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Humble GameDev Software Bundle 1 m
Humble is doing their usual thing and bundling a bunch of useful game-dev tools together. This bundle includes: > ClickTeam Fusion 2.5 Standard > HTML5 Export for that if you beat the average > Pyxel Edit (Handy pixel art/tileset editor) > Spriter Pro and a bunch of art packs for it. ...

The Epic "Final Days 2016" Competition! 1 m There are still a few days left this year, so why not have another competition because you hate love them so much? This time this is not art or game competition, this is both but also much more. This compo is about...

Game Maker History and Future Plans 1 m
Since March of 2004, I first started to use emulators and play fan games. There was a website called It hosted lots of fan games, and it was also how I found out about Game Maker 6 in late October of 2004. My very first game was compiled on November 6, 2004. Back in 2006, I first...

take a seat @ the ASSASSINATION STATION 1 m
the world is falling apart; all we can do is tinker with GameMaker 7. my last 64digits blog was in 2013. i created an account here in 2005 as a 12-year-old boy. i'm so happy this place still exists. to whoever continues to pay the upkeep cost for this site, thank you. the world is falling...

"Stuff Stuff" is not a misleading title! 1 m
A collection of thoughts. C I tried C, I learned a lot of things of C and how to use it well, but I also learned to hate it. C is too "low-level" for me (despite being high level language). I missed std::string and std::vector too much, so I moved back to C++ (and pretty much started...

Other Stuff 2 m
Well its been pretty dang real for the past month or so. Stuff at my work has been kinda hectic, I got engaged, and now the holidays are coming up. Post-engagement was fun. My fiancee's mother came to town for Thanksgiving and we all went ring shopping. Was a bit out-of-order, given that I...

Circle of the Shadow Wraiths - UPDATE! 1 m
I have updated this game. 1. the story scene is bettered 2. you have 4 life instead of 3 3. you can now shoot while on the wood walkways 4. one stage have been changed to make it more fair 5. other small changes

Holidays and Birthdays from a lunatic 1 m
i have a lot to look foward to. i'm in a new city, i have a new perspective on my career, i'm making way more money than i used to, i live in a house now, and.. i won't jynx the last one. but this is one time, in years, that I can finally say im happy. even with shit happening to people around...

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