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April 03, 2014
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Programming Challenge GM: Easing (+ agapi) 1m
I've talked with acid about making an open-source version of the AGAPI to work on the graphics and effects and containers for it. But from past experiences on this, the only way to keep it organized is to make a lot of documentation on how it should be organized. I realized that as GM is not that...

Scary4Digits 2014 - DEADLINE EXTENSION (Nov. 9th) 1m
After consideration and some desire shown to extend the deadline, I have decided to extend the deadline until November 9th, 2014 @ 23:59 UTC. This is a 10 day extension to the deadline and should be enough time for participants to finish up their games to the best of their abilities within...

Hi-Speed Lizards 1m
On my way to work the other day, I noticed something scurrying around on the hood of my car. When I realized what it was, it was too late to stop as I was already on the freeway. I got a little worried at around 65mph; he was having trouble...

Help me get my game on Steam 1m
So what to you know... I finished a game at last. And a real game this time. I added it here and I'm awaiting approval as I write this. It's called Ghost Hunters and I'm pretty happy with it myself. I'm also trying to get it greenlit on Steam. So I need your vote. Please support my...

Project Spooky Devlog #8: The Final 3m
Click this link to play the beta version Project Spooky still lacks of the final battle, but otherwise it's finished and even released on Game Jolt. I will upload it here tomorrow (if I have a good enough internet connection,...

10 Ambitions for 2025 1m
Here's a time capsule we can dig up in ten years time and see if any of this has come true. Name 10 things you want to see happen in the next 10 years. It can be about yourself or about the world. It can be anything, but it will be more fun if it can feasibly happen. My ambitions for the...

scary 4 digits devlog 2 1m
The deadline is approaching and my game is almost acceptable for a demo. So yes its going to be a demo. Expect about 10 minutes of gameplay. I still need: at least one more enemy type about 4 more animations more rooms at least one more weapon fix various bugs Coincidentally I have the next...

the suite life of zack and cosine 1m
So guess who hasn't done squat for 64 digital spooks contest 2k14? This dude right here. School has been kicking my butt (I've never even managed a calendar before), and I've got other projects that are just flat out more important (a TF2 mapping contest that I could possibly win $500 from, for...

Project Spooky Devlog #7 1m Alongside this wonderful new logo, I would like to show you just another GIF anim... no, wait, why show you an animation, if you can play this game by yourself? Here's a...

Birfday 1m
I turned 17 today. I'd write down a list of extra privileges I have now but unfortunately I'll have to wait until next year for that. Now that I think of it, "Birfday" isn't really an appropriate title considering 99% of this blog will be about other stuff, but it doesn't really matter. As most...

What phone do you have? 1m
As I am working on some new software for multiple platforms, and I want to give you guys the first sneak peaks, I am curious what phones 64digitian's have? Here is the poll for you: Vote so that I know what platform to give...

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