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April 03, 2014
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What are your favorite bosses? 1m
Sonic 3 and Knuckles has some of the most inventive bosses of the series. Unlike the first two games, there are also bosses at the end of each Act 1. The battle with Mecha Sonic in the sky sanctuary is most memorable to me, especially playing as Knuckles. While the boss in Angel Island is...

Oh, Jesse. 1m
I remember a lot of people from this site. jesseroo22... this was some kid that lived in australia when he was active. i always thought he was a girl. hell, she might be a girl. i used to bully him over PMs... it's true. i blame myself for his leaving. i used to be such a dick to him for no...

Unreal Engine 4 Free to all users 1m
Apparently, on Monday, Epic decided to spontaneously drop all subscription fees for everyone, making Unreal Engine 4 free for download and use for anybody. The only fees still in place are those related to income (After a certain amount of income, you pay Epic 5% of the game's...

This is a blog 1m
I just wanted to write a blog. For a random reason. That's why this blog includes only random things that have hardly anything to do together. I just realized I have played SSB4 (Super Smash Bros. 4) over 130 hours: 70 hours of 3DS-version and 60 hours of Wii U version. I currently play only...

From YYG to Life to 64D 1m
Where do I come from? I was once an active member on the YoYo Games Forums. I joined in 2009, mostly posting in the general and help forums. I quit when they removed those forums and transferred to the GMC. What are my game related skills? Programming has never been my strength....

64DCG 2015? 1m
Yeah, I'm tired, jumped up on energy drinks and coffee... Here's a thing: I have no regrets. Actually, my only regret is recording that in such a crappy resolution.

Long live 64 Digits 1m
You have been, and always will be my friend . . . What is the good word people? I am curious about status of this site, is it still all Game maker like when I was young? The community here is really tight knit and that always attracted me.Will it outlast the yoyo games buy out I am hearing...

On GTA 8m
I like to sleep. However, before work, I also like to have half an hour where I'm awake but still in bed, just thinking about shit. During today's half-hour thinking period, I came to a realisation - I remember the circumstances of buying every single Grand Theft Auto game, even though I got the...

Engineering Logs - Singletons Revisited 2m
Now that I have free time again for my own programming projects, I decided to start working on games again, and thus on my game engine. My current goal is to transfer the gameplay from that puzzle/RPG game that I was working on in collaboration (Which is on halt due to the guy I'm working with...

Monsters 1m
Here's some monsters for you. They still need some colours, but aren't they frightening? I might use them in a computer card game (or card video game, or whatever they are). There are still a few I haven't "scanned" (i.e. taken a phote with my mobile phone and edited it with Pinta). Anyway,...

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