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I made a thing
Posted on January 23, 2017 at 00:03

Still working on GMUI. But here is a thing:

Edit: Figured out how to GIF:

... took all day to fix the hitbox adjustments, but I finally got it to work. Works on grid cell, pixel point, and even with views! :D

Not sure if I want to create WebM's for the animated screenshots though... should I try for GIF's? Or maybe upload the WebM's here? Not sure if embed-able....

Soon I'll be finishing up this next version release and getting a few more features out before I probably start working on other projects. I'm getting a little worn out from working on it.... but I think its cool.

Let me know what you think. I'd like to implement what people find most useful. But of course I won't be making GM projects forever. Unless GM:S2 actually turns that around

EDIT: New v0.0.5 demo up:

GMUI-Framework alpha 0.0.2
Posted on November 29, 2016 at 01:04

I have made changes. But why did it take so long? Well..

I created a script exploding tool basically

Spent absurd time & money beefing up my server

So anyway...

Don't know what this framework is???
Check out the first blog

GitHub Repo
Demo exe
View the changelog here


So I have taken some advice from the feedback I have gotten after releasing this framework, so I started to work in some changes. Though it is not everything yet, mind you. This release is just the beginning.

To be brief, I've done some organizational changes with the scripts and some of the code, and rolled in a couple bug fixes with it. Hopefully it makes it a little more clear on how to use it, as I am separating out the parts of the framework that work "behind the scenes" for you, and the scripts that you may need to call to set up your very own interface yourself.

So I think the next upcoming changes will be to have easier ways to manipulate the controls, like moving with the mouse. After that I'll be working on a couple more features and functionality that I feel is essential to the project. I also will be looking into using optional Surface drawing to try to help performance if you'd like, which could also give you even more flexibility overall.

But, after that, I'll be working on using the framework on a project and making periodic updates here and there as needed. I'm betting that after GM developers find out that the interface framework I use in my software I have available for free, it'll be picked up fast! We'll see how it goes


As always feel free to post constructive criticism, praise, or just whatever 64digitians post nowadays..

Computer & Server upgrade!
Posted on November 27, 2016 at 11:34

So, if you're wondering where I've been and why I haven't updated GMUI for 20 days now (you're not wondering; don't worry), this would be why. I "upgraded" my computer and server.

And holy crap was it a challenge.

Here is the end result!

And the server:

Here was my previous server box:

Why I did it
I wanted to have a more portable, quiet, and small PC to use as my main workstation. I also wanted to expand my server to have more drives to handle more of my data (in RAID). So now I have a total of 9 drives in the server, of 10.5TB! (7TB of theoretical usable disk because of two RAID 1's)

I also wanted to have a beefier server. One that could handle serving my JIRA, GitServer, VM's, PC backups, storage space, and anything else I want to throw at it. An i3 in an ITX case wouldn't of worked.

Was it worth it?
Time will tell. I am planning on releasing some videos and maybe blogs on everything I did so I can share the points where I ran into some problems. And man, I ran into a ton of issues with this one.

This project came up when I noticed I was running out of space on the server, and I realized that I am serving websites and my own PC data on the same drive, which isn't any good. I was also paranoid about losing any disks, so I have redundant OS drives, redundant PC data drives, redundant website & movie server data drives, and finally a 4TB spare drive to copy over critical files every day as a secondary backup. I also have a UPS behind the server as well. On top of that, I use OneDrive for microsoft stuff, and dropbox for my own files. I also use iTunes match for my music library sync.

I think in the long run it will be worth it, but I think I am also going to recommend to most people to just use cloud services that can do all of this nowadays. I put over $500 into parts for the server upgrade alone, so you could definitely pay much less using cloud services to handle everything for you. However, after 2-3 years I may be getting my money's worth... What do you think about it?

The server actually wasn't too bad. Followed all the recommended steps to do it, and backed up each disk to the 4TB before doing anything. Installed the RAID card, then put the drives on the raid card and assigned them to arrays. Let it run all the updating it needed to do.

The new PC, on the other hand was a bit of a nightmare. I've migrated my PC for the 3rd time now, which may have been why the drivers have gotten too messed up that the audio and network drivers would not function correctly half the time. I have a gigabyte motherboard that has some BIOS settings that are a bit more confusing than my MSI ATX board and AsRock board, believe it or not. There was no way to rollback the drivers and start fresh, so I ended up swapping the OS to my smaller SSD to do a fresh Win10 install to copy back after.

But to do that, I had to convert the drive to wipe out all the partitions and convert the drive to GPT, install it, and go through all of the settings and installations over again (except for the software I could handle through Chocolatey), and then copy data over manually for some apps, then copy the disk back over. Ugh.

This blog is just summarizing what I went through, but in reality it took a couple weeks to do all of this, which is a learning experience for me, but not the most fun imo. I just want to build software. So... maybe cloud services don't sound so bad now huh? Either way, I took a lot of pictures, video, and notes to cover the process and to give recommendations if someone else is thinking about doing something like I did.

Do you use your own hardware for your server? Would you prefer cloud-based solutions?

GML Script Exploder V1
Posted on November 20, 2016 at 23:31

Like the name?

So i've been working on this tool for about a month, only because I wanted to make it cool and save time. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed it took so long, but I learned a lot and now I have some nice code at my disposal so it wasn't all wasted at least.

Its called the GML Script Exploder

Download Here
My first C# program so I'm guessing you'll need .NET 4.5 in order to run it?

Basically what this does, is take a GML file (from GM8, for instance) that has been exported from GM, and finds each of the individual scripts in that file. (#define script123) I'm using this to make backwards-compatible GM8 scripts that can be parsed out into script files compatible with GM studio, personally.

Then, it can generate all of those scripts back out into individual files. Easy right? But the cool part is, that you can also put those individual scripts into folders, and map the folders into a config XML file, so next time you export the scripts, they will be overwritten in the same directories next time. Nice.

The part that took me a while, was writing a whole helper class and interfaces for the XML/JSON parsing of a class structure to serialize/de-serialize, and making that reusable. I think I may open-source the solution as well. Maybe it'll help some people or I'll receive criticism and change commits from others... Both helpful at the end of the day.

Tell me what you think

GMUI-Framework Studio port released!
Posted on October 05, 2016 at 00:00

That's right, the studio port has been released! But there are a few small tweaks needed on it before getting into new features. What is the GMUI-Framework?

It is now available on the GitHub Repo!

First and foremost, lessons learned:
  • GM:Studio doesn't like when you try to lookup values outside of the map or grid

  • GM:Studio uses is_undefined() instead of a 0 value when something isn't found

  • Always check to make sure you are consistent with your arrays versus non-array use

  • The good news on this is that the code was improved in the GM8 version after porting it to studio. But, I still need to export the code in GM8, which leads me to my next progress.

    I'm writing a simple tool in C# to parse a full GML export of GM8 to split them into individual files. This will help to be able to quickly export the scripts from the GM8 project to the repo.

    Hopefully I made the GM:Studio release correctly by including the project in the repo. Let me know if there is anything I could do better.

    Thanks for checking this out!

    Future plans:
    Plain text labels
    List Areas
    Selection list control
    Screen transitions (of the interface) - Could be used for app mockups?

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