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Posted on November 05, 2007 at 23:39

Sim War 5 is going strong, but as usual breaks need to be taken. And for a daily mission on GMclans, we were to make a gravity vortex, and so I made my entry:
Download Gravity Vortex Entry

Afterwards I thought to myself, "Hey! Wouldn't this be cool in a platform engine?". So I created a character and plopped him in and realised that this was very fun. So I essentially created a Portal platform game, with a few different mechanics that dont make it a demake or a clone.

I'm up to eleven levels for now, and this will most likely be released soon, as you can see I'm not keeping it under-cover like my other projects, because this is just a quicky. Anyway, thats what I'm up to. Too-da-loo.

Sim War 5
Posted on September 16, 2007 at 21:47


After long thoughts and rejecting of Sim War III (and meh-ness of Sim War IV), I decided to make the ultimate powerhouse Sim War evar. But to do this, 3dism was needed. Therefore I set out on a long journey and made my engine, with this created the plane of indestruction, and flew myself unto the belly of the 3d programming beast. I battled with tall glitches and short glitches, I fought with lag and wtf's. Then, I emerged from the wreckage bloody and shapeless, but alas, I emerged nonetheless.

Here my fellows. Bear your virgin eyes upon which I hold as a baby.

Watch the gameplay video

Sim War 5 is the 5th in my Sim War series. A game that is (you guessed it) a War simulation. In the 5th installment you and a friend can play as either the Tangrin(an advanced desert squid battle suited race) or the Durhan (a lovely alien race created by my friend Victorraven). The controls are simple and fun, the battles can range from short to long and drawn out, and the seat will become very hot (Hotseat. Kick your friend's ass, or team up).

There are a good variety of weapons and levels.
The graphics may be low pixel, but I've been told they flow nicely. Also the FPS can be great most of the time.

As of now in production, I'm still adding levels and creating another creature for each team. I'm thinking about the layout for the menus, and how I will do level selection. What is needed is music, for before (and in the gameplay video) I used music from Newground's audio portal, and though it was good, I felt the game would be more authentic if I got great musicians from GMClans to do the soundtrack instead.

Anyway thats what I'm finishing up at the moment.

PS. I'm also going back to finish up Spurx, Popo Equilibro, and a few other projects.

Time for comics in 07!
Posted on January 09, 2007 at 02:07

Yea I decided to make some more komiks, cus now I can think of stuff during school.

I have also been spriting more and I found out that selecting a pallette before you start is very very helpful. I used to never do that often. Now I shall start.
I pixelled a new avatar for my DA


2007 first comics

Rating System

My friends are the crazy ones, not me

Good running for Spurx, still going.
Posted on November 30, 2006 at 20:58

Well its going good. I'm now on the third world of the game and there is a boss for the tenth level of world two.
A friend and I have also come up with a storyline for the game. I'm sure I will finish the game within a month or four. yea. I would like it greatly if you guys gave me suggestions for things that could be in the game. Would help me complete it faster. I'll prolly put up a demo half way through.

as for pictures, I have done the following.
I have come up with an idea for speech texting stuff, so you can make it look like characters are talking. You do this with two images, an open bubble and a closing bubble. Like so:

Sup fellas, It's the pants!

I hope some peeps try making their own. Spread the love.

I also animated a new signature about a joke I revealed when doing a math work sheet. You know those stupid things that are supposed to make math fun but they really end up making you frustrated at the guy who wrote the joke because he's a bastard man and deserves no lungs? well yea

peace fellas.

New project
Posted on November 27, 2006 at 01:23

IM working on some new projects, but the one that has my attention now is called Spurx. (Spurs)

Its a 3d action platformer that just has a lot of maps, where its the same old: get to the finish line type thing.

However I'm adding a few more elements that make it more original. First of all its 3d so its pretty and all 3d-ish. Second of all there are enemies that you ahve to shoot, and you, being a wheel type gear or something, has to pass these obstacles, time your double jumps, shoot the enemies and boxes in your way, collect some stars for points, get to the finish line witha good time, then your points will be added up and when you quit, or finish the game, then you can add your score to the online scoreboard. Each level has a few offset paths where you will end up collecting scores, this way people who want to get to the top will go for them. However, there is also a timescore, which will give you more points the faster you complete the level.

oh yea, so far there are 14 levels, and the world changes every 10.

you think I should add bosses?

heres some screenies

What would be really helpfull would be if you guys could pitch some obscure ideas that have never been done in a game like this. Or ones that have been and that would be cool. Anyway, thats it , peace out.

Herro! New Project and other stuff.
Posted on August 20, 2006 at 23:43

Hi, ok, gmclans is being slow because the interface for exp and stuff is down for awhile so I thought I'd check out this pwnsome place again.

And tell you about my new multiplayer game:
it is titled Earth Jets

it is a top down plane game
with unique controls.

if you press up, your plane turns until it faces up, as with any other direction. This confuses people at first, but it's really handy once you get the hang of it.

For progress, right now the multiplayer mode is complete, as this was planned to be the whole game as a multiplayer game, this doesnt go too well with the public, so I decided to add a one player mode with a storyline, also where you have the ability to unlock some ships in the multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer mode supposing to be the strongest point of the game, I guess Ill go into a little more detail:

there are 23 ships to chose from, all which have different powers and handling.

There are 4 levels, 2 which have random different weather effects.

this with 2 players comes to a total of 2116 different battles you could do.

in the levels there are obstacles to avoid, and pickups that are generated randomly.

There are health packs, and weapon packs, as well of SUPER version of the two which give you more than their original.

The only visuals of the game I am going to give out are this desktop, which pretty much shows the basic premise of the game. destroy crap.


it seems as if 64digits is getting more advanced, I love it!
Posted on June 12, 2006 at 00:24

it seems as if 64digits is getting more advanced, I love it!
I am definetley comming here moer often. In fact, if I can get some screenies I'll post some older things. I have a few examples but Im not too sure how theyl benefit peeps because most of them are just code.

anyhoo recently I have been drawing with a new style, and editing photos and stuff because I just got a digital camera/ videocamera. Hopefully this will help me with anatomy study and animation.

Also I have also learned that you can animate in photoshop. I think Il practice at it, because it is really complicated. there are a lot of layers and stuff like that.

well yea. longer blog post :D

Mod edit: Please do not post one-liner blogs, or blogs with little content.

Septena Editable Comming in!
Posted on April 18, 2006 at 22:56

I jsut submitted the beloved game that I quit working on "Septena" for the community's use. SO if you see it and edit it, tell me Id love to see what youve done with it. Other than that. Hi and stuff, stay groovtacular and enjoi life.

Also I submitted a new 2-4 player multiplayer game called QuadraSquare, and my bro is completely addicted to it, I dont think a day has passed without me and him playing it, so yea. And if you have friends, play it with them. Pahtee Gahme!

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