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April 03, 2014
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A rant about Microsoft's wonderful HLSL compiler. 2m
Ok, I have seriously got a bone to pick with the Unity team. I've been developing a shader generator quite a while now, and while Unity 5's new lighting and GI system kinda slowed me down, they were an improvement, fair enough. But they also decided to do a wonderful switch in regards to their...

Gun Princess Zero: The first finished game in the series 1m
So the 18th GMC Jam just ended, and I randomly made a game in the GP series because the theme (Cold War) kinda fitted. Basically, you run around and shoot stuff. It's kinda short and unbalanced since it's made in 72 hours, but it might be fun if...

The Amulet Of Bacon Goddess - Gameplay Video 1m
It's just a working title, though. This video is very low quality (the actual game runs in 1080p resolution 60 frames a second). I didn't see any reason for FullHD video since my internet connection is not fast enough to upload a...

Re vs. Aton 1m
What do you think, who would win this?

i wish video games would stop getting in the way of my video games 1m
how am i supposed to make video games when im busy playing chroma squad how am i supposed to play chroma squad when im busy playing mortal kombat x how am i supposed to play mortal kombat x when im STILL playing monster hunter 4u

Scholar of the First Sin - Review 2m
I was playing Scholar of the First Sin today, and for like the 10th time, I quit out of disappointment. This actually made me realize how not fun this game had become. It compelled me to write a review on Steam because of the realization of how I've reacted to finishing the games: Dark Souls 1...

Unfinished anims set 1m
Been animating a little for no apparent reason other than the giggles and thought I'd share my progress for some critique. These are all more or less early works in progress and are subject to change so check back I guess hehehehehee Some more recent stuff; Feel free do post...

Proecdurally Generated Map - 3: Better graphics, it's FullHD now! 1m
I decided to get rid of those boring (and ugly) pixel graphics and add some sweet, sweet hand-drawn high quality graphics that support 1080p resolution. Now it's look much more original than before. And now I can make graphics even when my computer is turned off. And I always hated making pixel...

Guys be more active 1m
Go make a game and/or draw something. Or talk about the universe to me. >:(

Laziness 1m
is how it's spelled. Thanks to my laziness, I now have until May 22nd to finish my Computer Science degree. Fun times writing two 10-page essays about cellular automata and DNA computers right now. Thankfully that deadline is May 6th, after that it's just exams. I much prefer exams to...

what game was that again...? 1m
I'm trying to find a free game I played briefly probably circa 2007 that looked a bit like Insolei, but took place in underground temples and such, and, unless memory fails, the player was trying to locate and rescue his little sister who had wandered ahead of him into the...

Games I have made in March and April 1m
I have been introducing a lot of my unfinished projects, so maybe this time I should also introduce the games I have finished in March and April. All these games are Html5 applications and therefore they hardly work as desktop applications so I'm not going to upload them...

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