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Posted on December 27, 2016 at 21:48

Uu uh uh! more pole dancing stuff ^^
Because it's super duber interesting! It even has vampires!
I have gathered a list here featuring some talented pole dancers whom I've come across browsing the web (in no particular order). Also check out this awesome comic strip:

For debate regarding moves and such I refer to:

Oona Kivelä

Looking at a distance on her subtle frame oozing with feminine curves and overall smoothness you might be as shocked at the strength she posses like I was. Somehow intimidating. Hardcore.

I also considered highlighting another video where she's climbing for a long time really slowly rainforest style.
And one where she's body painted as a mermaid by Riina Laine. Generally just check out anything she's done really.

Eva Bembo

I find her style very unique. She is outstanding both technically and artistically.
I saw a russian clip where she performs blindfolded. Dancing on pole and floor both. She even did a drop! So cool.

Magnus Labbe

(Performance starts at 1:30)
Because Danish television! Magnus made it to the finals in this talent show which boosted his pole careeer further. He was also a judge at this years Pole Dance Competition Denmark.

Anna Valfsson

Now here's a video that speaks for itself... I mean just look at all that!

Polina Volchek

I have no idea who she is either but she's so good and original. I'll just leave this quote from a guy's YT comment because although I haven't a clue what it means he simply must be right in saying: "That starfish to spatchcock combination. OMFG."

Anastasia Skukhtorova

She's just so damn good. It's truly a delight to watch.
The sensuality and grace mixed with unmatched control and skill.

Dimitry Politov

This guy is unbelievable. A must see. I've seen him pop up in various interesting places like in a advert for pole Street where he backflips off 1st floor like it aint no thang. I also shared his fire performance on FB and my mom gave it a like (y).
Besides being one crazy airial dude he also does emotive soft performances. Nonending influences and skill.

This concludes my blog showing some talented pole dancers. I hope you enjoyed the brief introduction into this amazing world.
Oh and of course to round things off here's me having a go myself:


<3 Spectre

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