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DSR Log #2
Posted on April 28, 2016 at 18:21

I came extremely close to forgetting I had a blog to write. Fortunately, I got my phone to remind me.

I spent only half of the last week 'working'. The shift in seasons and the sudden dip in temperature always seem to nail me with a case of flu or worse. To top it off, as I'm recovering I suddenly get literal pile of laptops and PCs to fix.
Gotta fix them because I need the cash... but that basically knocked two days out of my week.

(Speaking of cash, I'm still waiting on the prize money for the Jam I won. Intel is taking their merry time. It's been almost exactly a month since they received my banking details. Have inquired further as to the state of the prizes, along with the other winners).

I've actually got a bit of organization planned for these blog posts. So let's get started.

GIT and Sourcetree (Show)

Removed audio (Show)

State-Machine AI (Show)

Configuration (Show)

Input Considerations (Show)

And that's pretty much it. Quite a bit of progress for an incomplete week (Basically Friday, Monday and Tuesday. Saturday and Sunday are my "NOT DOING A DAMNED WORK RELATED THING" days. I'd go mad if I didn't have them).

My next big task for the new dev week is to implement status effects and their visual effects. There are a few of these and they all stand to interrupt players and enemies alike. That should be a bit more visual than the changes I've been working on recently, so fresh screenshots next week probably.

Well, I guess there is something I can show that I implemented a couple of weeks back that has really just been kinda sitting there...

Action context popups

Rudimentary camp menu that is going to see major redesigns for user-friendliness

Also on the list:
- Pause menu (With Equip/Item/Char submenus, as well as system menu)
- Leveling menu
- Spell system core framework (Need to determine the rules for learning and casting
- Spell Conversion (Special feature, will discuss at some future point)

That "other" game I was working on with the bone-animation is currently on indefinite hold due to a falling-out I had with the other guy over us not working on the 50% complete actually-interesting game we were making a while back (The one with the Team Rocket Hideout style puzzles and RPG elements).
I'd rather be working on that than a literal "Castlevania, but" game that we haven't got a clear direction for (Other game has fully mapped out areas, planned enemy sets, puzzle designed, traps, etc. It basically needs a decent bit of spritework, and a healthy dose of polish).

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