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Mystery Manor and more
Posted on May 10, 2008 at 00:04

It's been a long time since I blogged. Almost a year, probably. And this blog is a few weeks overdue, I probably should have posted it RIGHT after I released Mystery Manor, not a few weeks after but what can you do.

Nothing much has been going on. I have finished the first of what will probably become a trilogy of mystery games. If you are interested...Here's are some links:

Mystery Manor - YoYogames - Play (and rate?)

Mystery Manor - 64digits - Download (and rate?)

Mystery Manor - GMC More information

Other then that...It's been about a year since I released a game, so maybe this will get me back into it.

Oh and if you are/were a fan of my old blogs...I'll see what I can do about bringing my crazy antics back to 64digits.

The next step is Haunted Manor which will be based around trying to get rid of a ghost from a...manor.

I haven't actually started on Haunted Manor yet, but I'm hoping to get started soon. The third and final mystery game will probably be something along the lines of "Paradox Manor" and will be based around time travel.

That's it from me...And you guys are the first to hear about my plans for sequels, I hope that makes you feel special.

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