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Catchin' up on life
Posted on July 04, 2017 at 16:35

I've been posting pretty much exclusively about Evenfall recently, so its high time to catch up on what's going on in my life more generally. So, let's see...

I'm finally getting back into a more regular sleeping pattern after the fight with some crazy insomnia earlier this year. I still have some hard nights, but largely, I've found a routine that works for me. I actually found inspiration from this to begin working on a resource website to help people who are like I was - desperately searching on the internet for help. The site is still a work in progress, using my company's website builder to both dogfood the work, but also because we get free hosting/domains with it. I want to add a lot more info to it, but here it is if you want to take a look: Insomnia Base.

The goal of the site is to have non-bullshit, well written information. Also, as stated on the homepage, to encourage people to go see their damn doctor.

Anyway, besides that, I've been doing a lot of writing for a D&D campaign I am running with my friends. The plotline for the campaign is actually the plot for Evenfall, so it's been nice to test out the plot on them to see if its good. So far, I think it's going well, but we don't play often enough for them to really remember what happened from session to session. Even when we resolved to fix that, it's just hard to find time that works for everyone.

Shifting gears from hyper nerd stuff to less nerdy, I've got a date set for my wedding now. September 22, 2018. A little over a year from now. We decided on a longer engagement, because we knew we wanted to do it in early/mid fall so that we could go camping and hiking for our anniversary, but we also didn't want to deal with planning a wedding that quickly. We have a location set, which is a restaurant that will handle most of the work, and we're keeping it super small, so sorry everyone, but I can't invite you.

That said, if anyone feels like driving/flying/swimming to Maryland, you could come to the afterparty the next day.

Jumping right back into nerdy, I'm beginning work with a colleague of mine to build out a board game I devised a while back. He is very into board games, and went on a sabbatical recently. I think while he was out, he realized he wanted to be doing something in the tabletop game space, so he approached me to see my then-paper-and-pencil game into legitimacy. We plan to create a legal entity soon, and are finalizing some designs for a test kit which we will get printed out (probably just like business cards and stuff) to take to Gen Con in august (a big tabletop game convention). Here's hoping that goes well. If there is any interest, I could send some copies of the demo version to people who want to playtest!

Anyway, that's all I got for now. You're all wonderful.


Wow! It's great to see you've got a lot going on. Congratulations on your engagement!
Posted by samuraikill July 08, 2017 9:38 - 4.5 months ago
| [#1]

I've got a date set for my wedding now. September 22, 2018.

YAY!!!!!!!!! HOW EXCITING!!!!

we're keeping it super small, so sorry everyone, but I can't invite you.

>_> Well then...
Posted by Ronnica July 31, 2017 18:56 - 3.8 months ago
| [#2]

Livestream it.
Posted by Aistarin July 31, 2017 21:27 - 3.8 months ago
| [#3]

Congrats on the engagement! Good call on not rushing the planning, but it never hurts to plan as much as possible.
Posted by NeutralReiddHotel August 02, 2017 21:31 - 3.7 months ago
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