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UI Updates 1 m A few weeks ago, I had a terrifying realization: the font I was using literally everywhere in my game is not free. I did not even think about that when I was designing all of my UI code. This sent me into a panic, and...

#nosleep 1 m
It's been a rough week at la casa de my apartment. Things are starting to look a little bit better, but for about three days last week, I hardly slept at all. Some people might scoff at that and say thats their norm, but I generally take sleep seriously. I tend to go to bed early (9:30 even,...

Networking 1 m
Look at this thing: See, I managed to write a working chat application! Woohoo! It did require a lot of work, mostly because I wasn't familiar with fancy concepts such as "multithreading" or "networking". Sure, I had had experiments...

02-02-17 5 m
10:21 (Departure) (IC 125 to Aalborg st.) (duration 1:44) --or-- 10:51 (Departure) (ICL 29 to Frederikshavn st.) (duration 1:30) (15 minutes walk to Kong Christians Alle 50) (through Gammel Kærvej, then by Vesterbro) 3 hours for lunch and visiting the art exhibition (open 10-17,...

A Few Dozenish Games in 2017 1 m
Alrighty... so like most new years resolutions, I think my goal of beating 50 games in 2017 is gonna be falling by the wayside. I've been thinking about my backlog lately and I'm slowly beginning to accept that, just like movies or music, there are simply too many good games for me to...

FallenGrid Update 1 m
Hello again, 64digits! It's been a while, but seeing as how FallenGrid was primarily a project for the spring comp in its age, I have some news! I have been working working on this game on and off, and am now finally at the point of where I feel the game is ready to push into a commercial...

hello. back again with another update to ASSASSINATION STATION. this time in real video motion pictures!

Pennies for thoughts 1 m
So I'm facing the dilemma that I should really get settled before I rewrite this project again, because the changes will be pretty huge all throughout the project. There's quirks in my game that are being replicated for the sake of nostalgia. For those of you that remember playing Pokemon Red,...

Major Changes to my game 1 m
So I figured I should keep this blog going, today I'll write about why I made some of the changes to my game Occultus Command. So, here is a picture showing changes to two of the bosses from the Demo and the bosses I have and am currently working on the new...

I made a thing 1 m
Still working on GMUI. But here is a thing: Edit: Figured out how to GIF: ... took all day to fix the hitbox adjustments, but I finally got it to work. Works on grid cell,...

I'm back!! 1 m IBoy it's been forever since I last posted here, 64digits is sort of a weird website for me, not many people read my posts, but something about blogging here is relaxing. Anyways, I've been stuck making this game...

Deathly Still [Music] 1 m
This track is a couple months old, but I just now got around to making a video for it. It is kind of in line with some of the stuff I have been posting recently but I think this one is a little more refined. It is...

No SWITCH HYYYPE here? 7 m
Personally, I think the thing looks phenomenal. It's not perfect, I'll readily admit... I'm no Nintendo apologist. But it's basically what I wanted the Vita to be (a portable system that doubles as a console, rather than a portable system that kinda sorta supplements your console), it's virtually...

lol i'm actually making a game 1 m
An old friend gave me a code for the latest and greatest GameMaker Studio a couple months back, which he got as an extra from a Humble Bundle. It was a "long time no see" reunion gift after like a decade (we were besties back in the day) And now, I am doing the inconceivable: I'm actually...

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