our local news network's website</a>. Anyways, I'm out.
<strong>EDIT:</strong> What the fuck? I posted YESTERDAY. I demand front page-itude.

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