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Nothing 1 m
You know why I haven't written a blog for a while? I have nothing to say. Then I realized that hasn't stopped me earlier, so let's write a blog about pretty much nothing! I have been trying to make games, but for some reasons all my projects have failed. I was wondering why, then I realized it...

take a STATION-CATION! 1 m
hello everyone. here are three videos from a recent build of the game Diego del Solar Gonzales...

Finished a game - Gravity Galaxy! 3 m
Hey! After over two years of development, completely in my free time, I have finally released my game onto iOS and Android. The release has gone pretty well so far, with the game being featured by Apple on the app store in a whole bunch of different...

Embraced 0.01 5 m
Well it's been a while, so much for this project, let's move on to the current one. Which will most likely get abandoned half-way through, more on that later, so read...

this week i've been working on bringing island camps to the game! these camps are interconnected isles which create close-quarters combat and tight situation rooms which you are free to approach as you please. these level types add a nice little variety to the current level structure. the...

A little art, a little look back 3 m
So, I decided to do something that's actually pretty difficult: Write a focused blog. I've had this tendency in the last couple of years to write these big monolithic blogs about anything and everything going on in my life. The bigger the gap between blogs, the more I have to write...

Project Structure 3 m
I got a few requests in IRC yesterday to talk about how I structure my GM:S projects. My current project has a whole lot of resources, and needs to be able to have a whole, whole, whole lot more resources while still being manageable. I'll go over my general process, and talk a bit about other...

Join our Discord Server! 1 m
Our community's continued use of IRC has become very archaic and most of us have been reluctant to even install a client to connect to the channel, most settling for that shitty Mibbit web app I set up almost 7 years ago. However, over the last year I have seen more and more friends ditch IRC and...

Minor Gameplay Videos 1 m
I've been posting a few small gameplay videos to twitter recently, and figured it'd be fun to post them here too. ( One-shotting a weaker enemy with one of the core light...

Non-Player Characters 2 m A large focus of my game is writing. The save system requires the player character to make some sort of written impact on the world. If you die, the death screen tells you about the last known writing about you. There are...

Newest trailer for my game 1 m
Finally got enough cobbled up to make a trailer. Although I upgraded to a more powerful PC a couple of years ago, the framerate stuttered while trying to capture HD video for the trailer, but at least it's not as choppy as the first video. Game plays much smoother than what's shown in the trailer....

Update! Secure regions, trading, and alloy container rework! 1 m
Secure regions can now be entered! Complete the missions to make regions secure, then enter them and get in the cities to buy and sell items! There are: Cities that sell generic weapons. Cities that sell random parts. Cities that sell high-grade parts. Cities that sell...

the STAYSH has you. . . 1 m
hello! it's been around two weeks since my last update, and since that time, the game has grown! below you'll find two videos showcasing some of the new stuff! first off i'm extremely excited to announce that i've partnered up with INSANELY GIFTED composer Adam Pope, who's created some FILTHY...

Going to upgrade a PC 1 m
I was considering upgrading my "other PC" i.e. the PC I have in my parents' house. I'm going to spend my summer (and most weekends) there, and I would like to have a PC that can run Overwatch better than 20-30 fps in lowest possible settings. I'm going to keep only the motherboard and the hard...

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