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LD36 1 m
So. It's over I guess. Didn't get even remotely as much done as I wanted to get. Learnt something (like how not to manage time), had struggles, had some fun too. The entry is in a kind of sorry state but at least I tried. For the first time ever. I'm kinda proud just for doing...

Unannounced First Look 1 m
I definitely didn't intend to be posting this screenshot this morning, but I'm just so happy with how this project is coming along, that I'm having a hard time not talking about it. As promised, I will be dropping info here about my project before anywhere else, because I love yous guys...

[Official] Goofy4Art competition - September 1st - 10th 1 m Goofy4Art - Art Competition (This is the official post, the idea blog will now be hidden) Rules You must make at least one...

the Shimmering Celestial Orb 1 m
I made a game a while ago. You can not get it from this site. However, I think you may want to try it. It is an action RPG that takes place in a three floor fortress. The fortress has four towers. Someone made two YouTube videos of it. Here is the link to one of...

Current Tool Set 2 m
Lets talk about tool sets. What are you currently using for whatever your project is? For my current game project, here's what I'm working with: Game Maker: Studio 1.4 You may have heard of it. Maybe not. I know people on this site tend to hate on it, probably because a lot of...

Lifestyle Changes 3 m
I remember when having two posts on the recent blog list at the same time was taboo. Unwritten rule was you shouldn't clutter the blog stream with just your posts. That became the "don't post more than once per day" rule, which lead to allowing for non-front-page blogs. The point I'm trying to...

The SquaresBugs:Kyle's Berries Is complete 1 m
My best keep secret is now let loose. I have finally finished making this game after a year of development....

JS13K 1 m
Nopykon's comment in Jani's Goofy4Art blog alerted me to the existence of this. Why didn't I know this was a thing sooner? So I'm going to start a JS13K thread. Post your development progress, tricks/workarounds and tips. What is JS13K? A JavaScript coding competition where the...

11 Years 1 m
I recently celebrated my 11th anniversary on this site. You all have stolen over a decade of my life. Way to go. I should have posted something on the actual day, but oh well. Here we are. Instead of posting something long and rambling here, I'd like to link out to my personal blog, where I...

v4 Feature List 3 m
Hello All, So most of you know by now that I am currently working on a rewrite of the the entire website from scratch, including the database. As expected, my progress has been rather slow due to my rather tight schedule (hence the blog being posted at midnight), but I have been trying to put...

From third world to first in 1mbps 1 m
So I haven't blogged in a long while (theres a good reason for that comming up), it's now 03h21 in the morning and I'm all awake and ready to burp my new little baby boy. It's been two weeks in and about 4 hours sleep each night so I feel paranoid and sleep deprived, at least the hallucinations...

On the 6th Day of August, My Devlog gave to me... 1 m
Well... Uh... えーと。。。 ...Not much, sadly. I created crude sprites for the planets of our solar system and I'm working on the UI elements. Over the next week I'll be tackling the battle system, which will be a bit like Hybrid Heaven and Parasite Eve's, except... y'know......

Integer to roman 1 m
So I was browsing the web for a way to convert an integer into a Roman number. Surprisingly there was not any for GML and I only found one for Javascript. Said code can be found here. After that,...

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