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November 09, 2014
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Scary4Digits 2014 Finalists 1m VOTING ENDS: November 26th @ 23:59 UTC With round 1 of voting having just ended, we're left with 5 finalists! Only 3 of the 5 finalists will win prizes, and it's up to you (the community) to vote for...

S4D and Other Junk 1m
After the compo is done, I'm deleting the Beelzebub piece of ass that I posted and reuploading a version that's actually a game. Peeps seemed to be harsh on Death for posting his opinions of the games, but I think he was just being accurate. My game was butt and lots of games seemed to be thrown...

6 Months Later! 2m
Woah, it's been almost 6 months since I've posted a blog! I haven't been around here for a while, but I'm hoping to get back into this community, been missing it :). This blog would be insanely long in text, so time for a picture blog! June - Month 1 - Birthday!, complete Sleepy Robbers my...

Help me, earn two bucks 1m
I'm currently making a poll for a school project. Instead of going outdoors *shudder* and actually ask/annoy the heck outta people, I figured I'd do it online. Wanna help out? 10 people that takes the poll will get USD 2 each (via Paypal), selected randomly after we reach our data collection...

Slow Saturday. 1m
I'm sitting at the PC shop; I usually don't bother opening on Saturday, but I had a minor backlog (Which has been cleared). I stumbled upon some very amusing and gratifying articles by one David Thorne; I now have the urge to employ weapons-grade sarcasm against some of my more annoying...

A little blog. 6m
It's been over a month since I've written a blog. And I have some excuses for that. Ranging from laziness to business and everything in-between... So yeah... I regret not being able to finish my game for S4D. I haven't even opened the project since three weeks ago, nor have I even given game...

Round 1 of the Scary4Digits 2014 Voting Period 2m ENDS: November 23rd @ 23:59 UTC Hopefully you've already played the entries, because now it's time to vote! Send me a message with your...

Feminist Hacker Barbie 1m
So, Mattel releases a book called Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer, in which Barbie designs a game and gets her male friends to program it for her. In the process, she also gets both her and her sister's (a girl hilariously called Skipper) laptops infected with viruses, which, once...

Kidnap the princess because... 1m
I dunno if I mentioned the GMC Jam before, but it's kinda over now. I made a game with a real plot for a change. If you're in the mood for some cutscenes, download it from here: And some screens: giving away a few freebies 1m
Just a heads up. The first is Mount & Blade (The original game). Scroll somewhat down the page for it. And the second? The Witcher 2 + The Gamers: Director's Cut. For that one you have to check in every day to 'claim a sticker' (Which just involves clicking a box),...

Microsoft, are you feeling okay? 1m
I'm sure some of you have heard, but if not: Microsoft open sourced the core of .NET and plans to open source the rest in time. ASP.NET will now have a linux server bit as well. This is fantastic news and totally unexpected of Microsoft....

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