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(VOTING) This is an art jam 1 m
Let's vote our favourites. Since posting PM is too slow and boring, let's have a Google Form to help our lives! Click here to...

Side Project, New Tech 2 m
With the playtest for my game out there and in the hands of a small group of people, I've been working on a side project to fill the time while I wait for feedback. I'm still doing a little bit of work on the game, identifying a few bugs and making a bit of a smoother experience based on immediate...

Sake For 2 1 m
I am making this one as an entry for Jani_Nykanen's Art jam. In it, my characters are having Sake together on a hot summer day. Bathrobes and Alcohol are the perfect mix.

This is an art jam [April 18th - April 23th] 1 m
This is an art jam Rules: Draw something and send it here. The best one(s?) will get Steam keys for Nuclear Throne, Stardew Valley and Day of the Tentacle: Remaster (maybe all of them, maybe only one of them, who knows?) When: Fin(n)ish it until...

Long Time No See! (stuff and things) 2 m
Hello all! Been a while, well over a year since I posted here and so yeah. Gotta be quick as I'm about to run off to dinner with the family for Easter. That said, for those that celebrate, Happy Easter! First, I suggest someone should get, and host a telegram group for 64digits. Could...

project:embraced 0.03 2 m
real name for a future update how to play and stuff Oh god collisions So after realizing I couldn't make jump-through blocks and...

Prototype 1 m
Here's a prototype of a 3D project I was working on. I have cancelled the project now, there were too much hassle with shaders (the game look different in AMD's and Nvidia's graphics cards), plus the collision detection is not very...

hello^-^ it's been ~a month since my last update and (after enduring a week-long PC nightmare >_>) lots has happened! the above gameplay video shows off a recent run of mine and a fun new enemy, along with some other goodies. the...

More nothing 1 m
I tried to program in Java. I didn't quite like it. Sure, it has a few good features: no header files, good standard libraries, good documentation and no pointer hassle (although I like pointers, so is this a good thing...?), but also many - too many, I'm afraid - features - and lack of features -...

Paths 2 m
EDIT: When you get inspiration to write a weird blog, you'd better do it. I did it. And here's the result: Paths. What are they? When you begin your life, you have only one path to walk along. Eventually, you’ll reach a crossroads. Which path to take next? You can never be sure where the...

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