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September 18, 2015
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April 03, 2014
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I drew a thing 1m
I haven't posted anything in a while so I thought I'd post a thing. You know, a thing I drew. I don't really know what it is, but since I hadn't drawn anything in so long and I wanted to test out my SP3's pen...

Ratings for R&A 1m
Hey, if anyone of you has played Re & Apophis , I would highly recommend you to add a rating.^^

Challenging myself 1m
This blog is dedicated to my October Challenge project (or projects, if I decided to abandon the current project and start a new one, I already did that once). I'll post most of the new updates to the comments section, like always. The goal is make a game and earn at least $1. Since arcade...

I'm back! 2m
And no-one cares.... Anyway, hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted, but I've been online pretty much this entire time. I'm going to try and post a little more often since I've got tons of free time now. So, stuff I've been working on. I've released a few updates for...

Humble Monthly Subscriptions? 1m
So Humble (from Humble Bundle) launched a new service, a monthly subscription that gives you random games each month. Currently $12/month and 5% goes to charity. You even get Grimrock II instantly for signing up. Sounds like a deal since that game is going for $24 on steam right now. So...

New mini-project 2m
Last night I was bored. And as it so happens, when I get bored I either end up playing a lot of games or trying to make one. I settled on the latter for a change. Since I want to take part in the Ludum Dare October Challenge, I thought that I need to make something both familiar to me...

Echo #9 1m
New region resurrection mission has been implemented! To complete resurrection mission, player has to destroy 15 ruins, then wait for the Elder Mechanism to resurrect the region. During resurrection, that takes 60 seconds, player will be constantly attacked by the revenants. Revenants...

Testers wanted 1m Giant Goblin Studio (me and a few friends) have almost completed our next game. We're hoping to get it out soon this year, as it's a jolly holly x-mas game. So. We need testers. Badly. If you have interest in helping us out in...

Nostalgia Trip 1m
I just finished reading the book Console Wars, and it has me nostalgia tripping hard. Which is a little bit weird considering most of events in the book are well before my time, since I was born in '91 and grew up playing N64, but still. The book is mostly told from Sega's point of view, and...

Re & Apophis 2nd demo has been released! 1m
Hey, check out the brand new demo version!

Maggin' 1m
I'm working on a flight game in javascript. So far, I have terrain, sky, a Nighthawk F-117 (maybe I should have a shoe instead...) and some wonky plane physics. I'm not sure where the design should go. The hawk was made...

Hello and Farewell 1m
Hello everyone, my apologies for not posting to often. Currently I am going to college and I have a part time job so free time is a bit hard to come by. But when I do get free time I will make sure to get on here. Just to keep you guys up to date, I am in college majoring in Information Technology...

Trying to make a game 1m
I don't want to steal Mega's title, so I call this blog 'Trying to make a game'. This blog is dedicated for my "Make A Game" (MAG?) entry. I'll post here new content everytime I get something new made. September 23rd...

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