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Basil's Back..
Posted on August 16, 2010 at 00:32

Hey 64Digits,

It's Basil-- This time with a last name too.

I pretty much lost interest in gaming (and making them) so I forgot about 64Digits. Then I got into music.. a lot. Now I make R&B music, and I'm not really sure whose into that here (not to sound ignorant), but if you wanna hear it, check this:
BasilAmerMusic @ Youtube

So I just randomly remembered this whole game making field and I remembered how much I loved it. I won't be as active as I was before.. but I'll try my best to keep up and get to know you guys again haha. Expect some future projects soon.. I think.
Anyways, yeah, I'm back.

BTW, Moderators and Admins, if you could delete my old account "basil", I'd appreciate it. Sorry for the inconvenience haha.

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