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A little introduction~
Posted on November 04, 2012 at 22:58

So I'm not too sure how to operate a 64digits account but here I go! I've been told a lot of you commonly know me on here as "homeslice" If anyone on here knows me at all! I guess this is all really ironic because Panzermancer was writing blogs thinking I couldn't see them, but thats all water under the bridge it seems. So here's some junk about me!
My name is Devon and I'm a cosplayer of multimedia. I currently cosplay from Game Of Thrones, Homestuck, Seven Soldiers of Victory, Superjail, and a shit ton of other things and new characters very soon~

I have an odd variety of interests from comic books to horror movies and pastel goth fashion. I guess you can just find more about me from my blogs. So thats a little bit about me.

I'd really urge you to check out my tumblr since it's an incredibly more accurate depiction of me than this little blog. My tumblr url is MadamParadox

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