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April 03, 2014
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Modeling a human 2m
There are still almost six days until GBJam 4, so I decided I could try to improve my modeling skills instead of programming something (although I did program that pathfinding algorithm). I have modeled different static objects before. All my attempts to model a human figure have been failed...

Window Resizing GM - opinions needed 1m
So I have been working on this project for a couple weeks now to test the limits of GM anddd...... The results were.... ok. I also noticed that Game Maker Studio doesn't seem to scale very well and I haven't figured out a way to fix it.even have the ability to re-size the window from...

Windows 10 Review 3m
I'll be writing a cumulative 'review' here, along with any problems and workarounds I encounter. Day Zero The download of the upgrade finished at about 11PM. I was tired already, and had work the next morning. Nevertheless, I thought I'd start the installer and leave it running. I...

So I did this little thing for the 19th GMC jam and the IVG jam... 1m
So, um, yeah. It's a mouse/WASD-controlled top-down shooter arcade thingie, so if you're in the mood to play it and have fun or something and don't have anything better to do you might wanna give it a shot. No need to do it for my sake or anything, just saying. Basically it's Geometry Wars X...

Windows 10 out now! 1m
So, Windows 10 is out now. I just got done installing it on my work PC. I didn't care to go through installing all of my work programs again so I just did the in-place-upgrade to go from Windows 7 to 10. I had the worst experience at first. The start button didn't do anything, task manager...

Finding a path 1m
It's over three weeks since my latest blog. Oops! I try to be more active from now on. I had no other projects so I decided to write a pathfinding algorithm. The code currently looks a bit ugly, but hey, it's working! Here's a video if you don't believe...

Resurgence and Recourse (image heavy) 1m
diggadiggaboopboop Credence Filter is was horribly inefficient. Previously on the low-end machines in my house I got about 14fps at max graphics, 8 on my laptop which apparently is...

Fiber is good for you / Server building 2m
Ay, gurl. Fiber is good for your body About a week ago I came home from work to find a pamphlet about a new Fiber-based ISP coming to my area. On the speeds listed inside I could get 100/100 mbps speed for roughly $10 more than what I'm paying now for 100/5, which is about $70. I...

More Futurethought 2m
A man was walking along a road when he happened upon a child jumping up and down. As his path guidied him nearer, he realized that the child had placed a wrapped piece of candy upon the ground, and was in fact aggressively stomping on it with his boots. As he drew closer still, feet crunching...

Current Projects 3m
It feels like forever since I've even had any tangible progress to report on any of my projects. In fact, it's been a while since I've had time to work on a project. Retail is soul-crushing. A few weeks ago I basically handed in my notice, and will no longer be working at the front-desk from...

Smoop is no more 1m
And no that doesn't mean he's dead. My old username SMP has been superseded by Praying Mantis. SMP was once the moniker I had on every website I visited, but that changed years ago everywhere but here. To give you a bit of background, my last name is Prentis, and Praying Mantis is a play on...

The Broken Sky 1m
Old Earth didn't need a Sky, it had had one of its own - or so the story went. The air was thinner now than when she was a child. Colder too, and not just because of her age. The slow pace left her breathing heavily. Some said that the Sky itself was leaking out through the holes, fleeing to join...

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