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Mr. Spooky's Snowy Tower of Winter - F4D Development/Progress Blog 1m
I'll post here new stuff everytime I succeed to add something new. 2) Saturday evening: I had less time I estimated, but I succeeded to do this (colours are incorrect due the limited palette of GIF format): [hide="GIF animation...

(Spoilers) Legend of Korra - Finale 2m If you haven't yet, you can watch it here: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut ut dolor consectetur, blandit ante...

[Mega] F4D Progress Blog 1m
I'll post micro-updates here. I'm making a mini-RPG thingy, because that's what I feel like making. So far, I've created a character template, and started on an icy dungeon/castle tileset. I'm trying to go for a somewhat SNES/GBA style of art this time round. Here's what I have so...

Writing a 2d game engine - part 3: primitive shapes 3m
Because Frosty Four Digits is coming next weekend, I decided not to start anything big. Instead I decided to continue my 2d game engine. It already supports rendering to texture and sprites and basic 2d image drawing functions, but this time I added support for different shapes (I call them...

64D Time Bank 1m
In economics, a time-based currency is an alternative currency where the unit of exchange is the person-hour. Some time-based currencies value everyone’s contributions equally: one hour equals one service credit. In these systems, one person volunteers to work for an hour for another...

(BEGIN NOW) Frosty Four Digits 2014 Game Jam 3m
Alright guys, Since a lot of people showed interest in having a 56 hour game jam in place of the usual competition this year I'll be going ahead and moving forward with these plans. DATES The start date will be Friday, December 19th at 16:00 GMT, which for...

Moby Kick(flip) 3m My final assignment for Illustration I (full size). Meant to be a multipurpose skateboard/poster advertising No Problemo, a Mexican...

share my IndieGoGo! 1m
I finally started my first crowdfunding campaign! Visit it here: After having trouble with Kickstarter, I found IndieGoGo is a great place to crowdfund a project. I've started a 50 day campaign to raise money for Game Maker Studio and all its exporters, along with...

Why I dislike Windows 2m
EDIT: I said I was going to share a link to my LD entry, but I forgot! Anyway, here it is: I was going to write about my Ludum Dare 31 experiences (how I succeeded, what I think about games made by other devs...

Bees. 6m
I had a somewhat amusing day at work. I arrived this morning just before 9AM, and noticed something out of the corner of my eye. There, on our store-front window, was a swarm of bees clustered together, about the size of a grapefruit. I hate bees, and being stung. Fortunately, these bees were...

TOUHOU SMASH 8 players, starting new character! 1m
Here is the vid for my 1000 sub milestone special:

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