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April 03, 2014
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Games I have made in March and April 1m
I have been introducing a lot of my unfinished projects, so maybe this time I should also introduce the games I have finished in March and April. All these games are Html5 applications and therefore they hardly work as desktop applications so I'm not going to upload them...

Steam, Modding, and Valve+Bethesda's Experiment 2m
To put it lightly, people have been having one hell of a knee-jerk reaction over the fact that Valve has now implemented the ability to charge for a mod to a game (for Skyrim only right now). So a big thing that is painfully obvious by Valve is that if you have been listening to them since TF2...

Unity. Again. 1m
I decide to try Unity. Again. And this time for real... yeah, maybe not, but I still try to get something finished. I need variation, so Unity is good enough for that purpose. But I'm not going to change my programming habits, never! That means I'll program this game like I program in...

CannonFodder 1m
You turn into a cannon and fire yourself out of yourself at robots PLAY THE GAME on my site and using all of your devices

Gentleman, Start your propellers! 2m
This is a slightly more official announcement for the 64D community unity game. Sorry about the delay, I have been having quite a busy couple of weeks. Since I was the one who proposed this project in the first place, and I am the one picking the final game to be made, I felt a little scummy...

Pile Dare? (timing update!) 2m
I've been playing around with this idea for the past couple days now and I think it just might be worth a shot. It's based off of coming up with a multitude of solutions to the same problem, and capturing that raw, unsupervised energy that comes with rapid-fire creative bursts. I call it Pile...

Procedurally Generated Map - 2: More stuff and how it works 1m
I have been working on my procedural map generator very hard... just kidding, but I have been working on it! Here's an example map: (Note: crates and bushes can be destroyed, so they won't block the player's way) Maybe...

OAF 1m

Dark Steampunk Survival FPS Puzzle Game 4m
Hello! Anyway, I made a prototype, but when I build it Unity just spams UnityShaderCompiler.exe instances then crashes. It was plagued by the GFXWaitForPresent bug so it ran terribly anyway anyway, wasn't really worth it. I might post a video soon though. I'm not great at pitching ideas, but...

Luigi in Port 2 1m
going forward, how do i do it? it's easy. i know how. the part that is easy is knowing how. The hard part is actually doing it. like the start of a study session. like the first conversation with a stranger that might be a...

PC Master... Eugh 3m
Until last month, I was pretty much exclusively a console gamer. I have a competent laptop that could play most stuff, excluding newer AAA games and several other "heavy" games (even then it was mainly just the laptop overheating that prevented play and not the power of the system). There are a...

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