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April 03, 2014
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Public Speaking, Public Freaking 1m
This semester I'm taking a public speaking course, because somebody apparently thinks giving speeches is a critical skill to have in the IT world. Regardless, we had our second meeting on Saturday, and there's one thing I've noticed. I've gotten over most of my fear to speak in front of people....

S4D - Reboot 1m
I took a good hard look at what I've done so far... and to be honest I'm amazed at how much I've learned. (albeit everything I make comes out a little weird right now! haha) Before this competition I had never modeled a use-able 3D mesh, nor UV mapped one properly. I had never written my own...

SSB4 analysis 1m
What I say in this video is very relivant to what direction I want to go with TSSB:

Project Spooky Devlog #2 1m
This is the second part in *Project Spooky* devlog. Like you all know, this game will be my entry for Scare4Digits. I have made some progress: - Added player character: I recoloured a player sprite from *The Frozen Tower of Ice* (another game of mine) so it will be just a...

Stuff your ears with this mess 1m
Short blog, but it'd technically take you about 8 minutes to get through assuming you listened to all of these. I've been advised to look up musical theory and melodies and scales and keys and all other sorts of fantastic musical terminology. Of course, I've done nothing with this...

(Spoilers) Legend of Korra Season 4 Episode 3 - The Coronation 1m If you haven't yet, you can watch it here: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut ut dolor consectetur, blandit ante...

smash 4 analysis 2: in response to kilin 7m
I keep playing smash 4 online more and more. last night, the last three guys I played were in a completely different league from the players i have been destroying lately. i use shiek: and now that i'm getting the hang of the 3ds...

scary 4 digits devlog 1 1m
Well i haven't thought of a name yet so i should probably do that. Any way its going to be a sort of metroid castlevania mix. basically you will be underground fighting ghouls, ghosts, zombies, and such, but the whole thing will play more like metroid. I have made lots of progress, I would say...

Shop Talk 4m
Caution: This blog contains traces of stupid. Read at own risk I work at a PC shop. That's a bit of a vague term, and possibly an incorrect one. To best describe the business, I'd have to call it a "Repair/Retail/Internet Cafè/Scapegoat/Printer/Contractor/Graphic Design/Web...

Project Spooky Devlog #1 1m
*Project Spooky* (aka *The Spooky Mansion of Immortal Super Nerd*) will be my entry for Scary4Digits. And this time for real (no, wait, I didn't even post screenshot from my cancelled projects...): this time I won't be use C++. I have completed 10-20% of my C++ projects I have ever...

Im stunned 1m
I can't believe this place is still online! I'm doing some programming at this moment and went to gmlscripts. I thought, why not visit 64digits! So how have you guys been doing? I've pretty much abandoned game development as a hobby, such a shame. I did pick up rowing however, its pretty...

Expanding Development Beyond GM 1m
Like a lot of us here I started developing games** with gm 5 or 6 when I was 12 or so. Obviously I have progressed since then although certainly I have not reached the limits of Game Maker Studio. However, I am interested in moving on. I feel like Game Maker has a little too much hand-holding and...

another day in the life, microbiology edition 1m
i have to go take an exam in 40 minutes. i already know i want to gtfo of school as soon as possible. it's not doing me any good to keep doing something i really don't care about. I KNOW when i'm doing something i care about. when i play smash, play the guitar, and program my game, i KNOW i...

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