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Pneumonia & Screenshots
Posted on December 31, 2016 at 15:39

Last Friday, the 23rd, I got into bed after feeling fine all day, and suddenly started violently shivering. Like, really violently. I almost called out to my fiancee for help, but it subsided after a bit. It was kinda spooky, but I chalked it up to just being cold outside.

Well, I started feeling pretty dang bad over the next few days. Christmas was a bit of a blur, I mostly slept in the guest bed at my parents' house, and what time I did spend with my family, I was horizontal on the couch, and barely eating.

I really figured it was just a bad cold, so my dumb ass was protesting, saying I'd be fine. Well, Tuesday rolled around and I thought I was feeling better. Then around 3, I felt like I got hit with a sickness train. Fiancee took me to the urgent care center, where they took a chest x-ray, and oh shit, I have pneumonia.

I do not recommend getting this shit, y'all. Apparently there's actually a pneumonia vaccine. Go get it.

I've spent all week not really being able to breathe. Its made me dizzy, weak and have no appetite. Not the best way to see out the year.

Anyway, I got the medication I need, and I've been on a slow upswing, but a definite one. I'm feeling a lot better (which is to say, I can breathe a bit now). I've managed to get a bit of dev work done on my game, even. So, here's a few more screenshots. This actually doesn't contain anything too new, but here they are anyway.

One of the more densely forested places right now. A trail that runs north/south between two towns. Well, it will run between two towns when I have more than the one town I have built out.

A few pink trees and a campfire. I really like the effect I have for fires, with a subtle glow and some smoke coming off of them. It looks wonderful when the game is running, with a bit of a flicker.

I want to do a lot with colorful trees. These pink trees as-currently-planned will generally designate safe areas in the wild.

One of the dark spells, "Hunger" - releases spirits that seek out any soul to latch on to. If the spirits don't find a soul to eat, they return to eat your own, dealing some damage. The Dark school of magic has this theme throughout, where if spells are misused, they hurt you. A little blood magic to keep things interesting.

To make up for the dark magic hurting you, the first dark passive spell you get is called "Soul Feast", and heals you up to half health when you get Dark school experience, dropped when killing a target with dark magic. As long as you're killing, you're alive.

I'd love to post more screenshots as I have stuff worth sharing. Maybe some gameplay videos or something too. I need to get going with content additions, I've been spinning for a while on what I do have built out, tuning it quit a lot. I need to pull back and just build out locations, spells, NPCs and enemies. I have been a bit, but not at the rate I need to if I want to reach the scale I'm looking at.

Looking forward to a New Year full of good development, game or otherwise. I hope everyone finds 2017 to be a successful year.

Stay warm. Stay healthy. Tell your loved ones you love them. If I could, I'd hug you all and invite you all over for a NYE celebration.

Maybe next year.


I'm not in the state to give actual feedback on the project but I'm always glad to see progress! (had high fever for a few days and still cough up my lungs, and stupidly tired all the time)

Pneumonia is a bitch. Talking from experience.
Was pretty much the same deal, had a week long fever and insisted it will go away by itself but look and behold, I throw up and mom goes "okay we're going to the hospital, you got no say in this." near midnight. End result: 2 weeks on sofa eating 3g of paracetamol and 1,2-1,6g (can't recall exact) of antibiotics daily. Coughing slime for months to come.
Posted by Gift of Death December 31, 2016 17:26 - 7.7 months ago
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I throw up and mom goes "okay we're going to the hospital, you got no say in this."

I never ended up puking, but I did spend quite a long time dealing with fevers.

I just finished the antibiotics dosage yesterday, but apparently they keep working after you finish. Every day has been incrementally better, just waiting until I can actually talk without coughing up half of my body.

I wish my stubborn ass didn't protest saying "I'll be fine" for the first four days. Probably would have had a much faster recovery.
Posted by twisterghost January 01, 2017 16:29 - 7.7 months ago
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